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  • Using Reserve Mode's Positive Pole of Restraint


    Excerpt from a private session originally posted on November 15, 2013. 


    Note: This session describes sliding into the use of Reserve Mode for a person with Observation Mode. It may also be useful for someone who has Reserve Mode. 


    What you would want to do to break this pattern is to move into the Positive Pole of RESERVE MODE. This may seem ironic, since you would like to unleash and experience your Passion, but it must be understood that your Passion is actually not gone, but simply unleashed into directions fulfilling fears, worries, concerns, etc.


    To use the Positive Pole of Restraint, it would mean returning yourself to a sense of control.


    In this case, "control" would mean "choice."


    You would want to consider that you have a choice in how you relate, how you move into relationships, not just with people, but with intentions, goals, directions, etc. If you find yourself feeling isolated, worried, lacking in passion, you have probably forgotten that you have a choice in how you relate.


    This awareness can help you to then


    CHOOSE to give more.

    CHOOSE to receive.

    CHOOSE to take a risk.

    CHOOSE to explore.

    CHOOSE to rest.

    CHOOSE to recover. Etc.


    All of the dynamic between you and Giving/Receiving must be nurtured by choice. Not simply sitting around and waiting, hoping for surprise hits of inspiration.


    The Restraint can help you to even choose your feelings.


    ### end of excerpt

    You may discuss this content in Ingun's original post. See Using +Restraint of Reserve Mode.

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