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  • 4th Internal Monad


    This information was originally posted by Geraldine on July 4, 2014 as part of an internal monad report for one of her family members.


    As you know, the 4th Internal Monad is about generating one's own ideas about the self, the life, and its experiences, while sifting through all of the ideas that were handed down about who one is, how one should be, and what is expected of the self and the life. It is a process of returning to self after exploring that self through the eyes of everyone who raised, nurtured, challenged, or harmed.


    What many do not understand about this transition in a life is that it is necessary to have seen yourself through so many other eyes, so to speak, before one can see the self. In the same way that it takes 7 years for a body to integrate enough with Essence to sustain hosting, it takes up to 40 or more years, if ever, to sustain any sense of Manifesting that Essence.


    To put this another way: until the completion of the 4th Internal Monad, the Personality can speak on behalf of Essence. Upon completion of the 4th Internal Monad, the Personality can speak AS Essence.


    That is not to say there are no exceptions, and no Manifestations of Essence previous to the completion of the 4th Internal Monad, but those tend to be moments. Upon completion, the Manifestation of Essence can be days at a time, or a stringing together of moments that would appear to be weeks at a time.


    Remember: once the 4th Internal Monad is completed, and completed successfully, the necessity for agreement on preferences tends to fall away, and an embrace of differences comes naturally.


    We did not say it comes any more easily, but it is more natural to presume differences, instead of always bumping up against them.

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    • DanielaS
      By DanielaS
      September 12, 2010
      Troy Tolley, Channel
      Internal Monads
      Hello to each of you. We are here. We can begin now.
      We have been asked to speak about the processes we have named “The 7 Internal Monads.” We can define “Monad” in many ways, but here we will describe it as “the natural process toward wholeness,” or “the structure provided for two parts of a whole to eventually manifest even greater than the sum of those parts.” A Monad will always have two parts that are vital to the whole, but are eventually resolved, or comprehended, so that those two parts ARE the whole, and not divided.
      There are Internal and External Monads: the External Monads are variations on relationships between fragments; whereas Internal Monads are variations on relationships with the self, or within the self. These Monads are ALWAYS about “manifesting,” or generating a material counterpart as representation for that structure, process, and eventual wholeness. The External Monads are obvious in that they deal with the space and time between two incarnated fragments, but the Internal Monads are not often understood as having physical/manifested counterparts or representations, because they are often more abstract. However, these Internal Monads’ physical/manifested counterparts are THE LIFE, ITSELF. As we describe each Monad, this may become more clarified and obvious.
      The 7 Internal Monads are processed and manifested by the Personalities across lifetimes, and these processes and manifestations then contribute to the higher processes of the Essence that must complete a set of 7 Internal Monads for each Level of each Soul Age. In every lifetime, the Personality starts “from scratch” in initiating and taking on these Internal Monads, but the Essence retains the benefit of each Personality’s effort and does not have to start from scratch. Therefore, in any given lifetime, the Essence may be at the 4th Internal Monad, while the current Personality is in the 3rd Internal Monad, for instance. If that same Personality progresses to successfully process the 5th Internal Monad, then it progresses the Essence closer to completion of that particular Soul Level. If it helps one to differentiate between the Essence process of these, and the Personality process, it could be said that the Essence integrates Internal Monads, and the Personality contributes to that by processing as many of the 7 “Rites of Passages” as possible within a lifetime. “Internal Monads” and “Rites of Passages” are rather interchangeable here, but to make it easier to understand, this differentiation may help.
      It is rare that any Personality completes all 7 Internal Monads, or Rites of Passages within one lifetime. Even if a Personality lives to 80 years old, he or she may still have not completed any Rite of Passage beyond the 2nd, or 3rd, for instance. Using a very simple analogy: Imagine that the successful completion of a Rite of Passage is akin to a Personality filling a basket for Essence. Let us use Oranges as that which must fill the baskets. Personality One within a Soul Age Level will begin the process by fulfilling the First Rite of Passage in being successfully born. This fills the first basket of oranges for Essence. Personality One is also able to process Rite of Passages Two and Three, filling two more baskets with Oranges collected. Personality One takes on the beginning of the Fourth Rite of Passage and begins putting Oranges in the basket for Essence, but never really gets past this Rite of Passage, even though she lives to 90. She will remain locked in a mindset, behavior dynamic, and local perspective that is akin to having never evolved beyond a 30-something year old, despite her physical age.
      Personality One dies, and Essence now moves that row of baskets out of the way, sets up a new row of baskets for Personality Two, and Personality Two now begins his or her process of gathering Oranges for those baskets. Even though the new Personality must start from scratch in filling the baskets, it is easier now that there is precedence and experience that the new Personality would have access to, if open to Essence. In short, there must be AT LEAST one Personality/incarnation that can fill all the baskets successfully within one lifetime as a means to move Essence on to the next Level of Soul Age.
      In some rare instances when an Essence moves from one Soul Age Level into the next Level within the same lifetime, then that Personality not only filled the baskets enough to allow for Essence to move to the next Level, but now that there is a new Level, the Personality actually starts again from scratch in filling the baskets relevant to that new Level. This is similar to living “two lifetimes in one.” We say that it is similar, but it is not literal, though often it actually does appear to be a distinct line that defines that transition and then the lifetime seems to be divided into two very different lives. When this happens, the Personality will go through a kind of psycho-emotional “death” as its completion of 7 Internal Monads, and then a kind of psycho-emotional “birth” as it begins the next Level.
      There are 7 Rites of Passages/Internal Monads, and we will briefly describe each now. Each Internal Monad has 7 Stages within it. Each Stage has a Positive and Negative Pole. Every process through an Internal Monad will mean entering the Negative Pole, then exiting from the Positive Pole for each Stage. This means that a “successful” Internal Monad would be completing the 7th Stage in the Positive Pole, leaving the entire Monad in the Positive Pole. In keeping with the baskets of oranges analogy, a Negative Pole would simply be an unfilled basket.
      The 7 Internal Monads are: Birth, Autonomy, Independence, Manifestation, Recreation, Comprehension, and Death.
      These may be called by different names through our various channels, but the basic information should remain consistent. Although each Rite of Passage is associated with various time frames represented by the ages of the Body, they are not specifically tied to those time frames. Different cultures and different societies and different Body Types will affect how the process of these Passages go. For certain cultures where life spans are only 20 years, vs other cultures where a lifespan may be 100 years, one can see how the Monads may play out differently. Those cultures and societies where life is more condensed tend to attract those who are working through Infant, Baby, and Young Levels, whereas Late Young, Mature and Older Souls tend toward cultures, societies, and bodies that emphasize length of life. We include in these differentiations the reference to “society” because social constructs, even within the same culture, may emphasize life at different paces, and thus have different time frames relative to the Passages.
      That being said, in general: Birth is obviously at Birth, where Autonomy is usually relative to the individual taking his or her first steps, and Independence is relative to an individual separating his or her identity and primary resources from the influences of his or her caretakers (parents); Manifestation is relative to an individual returning to a sense of innocence and personal meaning about the self and life; Recreation is relative to an individual freeing himself or herself from the momentum of “purpose” and shifts into an emphasis on “enjoying life,” or re-creating it; Comprehension is relative to the onset of whatever will end the life, and the individual’s ability to come to terms with his or her mortality; and Death, of course, is exiting the Physical Plane.
      Many of our students presume that Birth and Death are Internal Monads that are a given, but that is not accurate. The successful completion of Birth is indicated by “staying alive.” For the most part, this is marked by good health. If a body dies before the age of 3, it did not successfully complete the Birth Monad. The successful completion of Death is indicated by the impact one’s death has on those who remain physical. If those who remain are left devastated, deeply attached, and profoundly tied to the physical version of oneself, then one has not successfully “died.” The death, itself, is only the beginning, and the stages involved are done post-death, by working with those still incarnated in processing their grief.
      Completing all 7 Rites of Passage within a single lifetime takes practice, effort, and commitment to an extent that is often not available or an inclination of every Personality, so an Essence will remain within a single Level of Soul Age as long as it takes. Within a lifetime where the Personality does not complete an early Rite of Passage, such as, say, the 3rd Internal Monad of Independence, it means that this person has left that Internal Monad paused in the Negative Pole, and every Internal Monad attempted beyond that will be locked in the Negative Pole, as well. Using the baskets of oranges as an analogy, it would mean that no matter how hard that Personality tries to fill baskets 4, 5, and 6, they will only be able to fill them to the extent that basket 3 is filled. In cases such as this, which are not uncommon, it is possible to “go back” and fill the unfilled basket, or to complete the 3rd Internal Monad, freeing up the capacity to complete the next. This would mean, even if the Personality is in her 50s, that she can work through her issues related to Independence, self-reliance, and her relationships with Authority, as a means to then work on her 4th Internal Monad, and so on. In short, it is a valid and relevant statement that “it is never too late to have a happy childhood,” as an example for completing incomplete Passages.
