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  • Going with the Flow means learning how to paddle


    [Excerpt from Energy Report: January 2013.]


    “Going with the flow,” or the Goal of Flow, does not simply mean that one must be pushed around by forces one cannot control, but that one learns to differentiate between the forces that one can control, and those forces one cannot. There will always be both, however out of proportion they may be one to the other. When one recognizes where one has no control, there will always be some amount of control from within that. As the figurative river rapids that you sometimes come across move you along in life, you can use your paddle to stay upright, to keep moving, to avoid rocks and debris. In life, this translates into using your capacity to be alert, focused, aware, in conjunction with your most powerful “paddle” in life: choice. However diminished or limited it may be in any moment, you will have it, and it can keep you moving forward, past the debris and obstacles rushing toward you, owning any choices you make from within those limitations. If you “crash,” the same applies. One can only do so much in overwhelming circumstances, but even the most seemingly insignificant of choices within that overwhelm of greater forces can make all of the difference in the world. As you learn to “paddle,” Flow comes to be an ally, and a force that is part of you, rather than over you.

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