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    Co-creating with Essence


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: August 2008]


    [Question] My question relates to the energy report, is there any easy way to recognize the difference in the “careening” discussed there, and random physical plane happenstance?


    The “careening” we discussed in our report is not based in any randomness, but in a deep openness within the fragment to be exposed to alternatives and directions that are not consciously anticipated. This “careening,” then, is Essence-driven. This “careening” is simply the result of your figuratively holding open your arms and asking, “okay, what have I missed?” When the sense of careening happens, it can feel disturbing and disruptive, but most of you would be able to perceive rather quickly that the experience is one that is “better for you” than if it had not happened. Even if the sense of its being “better for you” is not obvious, then we could say that the resources and skills that one has at one's disposal are aplenty for MAKING the experience better for you than might have been otherwise.


    True “random physical plane happenstances” are rare, but from the Personality’s perspective, they can seem rather common since this is a matter of relative perception. When an experience seems random and happenstance, it is usually only a matter of effort that can turn that randomness and happenstance into the same thing we’ve described as the careening effect of this month.


    We will explain why we say that randomness is rare: we say this only because Personality almost always builds into its navigation of the life the “room” for such surprises, redirections, and “randomness,” which allows for the palette of choice to remain alive, organic, and dynamic. So while it looks random and surprising and happenstance, it is often just the result of Personality making room for Essence’s anticipations. This influence and anticipation from Essence is INVITED, not imposed.


    There is a tension built in to the lives of many by the Personality assuming it knows plenty enough to navigate the life without Essence, but craving guidance and help. When anyone has ever “looked up” and asked “WHY” or muttered to himself a cry for help from somewhere beyond himself, he has invited Essence to participate in the life. This influence from Essence (and other guides) can often show up in bursts, “randomness,” or any other method to break an unwanted pattern that has been enforced by Personality. In other words, it is often true that the only help, guidance, or support that can “get through” to a Personality who has entrenched himself/herself into the life is to “throw a wrench into the works” and this can look awful, disruptive, surprising, devastating, catastrophic; it is one of the ways to bring about a new awareness, break in pattern, and clear a channel for true help.


    We do not say that there is NO randomness and happenstance in the universe. We do not say that, nor do we imply it, but we do say that it is rare when looking at it from the whole perspective of a life that involves the co-creativity of the Personality and Essence. In fact, it would be “safe to say” that any disruptive event in the life can be interpreted as an opportunity to co-create with Essence and that the disruption is a result of asking for help and guidance at some point in the life.


    It is not uncommon to hear rave reviews about a community’s coming together during times of catastrophe that would never have happened, otherwise. This is the same case on an individual basis. Often the only time you will help yourself, your life, and your loved ones is when a “wrench” has been thrown into the works.


    We mentioned the emphasis of careening during August because it is an opportunity to experience this to a conscious degree in a way that would allow for many of you to alleviate this feeling of “random” redirection from your life. While the overall effects of this careening or “randomness” can eventually be seen as “good,” it is still “not fun” for many of you.


    Many fragments become dependent on this method of careening and random awareness, much like the snooze on an alarm clock that you, yourself, have set. Eventually you learn as a soul and Personality to “wake up” before the alarm.


    To answer your question more specifically: it can be difficult to differentiate between those events that Essence has anticipated and what Essence did not anticipate (true randomness). But when Essence did not anticipate an event or circumstance, the experience can often, in retrospect, be remembered as having been processed on a kind of auto-pilot as you profoundly turn over the life to Essence for navigation. When one can look back at an event and say, “I really don’t know how I survived that,” it was most likely an unanticipated event that Personality then turned over to Essence for navigation and we are not speaking of looking back and not giving oneself credit for having participated in the navigation. Most of you will be able to sense the difference.


    [Question] So the life is pre-planned? I thought most of the learning in life was based on how we respond to random events.


    The life does have a general plan, but only in the same way that one might plan a vacation, or plan the building of a house, which requires constant choice, creativity, and awareness during the implementation of those plans so that one can alter them, stick to them, or replace them. One can plan a vacation and the building of a house, but not have anticipated the raging storm that might arise during those plans. To the Personality this storm can seem to have been random, but to Essence the storm was seen brewing long before Personality gained awareness of it and is therefore not truly random. We define “random” here as no level of your Being having had the chance to anticipate the impact of an anticipated event. As long as Essence can anticipate probabilities for a Personality, then nothing is truly random in the life, but this does not mean it was pre-planned. True randomness is rare because when one plans a life, for instance, one KNOWS that there is built in to the fabric of the life the potential for storms. All of the features and natures of the Physical Plane are duly noted.


    The analogy above and our response might have shed some light on your question.

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