      We wish to point out here that while our teaching can be understood and made useful at any age, it is not until the successful completion of the 4th Internal Monad that the full extent of its application can be comprehended. This is why you see so few fellow students among you, or even that you see so few interested in our teaching, in general; it is simply not very interesting or truly applicable to those who “do not know themselves.” This is not a judgment, but a matter of fact. For this teaching to have its full effect, one must be awake, and most who have not completed the 4th Internal Monad are still in some degree, if not completely, asleep. By “asleep” and “awake,” we simply mean the spectrum between self-absorption and self-awareness. Self-absorption, or being asleep, is marked by a preoccupation with the self, such as through defensiveness, self-indulgence, presentation, brooding, consuming, etc. And self-awareness, or being awake, is marked by, for example, valued sensitivity, right intuition, concentric compassion, enthusiastic curiosity, a kind presence, patient resonance to others, and no defenses or shields. Those are examples, but there are others, of course.
      We have covered Birth and Death in terms of successful or unsuccessful completion, and we will now quickly describe the other 5 Internal Monads in terms of the same.
      The 2nd Rite of Passage, which is Autonomy and is initiated by the capacity to walk on one’s own, is often tied to one’s sense of Confidence. To the degree that one is Confident is the degree to which this Internal Monad was completed. When we speak of “confidence” here, we are not speaking in terms of your being able to speak well in front of a crowd, but in terms how willing one is in trying anything at all that is unfamiliar. This is not a matter of trying what one has no interest in trying, but in anything unfamiliar to you that you may have even the slightest interest in trying. This would extend into even those areas one must do for oneself because it is known that it is Good Work, even when one does not want to do them. For instance, going to an interview for a job that is important to you, even as you hate the interview process. A successful 2nd Internal Monad would mean that you do it anyway, even as you acknowledge the discomfort. That is Confidence in this context. An unsuccessful completion of a 2nd Internal Monad is often marked by classic Co-dependence, the inability to do much of anything without a reference to someone else. It is the inability to walk on one’s own. We do not refer to those who have physical disabilities, but anyone, regardless of mobility.
      The 3rd Rite of Passage, which is Independence, is initiated by the process of separation of identity from one’s caretakers, and establishing the self as its own authority. The successful completion of the 3rd Internal Monad is marked by the capacity to provide for oneself. Providing for oneself does not mean isolating oneself as the only resource, but would include knowing when to ask for help, and how to receive that. The unsuccessful completion of this Internal Monad is marked by either having constant combat with anyone suggesting Authority, and/or resigning from the responsibility of caring for oneself.
      The 4th Internal Monad, or Rite of Passage, which is Manifestation, is initiated by one’s mid-life assessment as a means to determine the meaning of the life lived so far, and then calibrating the life to an updated course or path so that Essence may manifest. Part of that process and assessment means looking into the past as far back as childhood, and in that looking, finding all of the things that you determined have defined you, made you happy, that have fulfilled you as a child or teen, and then nurturing that same innocence in your life as an adult. A successful completion means truly liking who you are, and embracing the playfulness of your life as you move deeper into it as an embodiment of your Essence, or core Being. An incompleted 4th Internal Monad is often marked by an attempt to replicate the life that was once seen as so innocent, locking the person into a state that desperately seeks meaning, importance, and purpose.
      The 5th Internal Monad of Recreation is marked by a realization of relief from the need for purpose, meaning, and importance, but finds the emphasis being upon those little things that make the life worth living (on your terms). The life is literally “re-created” in a way that is a new paradigm, free from the burdens of navigation and direction, but entirely embracing of wandering, coasting, and “enjoying the view,” so to speak. The successful completion would often show up as a new enthusiasm for a layer of life that was once cluttered and clouded by over-eagerness and over-anticipation. There is a softness to the life in a way that was never experienced before, and a true joy in many things that would otherwise be dismissed. An incompleted 5th Rite of Passage might show up as bitterness, regret, anger, resentment, and disgust, sometimes concluding that life has no meaning or point, and therefore condemning anyone or anything to pointlessness and meaninglessness.
      And finally, the 6th Rite of Passage, Comprehension, is marked by the onset of that which will be the cause of death. This is the only Rite of Passage that can most-often be processed in a matter of seconds. A successful completion would show up as a surrender to the reality of mortality, and a full review of the life in a way that brings comprehension to the fact that one has lived and one is now dying. This can happen in a car crash, or in a long-term illness, etc. Time takes on a completely new dimension in this Passage. The incomplete Internal Monad here would show up as anything representing a rejection of mortality, ranging between resignation, apathy, to delusion, dementia, and denial. In instances such as a car crash, the individual may actually “re-live” the entire life in new ways that account for corrections of betrayals, missed opportunities, etc. before actually exiting. That experience can be a means of review, or as a means of denial.
      We will conclude here, then, in speaking about the 7 Internal Monads, and open the floor to the first 5 questions, due to time constraints.
      ****QUEUE IS OPEN**** We will respond to further questions after this transcript is posted in your “TLE FORUMS.”
      [Geraldine] Michael. I still don’t understand how the “two lifetimes in one” works. If a Personality has to go through all 6 IMs in the same incarnation in order to reach the 7th — How does one get all six of those “oranges” in the basket by age 40 in order to do an early 7th? (such as AnnH). Or my son-in-law Brian Fisher who went through this by age 30. Especially since neither one would have been considered “all in positive poles” at those ages. How would one work with “those still incarnated in processing their grief,” if there is no grief? Would one’s concurrents processing IMs help since we all started our incarnations at the same Soul Level?
      We did not elaborate fully into the “two lifetimes in one”, or the transiting of Soul Levels within a lifetime, because we had elaborated on this in other transcripts. However, we will try to clarify again here. If an Essence has 5 or more baskets full, so to speak, upon creating a new Personality, then that Personality is only tasked with the potential to fill those remaining baskets. However, to get to those baskets 5, 6, and 7, for example, the body and Personality must still fill baskets 1 through 4 in its own way in order to even get to the 5th basket. After baskets 1-4 have been filled multiple times by multiple Personalities over multiple lifetimes, then each subsequent lifetime/Personality has a potentially easier time fulfilling those same baskets.
      Although there are physical counterparts to each Monad, which is often associated with age time frames, we have also pointed out that they are not tied to those age time frames. Beyond the factors of culture and society as influences, we can also say that one’s PSYCHOLOGICAL process is just as physical a counterpart as one’s physical aging. Therefore, when one is transiting a Level within a lifetime, that Personality can quickly (by age standards) be Born, Walk, Gain Independence, Manifest Essence, and then begin the Recreation process, all by the end of one’s teen age years. This is because while there are certain physical cues that are tied to the Passages, there are also Psychological cues, and these are just as, if not more, vital than the more obvious Physical cues. This means that rather than having a physical retirement/recreation due to age, it happens due to psyche, and rather than physically dying due to accident, illness, or suicide, there is a psychological “death” that then moves through a “birthing” process. Those who transit a Level within a lifetime are now throwing off the usual cues that one can more obviously see in terms of one “growing up,” so these Personalities can often seem more complicated, difficult, and lacking significant maturing processes that another person might show. They do not necessarily appear to be any wiser or more together than any other, and more often, actually, appear not to be particularly wise, and often quite scattered. This is because the psyche is not only developing at a different pace from the body, but by the time the body is older, then the psyche is reborn again in a way that is quite disorienting. This complex process is why this kind of transition is rare, except in Older Souls. Once the fragment in transition has filled the 7 baskets, then the life is marked with a new set of baskets to begin filling, which are rarely ever filled beyond the 4th basket in those kinds of lifetimes.
      [Maureen] What “happens” in between IMs – for example: Having successfully completed the 4th IM – one could whiz into the 5th or take a decade – If it takes a decade is it like being on a plateau or is it a mix between the 2 IMs ??
      [MEntity] While one is “in” a Passage, there is a definite sense that there is living to do. When one is “between” Passages, there is a definite sense that there is work to do. We are using the term “living” here to describe the experience of submersion into the life that often feels like being underwater, then coming up for air, over and over. We use the term “work” here to describe the experience of finally being on land and moving your way over territories of relevance and meaning. For instance, during the 3rd Internal Monad, there may be waves of great angst, rebellion, and constant inner turmoil, mixed with homesickness, deep gratitude, and a sense of self emerging as one breaks away from the influences of parents. Upon completion of that Monad, then the business of income, maintaining an apartment, paying bills, etc., then comes into focus. It might be more appealing to describe the differences between being In and Between Monads as “living” and “learning,” as what was lived through the Passage is now put into practice before the next Passage.
      [Oscar] Hello Michael. Could you please elaborate a little about how exactly Body Type can affect the process?
