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  • Cycles of Life Plans (Numerology)


    [Excerpt from OMW: Personal Cycles of Life]


    Life Cycle, or Cycles of Life Plans (Numerology)


    Next up is the Life Cycle, or Cycles of Life Plans.


    The Cycle of Life Plans is fairly easy to map and to measure, and has a direct correlation to Numerology.


    This is one of the few Cycles that has such a direct means of measuring and mapping of it.


    Every life moves in cycles of completion, which are mapped in cycles of 9.


    However, this is not the case of the first year of life counting as a first count of 9.


    Instead, one would use Numerology to calculate his or her "Life Path Number" as an indication of where in the cycle one has entered into this incarnation. Using the known birthday and year is enough. It is not necessary for this to be accurate to an actual birthday, if that is not known, such as in adoption. It is the adopting of the birthday and year that is significant here.


    This calculation is probably familiar to most of our students as adding all of the numbers of your birth month, day, and year, and then continuing to reduce those numbers by addition until there is a single number.


    Using Troy as an example, with January 20, 1968, this would be 0+1+2+0+1+9+6+8 = 27, 2+7=9.


    Using the interpretations already set in Numerology, one can get a sense of what Essence was planning for this current lifetime, and where in its cycles of exploration it might be.


    To understand where you are within that greater context, then one would use the month and day of birth, added to the current year. So for Troy this would be 0+1+2+0+2+0+1+2 = 8.


    [GeraldineB] Michael -- since my adoption was completed when I was 7 years old -- and I can't remember the date, what would I use?


    [GeraldineB] just the current extrapolation based on Day/Month/current year?


    [MEntity] We suggest using whatever you have been using as your birth day, month, and year overall, since having to choose one.


    [GeraldineB] ok


    What we are doing here will be applied to a different Cycle we will describe in a moment, but doing both now is helpful.


    Troy, then, would be described as having a Life Path Number of 9, but is in an "8 year" of his Cycle of Life Plans.


    We invite each of you to share your results, as well.


    [Maureen] I'm a birth 6 in a 10 or a 1 year


    [Maureen] does the 10 become a 1?


    [MEntity] Always reduce to a single digit.


    [GeraldineB] apparently, I am 5 birth and 2 current


    [Maureen] Is there any significance to being a Priest and having a 6 Lifetime?


    [Maureen] Or being a Sage and having a 5 Lifetime?


    [MEntity] Maureen, no, because you will also have every other number as a reference over your incarnations.


    [Maureen] OK


    [GeraldineB] sorta like Astrology -- you're probably never gonna duplicate any birth chart again


    [MEntity] What matters here, for now, is your number as it reflects your Cycle of Life Plans, or "personal year" number in Numerology.


    [Maureen] OK


    This Cycle is based on cycles of completion regarding themes, and anything related to those themes.


    These themes are described by the overall Life Plan/Path Number.


    Exploring the interpretation of your Life Path Number in Numerology, and where you are in your Cycle of Life Plans, can shed great light on the layers of themes being explored within the lifetime.


    In terms of where one might be in a Cycle of Life Plans, the numbers might be easily referenced as:

    1 = Initiations/Beginnings;
    2 = Cooperations/Nurturing;
    3 = Productions/Expansions;
    4 = Focus/Troubleshooting;
    5 = Respite/Playtime;
    6 = Intimacy/Resonance;
    7 = Analysis/Learning;
    8 = Empowerment/Harvesting;
    9 = Reflection/Closure.


    These keywords are suggestions, but you may find other interpretations that resonate more.


    [GeraldineB] And this would be for the birth number?


    [MEntity] These keywords, then would be used to describe where you may be in your exploration of the theme described by your Life Path number.


    [Maureen] would concurrents be a different Life Plan number -- or the same? Aren't they usually the same Theme?


    [GeraldineB] yea -- I'm on a theme with my concurrents -- Revelation


    [Maureen] would the numbers also describe your Life Plan number?


