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  • Passion vs Perseverance


    [Excerpt from a private session held in May 2017, posted with permission.]


    Luciana: I was surprised by some information in my profile. Like, for example, my mode. I thought it would be perseverance and many see me that way. But it's actually passion. So I've been watching myself and really excited a lot when I like something that would be passion? Is this how the passion manifests itself in my life?


    Passion can often look like Perseverance if the individual is inspired. Passion pushes forward and endures for the sake of gaining more experience and learning more about the self and others. Perseverance wants to get the job done and from point A to B and more concerned with producing results than about being inspired.


    If you are more about "getting things done" than you are about the necessity for meaning in your actions, then you may be Perseverance Mode. Not that Perseverance is without inspiration and passion, but it is not as concerned with the requirement of meaning.


    It could be said that the differences are between requiring meaning along the way to meaning (passion) vs the necessity of meaning only after getting there (perseverance).


    Yes, excitement can be passionate, but that may or may not be Passion Mode. Passion Mode is all about your seeing yourself in everything around you and learning more about yourself from those reflections. This can sometimes be exciting, but in the older soul it can be fairly quiet and deep.


    You can be persevering without being in Perseverance Mode in the same way anyone can be passionate without being in Passion Mode.


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