      [MEntity] Active Body Types, such as Saturnine, Mercurial, Martial, and Solar tend to process Internal Monads “faster” than the Passive Body Types of Lunar, Jovial, and Venusian. The Active/Positive Body Types of Saturn and Solar being the “fastest” while the Passive/Negative of Lunar being the “slowest.” We speak of these in terms of “pure” Body Types, so it is wise to keep in mind that there are no “pure” Body Types, all having a mix of other energies, and influences. The reason for their “speed” of processing a Passage is relative to the Primary Glandular System that regulates experiences for that Body. For instance, the Anterior Pituitary and the Thymus tend to help the body process experiences far more “quickly” than that of the Pancreatic system. This is because the Anterior Pituitary, for instance, is a stimulus for all other glandular systems, and the Thymus regulates the overall health/immunity of all systems, so their being the primary influence is powerful in these Passages. Whereas the Pancreas is insular in its processes, even though they do ultimately affect the entire system. It is that insularity of the process of consumption and production of fuel that contributes to the slower processing of experiences for the body.
      [Karine] How can you “predict” when someone will enter a monad? For example, you told me that you think I will begin my 4th internal monad near the end of 2012. Do Essences plan in advance during the course of a life when a personality will enter the next monad?
      [MEntity] We can only see the same things that you can see in terms of Passages, though we may be able to see it more clearly. So when we can see a time frame for completion of a Monad, using the analogy of the baskets, we are basing this on how full the basket is, and the pace at which you have been filling it. We can then extrapolate from there. The same could be said for those that are slated to begin. We can look at the previous Passage and the factors that went into entering it, filling the basket, and exiting it, and how much time was spent between other Passages, proportionally speaking. That being said, yes, Essence will anticipate a time frame that “looks good” for entering a Passage, and we can see those notes, if they are there. In the end, whether we use calculations, or the notes in your records from Essence, it will always be the Personality that decides whether and when to enter into a Passage. So we may be very far off in our information in the end.
      [Bobby] In your presentation of the 7th IM, there seems to be far more to it than I realized. For instance, I didn’t realize that to transit it in the positive pole, if those left behind grieved terribly over your passing it could keep you from completing it in the positive. I had an aunt who lost a son and never seemed to get over it. Would that be an appropriate example of him finishing his 7th IM in the negative pole? Joey Williams was his name by the way, if that helps.
      It is not so much in the depth of the grieving, but in the length of time in grieving, and yes, to the extent that one has not helped to prepare loved ones and friends for one’s death, and to the extent that one lacks the ability to comfort those “left behind,” then the 7th Internal Monad is not completed. There will always be at least one lifetime/Personality who dies within a Level in a way that those who remain physical will fully grasp that that Personality had a full life, and that death was embraced without surprise or regret or terror.
      Because death is so difficult for even the oldest of souls to experience, it takes only one lifetime for this to happen as a means for the Level to be transitioned. And if one ponders the 7 Passages for a moment, it may become more obvious that one who has moved through each in a Positive Pole, may have generated a life and network of relationships that more easily comes to terms with that death. That is not to say that even the most successful of 7th Internal Monads would leave no one grieving. Grief is natural and important, and is a process of accepting a profound truth that replaces a previous truth. In the case of the fragment you mentioned as an example, we think that fragment is still working on completing that Monad, and remains in the process of support for the one who is grieving. Some fragments choose to remain in that process “as long as it takes.”
      We will conclude here. Good evening to each of you.
    • Janet
      By Janet
      December 3, 2011
      OMW: Year Review
      Hello to each of you. We are here now.
      The workshop requested today is that of consciously reviewing your year of experiences so that you may carry with you into the next year that which is of benefit to you, and release that which is not. This process of Review happens on a Personality Level almost-yearly, but almost always subconsciously, and not with a great deal of comprehension.
      There are various levels of Reviews that happen, as signified by some of the planetary Returns in your Astrology, such as the Jupiter and Saturn Returns, and also by any collective Instinctive Centered Year, or major events and choices in your life. In short, Reviews are happening "all the time" in some form, but it usually takes a major event to truly bring comprehension of that Review.
      Unless you use your power of Choice to bring a Review into comprehension at will.
      The Review process that we will discuss today is one based upon your Choice, your willingness. It is a conscious Review.
      Time periods or recurring events (such as holidays) are excellent markers for taking a moment to Review, and the end/beginning of a year is usually quite significant to most.
      We will define "Review" here as: the process of awareness, integration and comprehension of experiences. Awareness is the Intellectual recall of experience. Integration is the extraction of meaning from experience, or the Emotional/Inspirational element. And Comprehension is the building from those experiences, or the Action element.
      What most lifetimes/Personalities tend to do is to leave a trail of experiences that are then gathered up only after the death of the body. The cliche that "people never really change" is based upon this, because most fragments while incarnated in a Personality really do not change in any discernible way, because there is a great lack of Awareness, Integration, and Comprehension of Experiences.
      Most lifetimes tend to be a series of consumed experiences that do not get fully processed. To put this into perspective: imagine that a lifetime equals 100% Experience. Most fragments, while in a body, are Aware of only 10% at most, Integrate only half of that 10% at most, and Comprehend even less. In other words: 90% of what is gained from a lifetime of Experiences comes AFTER the lifetime ends. A lifetime of experiences over a 70 to 100 year span bringing only 3% Comprehension leaves the Personality at the end of the lifetime feeling quite bewildered with "where the time went," what he or she did with his or her life, etc.
      If Review were a regular part of the lifetime in Comprehensive ways, or if this were considered a valid and vital part of educational systems, lifetimes would look very different. That being said, it is also a glorious luxury that a Personality is NOT required to Review. YOU get to LIVE. That is all you have to do, if that.
      It is not your responsibility, nor is it particularly appealing to go into Review on any regular basis during a lifetime. The opportunities are there, and sometimes they are vital (signified most of the time by near-death experiences prompting Review), but they are not required. However, as the Soul Ages, and the Personalities grow more and more conscious during the living of a lifetime, manifesting Essence more and more, the process of Review becomes quite an interesting prospect. YOU want to Review because YOU equals Essence. "You" always equates Essence, but not always consciously, which is the differentiation between "manifesting Essence" and not.
      Today, then, we will share with you ways that you can Review using tools that are useful as Personality, as well as methods that are used by Essence, usually reserved for after death.
      Before we go into those, we will first suggest the methods for settling into your Review. You do not have to do these during this workshop.
      Draw from memory at least 3 significant events of your past year. There are always 3 or more, whether you realize that or not. There a multitude, in fact, but in terms of memory, there should always be available at least 3 with which will come to AWARENESS. Divide your previous year into four sections of three months each (i.e., Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec). To the best of your memory, determine in which section the events occurred.  
      [Martha] event meaning some particular occurrence, or could it be some longer term theme/project etc?
      Martha, "significant" is the key here. It could have been a moment, it could have been a project, it could have been a word, it could have been a day, etc. The degree of significance to you is what is important. By "significant," we mean that it meant something to you that stayed with you in some way. If it was a long-term event of significance, it can be noted as to where it began, but it can also be noted as to which sections it spanned. By just doing these steps, you have worked through the Awareness and Integration elements of Review. The next steps, then, will have more immediate significance and resonance, if this process works for you, as your examples can be worked with.
      A continuation on the Integration element:
      The four sections of the year are now labeled by the Overleaf emphasis that the season tends to bring with it. This may be different for those in the different Hemispheres, and whether the climate is rather steady, or not, there will still be these "seasons." For simplistic purposes, we will describe the climates where most of our students are, and this can then be translated appropriately.
      Jan-Mar=Winter=GOAL Apr-Jun=Spring=MODE Jul-Sep=Summer=ATTITUDE Oct-Dec=Fall=CHIEF FEATURES  
      Obviously, these are not exact to the shifts in Seasons, and in fact there are more "seasons" when technically speaking, but this is a symbolic mapping that need not be confused with more technical differences.
      [Maureen] Is it your personal Overleaves in effect or is this only the "effect" of the yearly, transiting Overleaves?
      In extreme climates that transcend the more "traditional" shifts in insolation for the year, such as closer to the poles and equator, we would still suggest dividing up your year for Review as suggested, as it is symbolic, as we said, but there are some differences in your process that we will address. There a multitude of ways to define "seasons" on the planet, so we will use this mapping that helps to cover the point of Review, rather than as a way to describing shifting temperatures and cycles of the planet, itself.  In your identifying where in your "seasons" your significant events occurred, you have gained insight into which of your Overleaves was being activated as a primary process for that event.
      If your significant event occurred in Jan-Mar, it is directly and most-significantly linked to your GOAL. If your significant event occurred in Apr-Jun, it is directly, and most-significantly, linked to your MODE. And so on.
      To expand upon these:
      GOAL = the state or quality that every action in your life is aimed at comprehending. MODE = the method through which you access inspiration, and use that for developing Relationships. ATTITUDE = the means through which you communicate/express yourself to your world, and interpret the communication and expressions from your world. CHIEF FEATURES = the habits used to protect yourself from presumed dangers and threats to any of the above.  
      All of this falls into the elaboration for Step Three, by the way.
      [Maureen] So if you went into "action" during the Oct-Dec time period -- would that be in "reaction" to your Chief Features?
      MEntity: We do not understand your question.
