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  • Re-Evaluation Needs to Reflect


    [Excerpt from a private session posted on October 25, 2018. Permission granted.]

    Janet: You said that my sorority sister [X] is a Sage-cast Sage, a Mature soul with a Goal of Re-evaluation. 


    Can you expand on the Goal of Re-evaluation a bit? This woman was raised never to have idle hands and she doesn’t. She is extraordinarily active — raising horses, leading 4H, showing model T cars, embroidering, etc. How does this fit with the Goal? I had thought it was a Goal oriented to less activity than this woman displays. 


    In fact, the goal seems suggested as one associated with those who have autism and similar social inabilities. 


    MEntity: Remember that the Goal is just that: a GOAL. It is not a character description. It describes what that Essence sought to focus on through the Personality. What can often happen is that the Goal is rejected and the partner or neutral Goal are used as a distraction. This does not mean the Goal can be truly rejected, but it can make the moments of Re-evaluation come in unexpected moments or periods of time while the Personality distracts herself with Growth. If she stays busy, she does not have to reflect or focus on a single subject.


    Janet: Yes, I would say she is distracting with Growth. She keeps injuring herself trying to do too much. So Re-evaluation is associated with reflection? 


    Her body will regularly try to calibrate so that Re-evaluation can be explored. Being ill, having disruptions, getting hurt, etc., are ways in which this will happen so that the focus can have a chance to simplify and reflect.


    Yes, Re-evaluation is all about reflection. It is about simplifying the life to the point where one can process experiences within the lifetime.


    ### end of excerpt


    You may discuss this content in Janet's original post of the session. See Re-evaluation.


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