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  • Growth = Pursuit and Creation of Meaning


    [Excerpt from private session posted on June 29, 2016.]


    Justine: I have been wondering about what kind of work/job/career i can do for a living that is fulfilling to me. I remember having a session with you about my true work being that it had to do with animal communication. Does it have to do with my life task?


    MEntity: ... One of the reasons you find your directions confusing is because of your Goal, itself.


    Justine: The goal of Growth?


    MEntity: You have a Goal of Growth and this is the pursuit and creation of MEANING. When something means something to you, you feel Growth, you feel evolving, and progressing. When there is little or no meaning, you feel confusion, regression, recoil.


    Justine: That is pretty spot on to how I feel these days. I don't find meaning in things I used to do so I stopped doing those things.


    MEntity: But one of the greatest lessons that are inherent in the Goal of Growth is learning to shift from the PURSUIT of Meaning and move toward the CREATION of Meaning. Meaning is never already IN something, IN someone, IN a direction. Meaning is what YOU bring to it.


    Justine: I see. I haven't thought of it like that.


    So what you must do before anything else is decide upon what matters to you. ...


    What do you care about? What moves you? What comes up and out of you when you feel inspired? These are clues to directions you could go for work. ...


    The more you take responsibility for the Meaning in your life, the less you will feel disconnected. ...


    Know that Meaning cannot be handed to you, and know that you can only create Meaning by exploring and nurturing what matters to you. What most fragments who seek meaning do not realize is just how much meaning is already in the life. ...


    The search for meaning often distracts from the very things and people and experiences that you have been collecting as meaningful. What and who and where you are in life is already meaningful. ...


    So look at your life right now as if it were just lighted up with radiance, that you are waking up to something that was always there, infuse your world around you with an awareness that increases your sensitivity to light, sound, texture.


    ### end of excerpt

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