      [Maureen] If this time period is related to the CFs -- and you "act" or create at that time -- is this related to the Cfs?
      No. When we get into examples, this may be clearer.
      Before we continue, we will take one of you as an example for how to utilize step three, and help you walk through the assessment. Who will volunteer? Just one, for now.
      [Maureen] me?
      MEntity: Yes, Maureen.
      [Maureen] do you want me to give you what I have?
      MEntity: Share one significant event and in what time frame it occurred.
      [Maureen] OBSERVATION, PASSION/RESERVE, REALIST, CFs (STUBBORNNESS, SELF-DEP, IMPATIENCE): People “insisting/wanting” to pay me Apr-Jun($), Jul-Aug(barter), Oct-Dec($).
      MEntity: So that we are clear: these are the same events of significance, occurring at different points in the year?
      [Maureen] yes - similar events / so the "same' – yes
      This would then count as ONE significant event, even if it is cycles or repetition, and we would go with where it began: in the realm of your MODE. However, it will still "mean something" that it occurred in these other seasons, and we can address that. The arcing of significance, though, would be in that this is a Significant Event regarding Inspiration, your Mode, and Relationships.
      Our walkthrough with you will lead to step FOUR) Comprehension. What will lead to Comprehension, is the full Integration from step THREE, which is making sense of what this means to you.
      In this case, having the symbolic context of your Mode, Inspiration, and Relationships, it seems almost "too obvious" that this Significant Event is a process that is inviting you to relate in ways that bring the circuit of Inspiration to a wholeness in your Relationships regarding your services. It was an opportunity for you to Comprehend that your services have value that, while difficult to quantify, CAN be quantified in a way that helps that Comprehension. Therein lies the Comprehension, or Step Four: you are PART of the equation of value, not the entire equation, in a Relationship, in any terms of exchange.
      In terms of your own Mode of Observation, then, it would mean that this Significant Event should be glaring, obvious, and clear, and if it is rejected, you are not seeing clearly, or refusing to see clearly what is so obvious.
      [Maureen] I can see it – lol
      Yes, you can.
      And by using this Review, you can then build from the Experience in a way that changes you, rather than hints at possibilities that you refuse, deny, or resist.
      Does all of this make sense to you?
      [Maureen] yes it does
      MEntity: Another example from another student is requested. Yes, Janet. Share as Maureen shared.
      [Janet] I participated in a dance competition in June, first in many years. I did not do well for a variety of reasons. But it haunts me now. I'm in Power mode. Might be my self-dep that alters my impressions of it now.
      MEntity: What part of June? The closer to July, the more one would want to consider the next" season" as well; in this case, the Attitude.
      [Janet] Mid-June. But I am Stoic.
      MEntity: NOTE: Any Significant Event that resides on the cusp of a "season" would do well to consider the context next to it.
      [Janet] And goal of Dominance to complete the sequence...
      A fair span of consideration for a cusp is 3 days before the next context.
      In assessing your Significant Event, Janet, one would consider the event in context: in your case, in the context of Power Mode. Keeping in mind that "MODE = the method through which you access inspiration, and use that for developing Relationships," and that Power Mode is about relating through your degree of PRESENCE, we can begin to extract the significance of this event, or Integrate it.
      In this case, you went on full display, not only for others to see, but for you to see, just how PRESENT you are with yourself. Were you fully merged into the movements of your dance? Were you present with yourself *as a dancer*, or were you distracted by your past performances as a dancer, or your future assessment as a dancer?
      [Janet] Oh bingo
      MEntity: This is significant to you because it let you see where you are in your use of that Mode, in your use of Power, in your willingness to Be Present (in relationships).
      [Janet] So if you do not or cannot make full use of your mode, you may miss opportunities? Is this a way of evaluating how to approach future events?
      And therein lies your Comprehension, or Step Four. That you fall into Oppression of yourself to protect yourself from the presence and power of others, rather than stand in your own Authority and confidence with whatever, however, and wherever you are with yourself NOW.
      [Janet] Very valid. And in retrospect all my previous good showings at comps made full use of Power mode. I see it now.
      You will always make "full use" of your Mode. It is your Mode. It is functioning in one way or another, be it in Authority, or in Oppression.
      The key here is in your Conscious Review: continue to condemn your performance and lose all useful meaning (Integration) from it, or retroactively allow THAT PERFORMANCE to be OKAY. Take back your Authority, and bring yourself back to you (Presence), by understanding that it was its own performance, and not a defining moment the wipe out all other performances, past, future, or present.
      [Janet] A most helpful Review. Thank you.
      [Maureen] So is that how the CFs come into "play" -- at the end of the year? As we look back we "assign" a "negative" or "positive" reaction/response to our events?
      Maureen, that is valid. The "season" of Chief Features tends to be when most do any kind of Review, but when done without Consciousness, there tends to come only a review of what went wrong, what needs to change, what you will do differently, etc. And then the cycle perpetuates in the new year.
      [Maureen] and I just saw Janet "shift" -- so if you allow yourself to shift from a "negative" to a "positive" view you can pull your OLs into the positive?
      MEntity: Yes, Maureen; it is an immediate effect.
      [Janet] But is it also valid to use what you know about the seasonal impact of the overleaves to prepare yourself for a coming event?
      MEntity: Janet, because this mapping is based in Review, it tends to be the case that it is only useful in retrospect, rather than in anticipation.
      [Janet] Ah. But I imagine some awareness won't hurt in the future.
      MEntity: However, knowing the "seasonal emphasis" can help you to gauge your anticipated events in a way that then allows for more immediate Integration from within the Experience.
      [Janet] I can see that.
      For instance, had you known about this before your dance, you could have brought a consciousness to your dance that embraced your Power and presence. But that is also a realization that one can make at any time of the year.
      When your Reviews are only based upon what went wrong, what needs to change, etc, then it tends to be the case that your entire next year begins with Actions/Goals that stem from disappointment, failings, etc, and the stories repeat in many ways then. When you are RELATING, consider your Mode. When you are fulfilling intentions, consider your GOAL. When you are socializing and communicating, consider your ATTITUDE. and so on.
      What we have shared so far is a symbolic mapping of your Year in Review that helps you to bring Awareness, Integration, and Comprehension. Keep in mind that nearly all of what you have labeled as "significant events" comes with great benefit, if Comprehended. When there is lack of Comprehension, even the best of events can be dismissed. When Comprehension is involved, everything is amazing and beneficial.
      However, it is not lost on Essence that many events of significance simply cannot be Comprehended while within the confines of time and space, and in those instances, the freedom you give yourself NOT to comprehend (until you can) is a Comprehension in itself.
      To clarify our mapping of the year, the reason Chief Features are assigned to Fall, is that it is an Assimilative time of year, and therefore brings up the Instinctive Center, which often prompts fears. Assimilation is a process of filtering and organizing experiences, and this often means letting things die for the sake of rebirth, if you will.
      What we have shared with you is a process that is a crude parallel to how Essence Reviews an entire lifetime, except in far more detail and analysis, but your participation while from "inside" the life adds a level of profundity to afterlife Review that can only come from your participation now.
      Imagine the difference between walking a path through a grove of fruitful trees carrying a basket for collecting those ripened fruits, and taking time to eat many of them along the way, versus walking through that same path without a basket, and only carrying a few fruits in hand, able to maybe eat part of one along the way. The basket and the eating are your Awareness and Integration, which naturally lead to Comprehension, or a full basket at the end of the life. To continue with our metaphor, it would be similar to handing over whatever fruits are in your arms at the time, but leaving many uncollected. Some fragments "hand over their fruits" as their arms fill, and some just keep piling on top until older fruits drop off, and only recent fruits are then collected, or the other way around.
      [GeraldineB] What about the ongoing Reviews with Essence, i.e., the 7-year Review?
      MEntity: Geraldine, in most instances of Review, it is merely an uploading process, if you will, for Essence to sort through. It is not a Comprehension on the level of Personality.
      [Oscar] Do Scholars collect more due to their more frequent uploading?
      Oscar, in keeping with the metaphor, Scholars come with their very own truck, but again, their collecting and uploading does not equate Comprehension.
      To share with you more creative, Personality-based Review, one can also use such things as intentional synchronicities, or oracles. Creating a layout for a Tarot Card reading of your year can be helpful. Looking at significant Transits in your Astrology can be helpful. Casting Runes, etc.
      [Janet] I'm sorry but what is an "intentional synchronicity"?
      MEntity: Janet, we used that phrase to describe the intent for a system of randomness to act as a representation or reflection of specifics.
      [Janet] Oh, like tarot cards or the like.
      MEntity: That is an example, yes.
      [hanna3175] iching!
      Intentional Synchronicity. The intentional aspect is important, as it defines the circuit used for symbolic communication. Anything can be used when using Intentional Synchronicity. This is how dreams and omens can become significant to some. It is a valid means of establishing a language between Personality and Essence, or "the universe," etc.
      [Maureen] The question posed "creates" the answer -- that is why the "question" is so important -- even with you Michael!
