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  • Caution Mode and Relationships


    [Extracted from OMW: Healing Relationships]


    Relationships are formed through the MODE, in terms of Overleaves.


    Depending upon one's Mode, Relationships will TEND to form in certain ways, and TEND to Heal in certain ways.


    To be brief for the sake of our limited time here, we will share those details for each Mode.




    CAUTION MODE: tends to be attracted to the Common Ground of Motives/Motivations; tends to bond/bind through the GOAL; and requires a return to SAFETY as part of any relationship healing process.




    We share these correlations so that you can understand how you may find your angle on building Relationships, and what you might require for healing, as well as others' angle on building Relationships, and what they might require for healing.


    These attractions, bondings, and requirements for healing are not exclusive to each Mode, but are tendencies that can be helpful as a starting place for healing.

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