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  • The 7 Stages of the 3rd Internal Monad


    Third Internal Monad

    Channeled during POF1 on July 3, 2011 by Troy Tolley


    Since we're constantly seeing references to 3rd Internal Monads hanging up on negative poles, for many for the remainder of their lives, we need a good 7-Stage listing for the 3rd Internal Monad, similar to the one we have for the 4th. I'd like to take my time equal to 2 questions if it would help get this longer, more detailed answer. 

    Please include the types of things that either hang one in a Negative pole or the type of ongoing behaviors due to this.


    For every Internal Monad, the Stages are the same, though we would describe them with slightly more relevant contextual terms for the Poles. However, the Stages will always be:



    For instance, the Birth Monad will always have to have an Initiaion Stage, a Manifestation Stage, and an Emanation Stage, etc.

    The first three Stages of any Internal Monad are preparatory Stages for the pivotal middle stage, and the final three are integrative stages.

    For example, by the time a body is birthed, the 4th Stage is reached in the Birth Monad.

    In the 3rd Internal Monad, the 4th Stage is marked by the dependence upon one's own resources.

    However, "one's own resources" does not mean a separation from the funding or sheltering of parents or caretakers, necessarily, but a successful 4th Stage will have accepted or embraced whatever are the resources being used BY CHOICE by the Personality.

    Eventually "one's own resources" Emanates as CHOICE.

    Until one has completed the 3rd Internal Monad, the range of Choice is limited to others' choices in the life.

    In fact, until the hormonal washes of the 3rd Internal Monad are completed, not even the brain is capable of comprehending the impact and power of Choice.

    And so to delineate the 3rd Internal Monad:

    Stage 1: INITIATION
    +exploration -rebellion

    This Stage evaluates your sense of Trust.

    +consciousness -self-consciousness

    This Stage evaluates your perceptions of Authority and your reaction to your sense of self-importance and self-value.

    Stage 2 brings up energy from the Emotional Center.

    Stage 3: REALIZATION
    +ideals -demands

    This stage evaluates your perception of Responsibility. This Stage usually lasts the longest, especially in the Fourth Internal Monad, as you probe your beliefs.

    +choice -anger

    This stage explores your concepts of Purpose.

    Stage 5: CONTENTMENT
    +responsibility -resentment

    This stage evaluates your perceptions of Love. The Higher Emotional Center is highlighted here.

    +support -aloneness

    This stage opens you to your perceptions of Truth.

    Stage 7: EMANATION
    +confidence -conclusivity

    This stage engages your Higher Moving Center, and examines your concepts of Beauty (recognizable patterns found around and inside you).


    Those who have an incompleted 3rd Internal Monad tend to create or attract issues with those in authority, or those whom they have deemed to be taking an authoritative stance. There is a tendency to draw conclusions without input, exchange, or facts, but simply because one decides what it true, which is the power of choice being misused.

    Teenagers tend to exemplify most of these symptoms in obvious ways, but the adult who remains with an incompleted 3rd Internal Monad can often play these out in painful, confusing, and drawn out power plays with family members, loved ones, mates, etc. or turn it into a career such as politics, or by taking on a role of authority that is protected from questioning.

    Many religious leaders remain in their 3rd Internal Monad.

    Keep in mind that the successful completion of the 3rd Internal Monad is DIFFERENTIATION, which is state of personal responsibility for Choices, while SEPARATION is the incompleted 3rd Internal Monad, and this is marked by all of the negative poles of the Stages, as well as a constant need to establish one's "differences" through conflicts.

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