      Even the arrangements of toppings on a pizza can be "read," if there is a system defined/intended. Tea Leaf reading is no different from reading toppings on a pizza, for that matter. This process is a use of the Higher Moving Center, or the capacity for extracting Beauty. The ability to recognize patterns from within randomness. It is a skill that requires honesty, however, because it can also lead to "seeing" anything in everything.
      In conclusion today:  By using the map we have described, and the steps for moving through Awareness, Integration, and Comprehension, you can begin your 2012 on a higher cycle, if you choose, rather than as a repeated cycle, or as an extended cycle. By "higher cycle" we simply mean that it continues to build upon what has come, rather than circles back to it.
      We will work with Troy in sharing in our next Open Monthly Workshop then just how one might start a higher cycle after a Comprehensive Review.
      NOTE: in your process of Review, we suggest taking your time, playing with various ways of understanding your significant event in terms of how it benefited you, and not simply making note of them and then discarding the process if it is frustrating. It can be daunting, we know, but it is an exercise of a "muscle" that is latent and fairly ignored, so it will not always seem easy or fun, at first. If you find you are not making any sense of your Review, or not getting to your point of Comprehension, as revealed by a sense of relief, "a-ha" moment, or enthusiasm, then set it down and come back to it later.
      Your life will still be there.
    • Kasia
      By Kasia
      OMW - Mar 20, 2010 - Manifesting Essence
      Troy Tolley, Channel (aka CocteauBoy)
      Notes from Geraldine (who originally posted this session):
      Normally, extraneous comments are removed from a transcript; however, since they were an integral part of this workshop, they were left in. This transcript is considered "unfinished" as it clearly shows at the end of each participant's personalized assessment that more would come with the finished transcript.   
      [CocteauBoy] So I'm just going to turn this over to Michael then... I would have loved to do this live through the video chat, but I orally channel with my eyes closed and wouldn't know what the hell would be going on in the chat
      [CocteauBoy] Take a few deep breaths, relax, assume a sense of resonance among all of us and with Michael and I'll bring in Michael now!
      [CocteauBoy] Once they start the chat, they will be setting up the subject with an introduction about the whole idea of manifesting essence, so during that time, make note of your questions, but hold them until they ask for them.
      [CocteauBoy] Then there will be a round of Q&A on the subject in general before going into the details for each of you.
      [CocteauBoy] ****************WORKSHOP BEGINS HERE*******************
      [CocteauBoy] Have a great session, everyone!
      [Michael Entity]:
      Hello to all of you. We are here. We will begin our discussion with you on the subject of interest: Manifesting Essence
      We will, first, define what we mean by "manifesting essence."
      Manifesting Essence is active awareness and expression of the Personality to a degree that includes and implements the animating force that is the soul (or Essence).
      There are two ways that this can happen: consciously and unconsciously. The unconscious way may seem in conflict with "active awareness," but it is not.
      For many who unconsciously manifest essence, there is still an active awareness of themselves as being "more than" the current moment, current personality, current situation, etc. This awareness, in itself, allows many to manifest Essence to some degree.
      This does not mean that this same person acknowledged the soul/Essence, or understands that force to any degree that is useful.
      This allows for Essence to participate in the life, even if one chooses a path of Atheist or Existentialist, Satanist, or any superstitious, mythological, religious worship.
      Essence participates in the life ONLY as a flowing resource until the Personality begins to consider its existence beyond itself and the moment.
      When a Personality does not reach that point, then the lifetime is left entirely up to the Personality for creation, navigation, and processing, until after the death of that Personality, at which point Essence can then access all of the material gathered by the Personality.
      Infant, Baby, Mature and Old Souls have an easier time at this manifesting of essence than Young, which is the Soul Age that emphasizes rejection of existence beyond the self and the moment.
      This does not mean that a Young Soul cannot, or does not, manifest essence, but that it is part of the point of that soul age to explore that emphasis, which is inherently exclusive of Essence.
      Regardless of that emphasis, there will be AT LEAST ONE lifetime within EACH Soul Age that manifests Essence 100% before moving into the next Soul Age.
      This is most often experienced in the 7th Levels of the Soul Ages, and if it happens previous to that, then all subsequent Personalities on any Level within that Soul Age will have a greater ease in Manifesting Essence.
      As the soul grows in soul age, of course, the manifestations become "easier and easier." This is because the Role learns from each Personality what did and did not work in terms of allowing access and expression within the lifetime.
      The Essence Role then takes more elaborate care in designing Personalities, and setting up Agreements, Karma, life circumstances, imprinting, etc., in a way that is most successful for keeping the Personality aware of itself beyond itself and the moment.
      Manifesting Essence IS NOT a sustained state.
      At least not in the sense that most would think it to be.
      To the degree that a Personality "manifests essence" is the degree to which that Personality has embraced access to its wholeness beyond the self and moment.
      In the same way that a fragment might be 5th Level Old, but "manifesting mature," so can the Personality have reached a degree of Essence Manifestation, but fluctuate in those degrees.
      Therefore, each Personality will have its degree to which it HAS Manifested Essence, a degree to which it manages to reach on average, and a degree to which it IS manifesting.
      We have outlined the 7 Spheres of Awareness in previous chats with our students, and it would be helpful to review that material as it is parallel to what we are sharing today, but our emphasis today is on the degree of MANIFESTATION of ESSENCE, which is a different part of the picture.
      The Sphere to which one has gained Awareness contributes to the capacity for the Personality to Manifest Essence.
      You will be directed to that material after this workshop for elaboration.
      There are many ways we can delineate the degrees to which one can manifest Essence, but the shortcut to understanding the degree to which you are manifesting essence is to evaluate the degree to which you LIKE YOURSELF.
      This may seem highly simplistic, but the truth is rarely complicated. The degree to which you like yourself is proportional to how much you live as your soul.
      Your soul likes you.
      We use the word "like" because it is that personal.
      It is that intimate.
      We could say that your Soul loves you, and it would be true, but that is much more likely to be rejected, dismissed, or experienced as out of reach than the more intimate and personal world of "like."
      Therefore, it goes naturally as an equation that the degree to which your Essence is present, the degree of self-like is present.
      We point out here that we are not speaking of prideful, defensive, or reactionary forms of LIKE.
      We are not speaking of those moments that the Personality is trying to establish itself as likable by pointing out to itself a weak means of proving how much it is liked.
      We are speaking of those moments, periods of time, and states that you simply do not mind who you are, where you are, and there is a peace, kindness, and enthusiasm about it.
      We say "do not mind" because LIKING yourself does not exclude your potential, your ideals, your intentions for improvement and evolution, etc.
      As we work with you today, rather than describing your Manifesting Essence in terms of degrees, we will describe them in terms of percentages. This is to help support the awareness of the self as WHOLE.
      The percentage to which one likes oneself, manifests Essence, is the percentage of Wholeness that is experienced.
      For simplistic purposes, we will say that Wholeness is experienced as confidence, trust, and kindness.
      Those three terms are relative to the Intellectual, Moving, and Emotional states the Personality.
      And those are relative to your states of sense of self-esteem, sense of control, and sense of meaning or value.
      To clarify: Wholeness = confidence/emotional/self-esteem; trust/moving/control; kindness/intellectual/value
      Not only does each Role have different ways of Manifesting within a lifetime, but the Personality/Overleaves can make an impact on how that manifestation is experienced and expressed.
      What we will do in a moment then is walk through with each of you to discuss with you our interpretation of what we see for you in terms of your manifesting your Essence within this lifetime through the current Personality.
      Before we do that, we will now open for questions about what we have shared so far.
      [NicSweeney] nope
      [Martha] not me
      [Geraldine] No -- you've made sense so far -- I liked the use of "like" versus love
      [NicSweeney] this is very helpful!
      [Diane_H] no questions
      [Mari] ditto for me as well
      [Geraldine] I was able to apply it backwards through memory lane -- it makes sense
      [Karine] no question
      [NicSweeney] so much sense...and great validation that I am growing!
      [Geraldine] How much you like yourself is also the criteria for finishing 4th IM in positive
      [NicSweeney] I'm on my way!
      [Michael Entity]:
      As this is intended to be a "workshop," we will now pose to you a question for you. Take a moment to ponder it, knowing that your answer may change upon further reflection outside of this class.
      WORKSHOP QUESTION [do not answer yet]: Without being distracted by your worst days, or your best days, and keeping your evaluation limited to the most meaningful time frame from your current moment (adulthood, for example), ON AVERAGE, what percentage would you describe yourself as manifesting Essence?
      Your percentage would be your sense of Wholeness as it is experienced as a combination of Trust, Confidence, and Kindness.
      Trust is your capacity to extrapolate from your past successful experiences the strength for your next steps.
      Confidence is your capacity to inspire yourself with accurate observations, internally and externally.
      Kindness is your capacity to evaluate, express, and accurately comprehend the meaning and value of any moment, event, person, relationship, etc.
