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    Understanding Perseverance


    [Excerpt from MMW: Understanding your Overleaves]


    Bobby: With my Mode being Perseverance and the fact that our Mode is how we relate one on one, would you perhaps speak about how exactly you see that I do that with this Mode and what obstacles come to the surface most for me when I attempt to use it?


    MEntity: For Perseverance, "ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS" is a motto to live and die by. No amount of talk or presentation or explanation cuts it for Perseverance. You have to see results. This is true of how Perseverance relates to others and to the self.




    Perseverance despises weakness and insecurity and excuses, particularly when they are only used as a means to avoid Right Action.


    Perseverance learns about himself and others by constantly assessing the value of ones Actions. This can lead to relationships that are full of scrutiny toward your own Actions or lack of Actions, or can lead to relationships where attention is focused on others and what they are Doing or Not Doing so as to avoid your own insecurities, weaknesses, and excuses.


    Eventually, when Essence is Manifest and True Personality is present, the pitting of the self against others, and the pitting of the self against the self, comes to an end. Perseverance shifts into unity and combination of strengths to help fill in for weaknesses, not out of resentment and obligation, but from true vulnerability and responsibility.


    Weaknesses are no longer despised, but are healed.


    Actions are no longer assessed in terms of superficial standards to comply with expectations, but are assessed in terms of HARMFULNESS.


    This is the difference between UNCHANGING and PERSISTENCE.


    UNCHANGING is not about moving forward, but about holding someone or the self back.


    UNCHANGING is about locking someone into their flaws and insecurities and not letting them grow until they show some sort of acceptable remorse, guilt, shame, etc.


    PERSISTENCE is about moving forward, flaws, insecurities, frustrations, and all.


    You Persist. You learn how to carry everything and keep moving forward.


    This is true for yourself as well as any relationship.


    You draw the line if there is HARM.

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