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  • Poles of Flow


    [Extracted from a private session, with permission.]


    [When the goal is Flow,] Inertia comes when one does not "go with the flow," but tries to force a direction, or resist a direction, or ignore the forces of the life that have been greater than you can control.


    FREEDOM is the Positive Pole, and this comes from embracing the truth of what you can and what you cannot control, and then making new choices based on those parameters.


    Every life is like a river and when one has a Goal of Flow, one cannot stop the river, and paddling upstream can be exhausting, and trying to stay in one spot can be exhausting, but you can let the river do the work of moving you and let your choices steer you. To opt out of making choices means that your boat no longer has direction, but it will continue to move.


    This can be terrifying and create a constant cycle of reaction instead of conscious action.  So telling the truth about what you can and cannot control can be quite helpful in bringing the Intellect in to help share with Emotion and Body in the navigation of life.


    ### end of extract


    You may discuss this material in the original post. See My first session on Lack of Enthusiasm.

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