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  • Goal of Flow and Relationships


    [Excerpt from OMW: Equality in Relationships]



    In terms of Relating, Flow is the process of learning to NAVIGATE.


    The extremes for Flow tend to be that one will swing to the extremes of letting anyone and everyone else be the navigator, steering the flow of the life. You simply hang on.


    This is then countered by an extreme swing toward taking complete control of that steering, and anyone who cannot keep up will fall simply fall off, or be left behind.


    Both these extremes tend toward Inertia, which is either keeping a momentum that never seems to change, or running in place, like running upstream.


    When it comes to Relating, Flow can often be heard saying such things as "no matter how hard I try...."


    Inertia comes from presuming that an aim should be clear, tried, and true, mapped out, and clarified. Freedom comes from fluidity, flexibility, and guidance. The map is a guide, not a trajectory.


    Your Goal is partnered up with all other Goals because it is often necessary to recalibrate, aim differently, navigate various paths, often on multiple levels of the life.


    True Freedom requires structure. And so it is when it comes to Relating.


    In simple terms, then, Flow is learning to provide structure when in Freedom, and learning to change course when in Inertia.


    Freedom is not a free-falling abstract state. It has footing.


    Without that footing, there is Inertia.


    And so it is that most who are in Flow will experience Relating as a process of creating or finding that footing.

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