      [annh] I have my moments
      [annh] 40%
      [Geraldine] I would give myself much higher numbers after listening to the opening statements than I would have before.
      [annh] but even 20% would be ok
      [Martha] I'd say mine is a lot higher in the past year or two
      [Martha] than earlier
      [annh] me, too, Martha
      [Michael Entity]:
      It is not necessary for you to share your percentages, yet.
      We wish to give you all of the factors to consider before you evaluate.
      [Geraldine] I just would never have defined intellectual through kindness and emotional through "accurate observations"
      [Michael Entity]:
      We would describe the percentage range as:
      (this percentage range may be described differently for different soul ages)
      From 0% that looks like self-loathing, to 20% that looks like self-criticism, to 40% that looks like self-interest, to 60% that looks like self-expression, to 80% that looks like self-healing, to %100 that looks like selflessness.
      We will clarify "Self-interest" as that state in which one "knows better" and seeks to correct, transform, or accept the choices made in life.
      "Self-expression" is that state in which one is comfortable in one's own skin and does not feel shame in his or her presence to any meaningful degree.
      "Self-healing" is that state in which mistakes, failures, disappointments, anger, frustrations, are experienced as PART of life, and one is not consumed by any one of these things, therefore living in a state of self-protection is unnecessary, and every act, choice, experience is a healing.
      "Selflessness" is that state in which one loses all sense of self-defense and unnecessary fear, which frees all awareness to be inclusive of all bodies, rather than protective of one or more (such as the physical, emotional, or intellectual bodies).
      Using this spectrum, you may have a better sense of your average.
      Any questions?
      [NicSweeney] nope
      [Geraldine] nope -- still makin' sense
      [Mari] still ditto
      [Diane_H] Earlier you said Young souls are more likely to reject essence, but even then not all of them are in total self-loathing.
      [Martha] I'm good
      [Michael Entity]: When we speak of the lack of defense and self-protection, by the way, we do not mean those instances when it is necessary. Life will always include the scathing factors that may require your protection.
      [Karine] can the percentages vary depending on the situation one find themselve in?
      [Michael Entity]: Correct, Diane, and we would describe the percentage range differently for that Soul Age for that reason.
      [Diane_H] Oh, I see.
      [Karine] or is a person always manifesting the same percentage in any given moment?
      [Michael Entity]: Karine, percentages will fluctuate as often as your moods.
      [Karine] alright, makes sense
      [Michael Entity]:
      They will also find that they escalate or drop in various contexts, as well.
      One may drop to 0% when confronted with intimacy, but escalate to 100% when in the presence of children, for instance.
      [Geraldine] I'm definitely doing a whole lot better than I was a few years ago
      [Karine] me too! I think I went from 0% to about 40% on average
      [Karine] in the course of about 6 years...
      [Geraldine] you must have transitioned solidly out of your 3rd IM!!
      [Michael Entity]: Understanding where and how and why you fluctuate gives you keen awareness of those areas that you have agreed are most useful to you and your soul, and those that areas you still seek to make useful for both you and your soul.
      [Karine] well, I'm not sure I did, but I'm working on it...
      [Michael Entity]: The areas in which you are the lowest percentage of manifestation are those areas you still have not figured out how to Trust, be Confident, and be Kind.
      [Karine] in other words, the better you get at something, the more you manifest Essence while doing it?
      [Michael Entity]:
      Not necessarily. One might be terrible at managing children, for instance, but being around children brings out the full presence of Essence for the experience because the Personality chooses to Trust, feels Confident, and is Kind.
      One might be utterly uninformed and incapable of playing in an orchestra, but the process of learning from the very beginning has Essence manifested fully.
      [Karine] so it depends on how you see things
      [Mari] can you have say, a higher percentage of one or both and lag on the third, or do all 3 have to be about equal?
      [Michael Entity]:
      Karine, perception is a vital component to the manifestation of Essence.
      Mari, in terms of Trust, Confidence, and kindness, the variations among them are rarely far apart in terms of contributing to manifestation of Essence.
      It could be said that there are degrees of trust, confidence, and kindness, but in the context of Manifesting Essence, even 1 degree is enough to contribute to that manifestation.
      In most cases, one either trusts, or does not; one is either confident, or not; one is kind, or not.
      And if one is Kind, then one is Confident, is Trusting.
      It is a network of energies/states that tend to amplify and strengthen with any emphasis on any part.
      It is much the same with your own Overleaves: the movement of one Overleaf into the Positive Pole tends to draw others into that state.
      [annh] I am going to have to ask, then, what is kindness, in these terms?
      [annh] What is a definition or definition of kindness in this context?
      [Michael Entity]: As stated before: Kindness is your capacity to evaluate, express, and accurately comprehend the meaning and value of any moment, event, person, relationship, etc.
      [annh] How do we, personality discern accurateness?
      [Michael Entity]:
      A real-world example might be when one has lost the necessity for comparisons of the current body to one that may be desired, or to standards set by a society.
      It is that capacity to know that there is a difference, but that those differences do not devalue one or the other.
      [annh] This means then, the most loving and compassionate interpretation of another's expression.
      [Michael Entity]:
      If we were to put this in the most simplistic of terms, we would say that it is the degree to which one can truly appreciate differences without hierarchy of value.
      Ann, yes, it would apply in those instances, as well. This does not mean that one has to completely translate someone else's expression as "loving" when it was not loving, but that the expression has no bearing on your sense of value and meaning.
      [Geraldine] acceptance of others
      [Michael Entity]: Kindness INCLUDES the capacity for you to allow room for YOUR interpretation and experience of something AND your Essence's, which means that you do not force a loving stance upon yourself before you are capable of loving and accepting.
      [annh] As a small child I recall telling my mother that Al Capone, the mobster, didn't think he was a bad person. She was shocked. But I knew what I meant
      [Michael Entity]:
      Ann, your example would be accurate, and it would also showcase how one does not have to choose between one value and another, but can recognize both and make choices from there.
      Kindness is not the same thing as approval.
      Kindness does not think in such terms.
      We realize that time is limited for our next round of discussion, so we will be providing more details to you individually outside of the chat included with the transcript, depending on how much we can get through within 30 minutes.
      As this time is running beyond what was expected, if any of you must depart, we will include everything we would have said to you here, in the final transcript, as well.
      Otherwise, we will begin our interpretation of each of you in terms of Manifesting your Essence.
      [annh] I'm here
      [Martha] got all day:)
      [Michael Entity]: We will work through each of you as you are listed in this chat room list.
      [Mari] I can stay too
      [Michael Entity]: We will begin with Ann:
      [annh] yessir!
      [annh] or sirs and mesdames
      [Michael Entity]:
      We would say that your average is at 30%, with your highest point within this lifetime being at 85%, and your most accommodating context being when you share moments of laughter.
      The context that your "favorite" for your Personality are those moments of shared INSIGHT.
      In all instances of Manifestation, the higher percentages have all been in moments that would be described as SHARED.
      Your Personality is designed to want and need others, and this has caused its own challenges and rewards across various contexts of your life, but it is fair to say that the more you enjoy the company of others, the more your Essence is present.
      [annh] jeez, an extrovert
      [Michael Entity]:
      The greatest complication or obstacle that contributes to your not manifesting Essence is the confusion that being alone generates for such a Personality that is designed to crave others.
      It has been interpreted that "being alone" means "something is wrong," and therefore contributes to your lack of trust, confidence, and kindness states.
      [annh] Yes. That makes sense
      [Michael Entity]:
      Your greatest key to bringing a sense of wholeness across the board would be in your continued embrace of your aloneness as being more than a sanctuary or escape, and that your disappointment in others is far less than a defining factor for your value in life.
      We know that these are factors you already know and explore.
      [annh] you mean that I have "decided" that others are "boring?"
      [Michael Entity]: Of course you have.
      [Geraldine] lol
      [Diane_H] 🙂
      [Martha] hee hee
      [Michael Entity]: We have more to say that will be included in the transcript, but will move on to Diane.
      [annh] I know there's more. It just kicked me in the gut.
      [annh] lol
      [Michael Entity]:
      We see your average as being at 25% until recently, which has spiked you to your highest point so far at 68%. Your most accommodating context appears to be when "people watching," which tends to generate a compassion and empathy for even the most unlikely of people.
      The context that is your "favorite" for your Personality are those moments in which you are able to guide another.
      In all instances of Manifestation it appears that the theme has been in those moments when you felt you "made a difference," either energetically or obviously.
      [Diane_H] When did I start averaging higher? Last year?
      [Michael Entity]: Your Personality is designed so that it strips all elements of superficiality from an exchange and this has left you dealing with a particularly sensitive and vulnerable Personality, causing you to sometimes ignore false representations as as way to feel safe within your own self-images.
      [Diane_H] You mean my own false representations or others'?
      [Michael Entity]:
      Therefore, your greatest complication or obstacle that contributes to your not manifesting Essence is how you deal with dishonesty and doubt.
