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  • Goal of Flow and Passion Mode


    [Excerpt from MMW: You & Your Goal]


    Cong: How am I progressing through [my] goal so far? I am in passion mode. I want to “enforce” my vision while my goal wants to be more passive and flow. How can passion mode work well with the goal of flow? I feel there is a part of me really like the idea of “let it be”, but there is another part that always hoping for a clear sense of direction and move forward like a straight arrow.


    First we will say that while there are ways to map out a Goal, there is no end point to the Goal, so measuring progress is difficult to describe. The spectrum between Positive and Negative will always be there and both Poles will be necessary even as one sustains the Positive Pole (which includes the Negative Pole).


    Next we can say that the more one sustains the Positive Pole while allowing room for the Negative Pole, the more one is fulfilling the Goal. ...


    Next we will say that your drive to enforce a vision is not contrary to your Goal of Flow. It is perfectly viable that one push an agenda and uphold a vision while in the Positive Pole of Flow.


    Flow is not inaction.


    Flow is not dispassionate.


    Passion is not imposition.


    Passion is not overeagerness.


    Flow is simply choosing the path of least resistance, or creating a path of least resistance.


    Passion simply means that your fuel and method for fulfilling the Goal and Relationships is that you learn more about yourself.


    In the Negative Poles one can become Identified with Stagnation and then you may find that you deem yourself not learning because you are not moving, losing yourself in the lack of progress.


    But once you recognize that lack of progress is not a defining factor, but a part of the ebb and flow of movement, you can learn from those phases of Stagnation and this immediately puts you back in Self-Actualization and Freedom.

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