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  • The 7 Stages of the 6th Internal Monad


    [GeraldineB] I would like to continue on asking about the how each of the 7 Stages for each of the Internal Monads plays out. This time I would like to know how the 7 Stages operate in the 6th Internal Monad, and whether or not there are differences between the various 6th IMs of Old Souls and those of younger soul ages.



    The delineation of the 6th Internal Monad can be described as:


    STAGE ONE: Initiation, with the Positive Pole of Nostalgia, and Negative Pole of Grief.


    STAGE TWO: Introspection, with the Positive Pole of Meaning, and the Negative Pole of Negotiation.


    STAGE THREE: Realization, with the Positive Pole of Acceptance, and the Negative Pole of Grudging. 


    STAGE FOUR: Manifestation, with the Positive Pole of Dying, and the Negative Pole of Panic.


    STAGE FIVE: Contentment, with the Positive Pole of Surrender, and the Negative Pole of Resignation.


    STAGE SIX: Magnetization, with the Positive Pole of Hospice, and a Negative Pole of Suffering.


    STAGE SEVEN: Emanation, with the Positive Pole of Peace, and a Negative Pole of Numbness.


    For the Younger Soul, these Stages can often show up in obvious, fairly literal ways, whereas the Older Soul may be much more discreet and internal about this process, preferring it to be an intimate or solitary process.


    By Intimate, we mean that the process is shared with a circle of profoundly trusted members of the Support Circle, which would reflect a Positive Pole process, while the Solitary process would be more of a Negative Pole processing, and often showing up as bitter bouts and threats to those within the Support Circle, if allowed in, about the ending of the life.


    We can elaborate further about each of these Stages in another exchange, if requested. For now, we must conclude today's chat.

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