      Your greatest key to bringing a sense of wholeness across the board would be in your "speaking up," or communication, in general. This would help move you into more consistent average percentages relative to Self-expression.
      [Diane_H] That's also where I feel the greatest fear.
      [Michael Entity]:
      In response to your question: both. We would include as your "false representations" the lack of communication or speaking up when you had wished you would have, or differently, at least.
      We have more to say, and will include that in the transcript.
      We will now speak to Geraldine.
      We see your average as being at 19% for most of this life, with a recent sustained spike to an average between 60 and 89%. In that time, you have peaked at 100% on random occasions.
      We will contain our assessment to the more recent averages then.
      Your most accommodating context for your manifestation of Essence is in writing. This is because one of the greatest obstacles that contributed to your maintaining a lower percentage of manifestation in the past was your quick mind that could not back track.
      Writing moves you into the 60% range and this slowing down of the mind, and the capacity to correct directions of such a quick mind, has allowed for Essence to be more present than ever, rather than being crowded out by constant value judgments.
      [Geraldine] 🙂 -- you've got me pegged
      [Michael Entity]: Your Personality is designed for quick assessment, snap judgments, and keen awareness. This allowed for the Personality to quickly learn that it was "right" most of the time. Upon discovering that you could be "wrong," however, the Personality plowed forward with its momentum, which was not altered until the past 5 years or so.
      [Geraldine] LOL
      [Michael Entity]:
      This "plowing forward" could only be maintained by constant consumption of information that must be processed, assessed, evaluated, organized, judged, etc. Because "that is what you do."
      One of your Personality's favorite means of manifesting Essence is when it can "correct" someone. The capacity to do so has continued to be refined, and this has allowed for greater percentages of Essence to manifest.
      [Geraldine] oh kerist, what a pain in the patooty
      [Michael Entity]:
      Your greatest obstacle then has been in the investment of "being right." Freeing yourself from this has opened you to new worlds on a multitude of levels.
      The greatest key to your bringing Essence in across the board would be in your capacity for allowing paradox and contradiction.
      [Geraldine nods] --- this has been growing by leaps and bounds
      [Michael Entity]:
      We have more to say and will include that in the transcript. We will speak to Karine now.
      We see you, Karine, as having an average of 44% so far, with your highest peak being at the 60% area.
      [Karine] cool, I've put a lot of work into this!
      [Michael Entity]:
      Keep in mind that averages can drop tremendously when the 4th Internal Monad is undertaken.
      We say this because numbers post-4th Internal Monad are lower often because of that.
      Your most accommodating context for manifesting Essence so far has been in those moments when you ACCEPT. There are experiences and events and people that you appear to have had to "let go," and simply allow them to be what they are, and this is where Essence has been most present.
      [Karine] sounds similar to my Life Task
      [Michael Entity]:
      Your Personality is designed in this lifetime for Affection, so there will always be a search for what resonates between yourself and another, or between you and your experiences. Affection is that which helps nurture a common ground.
      This also contributed to your confusion about "who you are."
      This sense of not knowing who you are because of your establishing common ground between yourself and others then would be one of your greatest obstacles to manifesting Essence.
      Eventually it was understood that your capacity for finding, creating, nurturing common ground does not mean you are betraying yourself, but that it is simply a strength.
      Therefore, one of your keys to helping include Essence in more of your Personality is in your capacity to feel comfortable saying NO.
      This awareness might serve you greatly over your 4th Internal Monad as it begins in a couple of years.
      [Karine] this is so true, but so difficult... I'm such a people pleaser 🙂
      [Michael Entity]: We have more to say and will include this in the transcript.
      [Karine] thanks for the insight
      [Michael Entity]:
      Next we will speak to Mari.
      We see your average as being at 45%, with your highest peak being around 80%. Your most accommodating context for manifesting your Essence is in LEARNING. If you feel that you are learning, you feel alive.
      [Mari] true
      [Michael Entity]:
      Your Personality is designed for absorbing knowledge and experiences in this lifetime, and so it was that you launched yourself into many directions and into many situations that left you wounded and confused.
      The fact that your Personality "can handle" all of this allowed you to push yourself too far in many instances, and this closed down a lot of your capacity for understanding.
      However, you continue to pursue experiences and knowledge, but no room was left for comprehension, and your consumption of experience and knowledge was left as superficial and constantly slipping off of the top, so to speak, of your coffers.
      Therefore, your greatest obstacle to manifesting Essence is in your not resting.
      This has moved your life into circumstances that forced "rest" to the extent that it could, and even this has been resisted.
      [Mari] omg yes...
      [Michael Entity]:
      The key to your manifesting Essence across the board, and allowing for your digestion of the past and for integration of your rest, is to LISTEN.
      You simply do not listen.
      You "hear," but you do not comprehend what is being heard, and that is the difference.
      When we say that you would want to Listen, we mean that you often drown yourself out by what you want, what you do not have, what you want to say, what you did not say, what you could be doing, what you could have been doing, what you should be doing, etc. and you do not stop to simply listen to where you are, who is with you, and what life has to say.
      You have the capacity to listen perfectly well, but have learned to "tune out life" as it just started to hurt too much.
      Remembering and embracing this life can be done through your strength of learning and listening again.
      We have more to say, and will include this in the transcript.
      We will speak to Martha now.
      We see you, Martha, as manifesting in a way that we would have to say is more accurate to describe as split emphases. An average that sustains in the 20% range and an average that sustains in the 60% range.
      [Martha] that does not surprise me
      [Michael Entity]:
      This is because you live two separate lives in many ways.
      Your private life sustains the higher percentage, but your public life drops drastically.
      You have manifested at 100% in rare occassions. Your most accommodating context for manifesting Essence is CREATIVITY. Your Personality is designed to create. When you feel something utterly original has been created, or is in the process of being created, your Essence is manifesting to a great degree.
      This, however, has led you into tangents of reality that are created entirely "in your head" and this has become your reality in many ways over the years to the point that it has become one of your greatest obstacles to manifesting Essence.
      The key for your manifesting Essence across the board is through DISCIPLINE, or Structure.
      We mean this in terms of self-discipline, and self-structure.
      [Martha] yes I know 🙂
      [Michael Entity]: If this structure and discipline is generated externally, it serves only to contribute to your generating more internal worlds for escape.
      [Martha] oh, that is VERY true
      [Martha] lol
      [Michael Entity]:
      And this is why you resist that self-discipline and self-structuring.
      You have equated it with pain and loss of self, loss of identity, restriction of creativity.
      However, as we have said before to our students, True Freedom can only be experienced within structure. The same could be said of True Creativity.
      Creation requires Form.
      When it is left without form, it becomes consuming.
      Efforts to embrace structure, order, and some discipline in regard to your creativity would impact you across all of your contexts for manifesting Essence.
      We will close with our speaking to Nicholas.
      [Geraldine] Would you also add to the transcript portion anything that Troy might learn from this Workshop as it applies to himself?
      [Michael Entity]:
      We will share this with him, and he can share that with you.
      We see you, Nicholas, as manifesting Essence at an average of 50%, but that average has raised from an average of 20% if we had been asked 5 years ago, or so.
      You have peaked in manifestation at around 80% on several occasions.
      Your most accommodating context for manifesting essence has been in RELATIONSHIPS.
      [NicSweeney] LOL!
      [NicSweeney] tis true:-)
      [Michael Entity]:
      Your Personality is designed for relationships, intimacy, and physical presence, and this launched you into a world of naivety that left you disoriented and hurt as the years passed exploring what you are so capable of exploring.
      What started out as innocence moved into naivety and then into jadedness.
      This is simply because it was presumed that others would naturally understand you, embrace you, feel intimacy and presence to the capacity that you were naturally capable.
      [NicSweeney] this brings tears...
      [Michael Entity]: Therefore your greatest obstacle to manifesting Essence has been in your defense and protection of your innocence as righteousness and false confidence.
      [NicSweeney] would you define innocence?
      [Michael Entity]:
      The key to your manifesting Essence across the board is in your asking for help, asking for understanding, asking for comfort, etc. In short, ASKING.
      It has always been presumed that those qualities in life should already be present and in abundance, and it has been a painful process to realize that they are not always offered so freely.
      However, that does not mean they are not there.
      We define innocence here as child-like awe.
      Your return to innocence, which has begun, finds you experiencing things as "new again."
      [NicSweeney] yes
      [Michael Entity]:
      Innocence always experiences everything as new, no matter how many times it is experienced.
      There is an awe, an appreciation, a playful sense of reflection in everything.
      And the world is experienced as inherently harmless.
      We think that we have shared enough with each of you today to help in your understanding how, where, why, and what manifesting Essence means for you.
      We will conclude here.
    • Janet
      By Janet
      Originally posted by Troy on 7/20/09, based on channeling posted on Yahoo list on June 17, 2001.
      This topic came up in our recent chat on July 13, 2009, and Michael mentioned that I would include a copy of some information about the 4th Internal Monad. This was channeled YEARS ago, so please be lenient with it. I think I need to go through an update some phrasing and grammar to match my own growth and clarity in channeling, but the gist is there. Enjoy!
