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  • Submission requires a circuit


    [Excerpt from Energy Report: January 2015]


    Submission is the process of determining where your energy is best directed and RECEIVED. It is a process of exploring where one is most-needed and most-effective. When Submission is in the Positive Pole, it is Devotion. It is an active contribution toward something that is receiving the benefit of that contribution. When Submission is in the Negative Pole, it is an active imposition of one’s values in a direction that does not actually benefit from that imposition but is only to serve your own benefits, or it is exploitation of your values in a way that actually serves no one. This is Subservience. Subservience is not just about the one with the Goal being exploited, but can be about how the one with that goal extracts false benefit from others, as well.


    The key here is in the RECEIVING and the GIVING. If the action is not actually being received, it is being imposed. If the action is being taken through obligation, it is never truly given. No circuit has been made.


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    [Excerpt from Energy Report: February 2015]


    Submission is an ACTION Goal, so this is not about just being inspired and devoted in some abstract spiritual way. It is a matter of what you are DOING that reveals your Devotion or your Subservience. ...


    For Submission to be fulfilled, one must always look at the circuitry of Giving, Receiving, and Replenishment.

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