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  • Using Re-evaluation to move out of the Negative Pole of Growth


    [Excerpt from private Essence Report posted on September 11, 2014.]


    Growth is the capacity to create meaning. When meaning cannot be created or “found,” Growth can fall into Confusion. In your case, however, it is the opposite. When too much meaning has been imbued into an event, relationship, creation, experience, then it can be difficult for you to discern what is the most useful, accurate, important, relevant, etc.

    You would then have to use Re-evaluation to help bring you up and out of the weight of so much meaning. You would use Simplification to help you create and find the meaning that is most useful, relevant, and valuable to you. This process is often as simple as asking what matters most to you, what feels immediately more relevant, or what makes you feel the best. The key to the use of Simplification as a way to return to Evolution is in the fact that you do not have to be conclusive. You can always update the meaning of events, relationships, art, creativity, etc.

    This is Evolution.


    ### end of excerpt


    You may discuss this content in Royce's post about his Essence Report. See My Essence Report.

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