      4th Internal Monad
      +self-realization -acquiescence
      The Fourth Internal Monad is the personal measurement between what was “planned” for the lifetime and what has actually been accomplished to date, and what might now be accomplished based on momentum from the current position within the life. This is where the Personality and Essence become “permanently” aligned or not.
      The Essence is either allowed freedom of manifestation or it is rejected as a source.
      To make simple sense of this Monad, it is the “regaining of innocence”.
      This is where you integrate the childish aspects of you into the adult version of your life as you have become. If major changes are to be a part of the transition to a “smoother” life, these changes can be drastic and threatening to the Personality as judgment may spring forth that its own decisions from the past were “mistakes”. In reality, the decisions were not mistakes; they were simply experiences.
      These experiences, however harshly judged, have led you to a place of potential self-realization. It is your choice to co-create the changes (the positive passage through the Monad), or to resign yourself to being overwhelmed (negative passage).
      If this Monad can be seen as an opportunity to free the “child within”, then much is gained in your understanding of how to remain in the positive aspects of the passage. The hallmark of positive passage through this Monad is in freeing yourself from what you think you SHOULD do and, instead, discovering what you love to do, in terms of external reality fulfillment.
      We remind you that you WILL move through the entire spectrum of the Monad, Positive Poles and Negative Poles, as you progress. It is as necessary as breathing "in" and "out". Reminding yourself that the point of the negative pole is a means to “look at” what you might want to change, upgrade, or accept, will do much in freeing you from severe reactions and Chief Feature "tricks".
      Those of you who have not completed the 3rd Internal Monad successfully (from the Positive Poles), you may find yourselves having to “go back” to the struggle of learning psychological independence before you can move on. The 3rd Internal Monad deals with the fragment comprehending their independence from the source that supported them through the first part of their life. It is not whether a fragment still depends on their source or not, it is simply whether they recognize they are not defined by that source.
      A person who would not pass completely through a stage within a Monad will live within that frame of reference for the remainder of the lifetime. Incompleteness, or Negative Pole completion through Monad 4 would find the person living in relentless self-examination and criticism of their choices, possibly reverting to the past as a source of blame for their behavior. This fragment will always feel unfulfilled.
      We remind you that this information is shared as a map, not as another form of fear to be used against the self. If you are driving through a passage up a mountain-side and we would note that to certain routes would give your more challenge or diversion from the destination, this would not take from the absolute choices that you have. It is always possible to complete a Monad in the Positive Poles from any point within the life. You are never trapped beyond your willingness to progress.
      Here, then, are the seven stages of this Monad:
      Stage 1: INITIATION
      +enthusiasm -indifference
      Stage 1: This stage is hardly noticeable since you have only just placed your consciousness into the new context. This stage relates to the Instinctive Center, therefore “kicking in” the Monad without the individual being particularly conscious of this. Indications of the initial stage are usually marked by enthusiasm and anticipation. A simple delight in your potential future or accomplishments. Since this is simply a technical reference, and not really measurable enough to recognize, we suggest using the signs of the Second Stage as a starting point, possibly “working back” to a point where you might have seen the initial stages begin to manifest. Most will find there was a point when there was either a sudden enthusiasm that “something” was different, or a definitive point wherein the fragment feels further removed from its own life.
      This Stage, then, evaluates your sense of Trust.
      Stage 2: INTROSPECTION
      +awareness -brooding
      Stage 2: This stage is heavily marked by dread, anxiety, and intense Introspection. Depending on your resistance and your Overleaves, you may experience anything from a realization of your personal worth and a positive realization of your life's impact, or virtual self-implosion and self-degradation.
      Different cultures will respond to this Stage depending on parental upbringing and definitions of Authority. This is an introspective stage in the context of a Monad to evaluate accomplishments and plans, so there may be a processing of a Scary Parent or issues with Authority you have carried around being belittled for your “mistakes”, decisions and choices and expression. In that processing, you may experience a new sense of connection to “something” more like a Supportive Parent or Authority from within to gently nudge and concur with you through the life.
      This Stage evaluates your perceptions of Authority and your reaction to your sense of self-importance and self-value.
      Stage 2 brings up energy from the Emotional Center.
      Stage 3: REALIZATION
      +freedom -separation
      This Intellectually-centered Stage begins to release the ideas of the past as a source for the future. New ideas and identities will emerge here.
      Most realizations will be reserved for inner exploration, but, nonetheless, a change has taken place in how the individual views its expression as a part of a larger picture. On the more expansive side, one knows what must begin to be done, and starts to anticipate a general plan, not always with clarity, but with a certainty that “something must be done”. On the more constricting side, one begins to pull back from the future and “hide within”, or away from external reflections. This stage evaluates your perception of Responsibility. This Stage usually lasts the longest, especially in the Fourth Internal Monad, as you probe your beliefs.
      Stage 4: MANIFESTATION
      +purpose -otiose
      This Stage brings energy out through the Moving Center as you begin now to express to yourself, and others, more confidently what/who you are. In the context of the Fourth Monad, it is where you begin doing or, at least, pursuing/discovering what you are pulled to do as a reflection of your “contribution” and original Tasks. Successful movement through this is seen as a comfortable expression of your daily activities and endeavors.
      Resisting this Stage and remaining here would result in sluggishness, ineffective portrayals of self, and sometimes rage/anger in place of empowerment.
      This stage explores your concepts of Purpose.
      Stage 5: CONTENTMENT
      +satisfaction -contention
      Finally you begin to feel/see some satisfaction from your progress through the Internal Monad. In the context of the Fourth Internal Monad, whether you have completed or accomplished a Task becomes irrelevant against the contentment of what you choose to do.
      In this Stage, you realize the amount of density you have been containing and you begin to “lighten up” about your movement. In the positive pole you will see personal happiness now becoming a factor in your decisions, and in this Fourth Monad, you've released treasured securities found in the oppressive/elusive “big plan or PURPOSE”, and find this more appropriate guide. Otherwise, the negative pole finds an individual always at odds with their environment, always in a state of contention and debate about their worth/purpose.
      This stage evaluates your perceptions of Love. The Higher Emotional Center is highlighted here.
      Stage 6: MAGNETIZATION
      +attraction -repulsion
      In this Stage, you now begin to draw in your agreements, Karma, and Support for new perspectives, or reconnect/stabilize existing ones. The positive pole maintains clear communication, acknowledgment of Traveling Companions, and a more accurate view of the future. You now see with clarity the long-term impact of your efforts alongside the current “demands”. Those who find themselves in a state of rejection, isolation, and depression, have chosen to experience the negative pole. A sense of deep longing begins to unfold in the negative pole of Stage 6, since so much has been deemed “unacceptable”.
      This stage opens you to your perceptions of Truth.
      Stage 7: EMANATION
      +alignment -incongruity
      In this stage you find the peace of routine that becomes you. A sense of wholeness returns and “getting back” to your life. In the positive pole, alignment occurs with Essence; in the negative pole, life becomes incongruous and sporadic in nature, with no bearing. Regardless of the pole, you will emanate your sense of self at that point with no resistance.
      This stage engages your Higher Moving Center, and examines Beauty, or Energy.
      It is important here to note that a completion of the Monad does not necessarily mean a “positive” completion. In most cases where the negative pole becomes emphasized, completion is not reached due to the internal degradation and combustion that occurs along the way. Many do complete the Monad, however, within parameters acceptable to them that would technically be regarded as the negative pole. This is the choice of the individual and has no bearing on their being a “good” or “bad” person; we do not say this, nor do we imply this. We merely state the differentiation between what is expansive and self aware, and what is not. The negative completion is not expansive or self-aware, relatively speaking.
    • Janet
      By Janet
      This material was obtained in a private session on December 12, 2019.
      Note from Janet: I asked a question about the IM status of a young man. I've removed identifying info and some content to preserve privacy, but I thought the info about early 4th IM might be generally useful.
      Janet: For now, what is his current IM status?
      His Internal Monad status is working through the 4th Internal Monad by revisiting unfinished processes of the 3rd Internal Monad. ... You are witnessing this inner process in many of his words. ... Patience is also necessary.
      If you speak as the authority, it will be harder to hear, but if you speak as one who understands and wishes to help honor his exploration of his own authority, it is likely to be received well.
      There are soul age manifestations in fluctuation as he works on himself.
      Janet: Do many young people experiencing an “early” 4th IM have similar issues?
      MEntity: Yes, it is a familiar pattern. Early 4th Internal Monad can reveal all of the ways in which one still must become the authority in one's life while still dependent upon the authority in the current life. If the 3rd Internal Monad is thoroughly resolved, this is less confusing, but still a challenge. If the 3rd Internal Monad is resolved, but remains with areas to revisit, it can be quite disorienting and disruptive, leading to bouts of rebellion and retaliation rather than cooperation and conscious choice. The point of the 3rd Internal Monad is not to reject all authority in the life, but to add your own to it in a way that works together.
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