    [MEntity] In answer to Geraldine: Life Path Number = MM+DD+YYYY of birth; Cycle of Life Plans = MM+DD (of birth) + current year YYYY


    [GeraldineB] ok -- that clarified it


    [MEntity] In response to Maureen: Concurrents may share a Life Path Number, regardless of when each was born, as the math would be what matters, not the numbers, but where one is in the Cycle of Life Plans might be different.


    [Maureen] I can see that


    [MEntity] There is no consistency that we can see in terms of those being the same across concurrents, though.


    [Maureen] so the same "theme" would be expressed through the Life Path Number -- but the different experiences would be collected for Essence through different Cycles of Life (i.e. what number year you are in)?


    The keywords we used above are relative to the shorter cycles within the Life Plans, but are not fair to the greater arc of the actual Life Plan. So being in an 8 year has a different context than being in an 8 lifetime.


    Think of the year number as the Casting and the "Role" as the Life Plan/Path number.


    Troy, then, would be described as being in an 8-Cast Year for a 9 Lifetime. This is yet another crude way of explaining, but it works for now.


    [Maureen] OK


    [GeraldineB] I cannot validate that my "Life Plan" number of 5 (Respite/Playtime) resonates at all with how my life has gone


    [MEntity] We suggest that you look up "personal year number" vs "Life Path number" when exploring your numbers here.


    [Maureen] OK - Thanks


    Geraldine, that is our point.


    A 5 year is very different from a 5 lifetime.


    [GeraldineB] I'd have to look closely at the 2 (Current) -- it seems a lot softer than I am (but I've got to look at it in context of my now Personality)


    We will help each of you in this for now: Give to us your Life Path Number (based on your entire birth date) and your Personal Year Number (based on your month and day added to current year).


    We already described the numbers as part of the Cycles of Life Plans (based on current year), but we will now describe the Life Path Numbers (based on birth year):


    [Maureen] Life Plan Number: 6, Personal Year Number: 1


    [GeraldineB] lol -- ok there we go again -- Life Plan Number 5





    [Maureen] That is great Michael!


    [GeraldineB] that actually resonates


    Comparing these simplistic keywords between the Path Number and Year Number may help validate, but exploring each further in the context of Numerology can help expand upon that, then.


    Taking the numbers you offered: if Geraldine is in a 5 Lifetime, then the themes would be around Change/Flexibility and Expansion, but if she is in a 2 year, then it would mean that that greater theme is now being explored through having to work in Cooperation and using Nurturing.


    [GeraldineB] good, that makes sense for me


    This means that approximately every 9 years, the theme of 2 = Cooperation and Nurturing repeats itself in a new layer of the Life Path of Constant Change/Flexibility/Expansion.


    Maureen would be in a 1 cycle of new beginnings and initiations aimed at helping further explore her themes of Healing/Peace/Harmony.


    Keep in mind that we are referring to a completely different system from our own, but it works here in understanding this Cycle of Life Plans.


    [Maureen] that makes sense for me as well Michael


    We might more accurately describe these numbers, then, as Cycles of Fulfillment of Life Plans.


    Again, the only number relevant to the Cycles of Fulfillment of Life Plans is the "year number" based on the current year. The Life Plan number (based on birth year) is a part of a greater cycle we will describe in a moment.


    [GeraldineB] Is it possible to have a quick answer as to why someone like Holmes, the man who just killed 12 people and wounded 56 others would deviate so far from any of these descriptions?


    [GeraldineB] These would appear to be purely "positive pole"


    In response to the question regarding "negative" lifetimes, it would be correct to assess that these are more neutral, or aspiring, themes, but each can fall into negative states.


    A 5 Life Plan can bring great growth, expansion and flexibility for the individual, but can also fall into wreaking havoc, chaos, and suffering upon others.


    The craving for stimulation either attracts the constant change, or imposes it.


    We will not go into all of the negative states, as this is thoroughly covered in competent Numerology texts.

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