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  • The Nine Needs


    Posted by TROY on April 16, 2009


    I'm posting this here because the subject came up in a private session and I don't think I see this article already archived here, so I wanted to post it for reference. Enjoy!


    (concept originally presented through Jose Stevens)
    This article is heavily influenced by an article by Jose Stevens from his web site a long time ago. As I read it, the channeling came through and some of the terms I left, some were changed, some were paraphrased. This would be an article I feel is co-written with Michael, rather than channeled entirely from Michael. This was written/channeled, I think, in 1997.


    Early in a lifetime, most the time by the age of three, you will have selected your Primary 3 Needs that will shape your sense of fulfillment for the rest of that life. All experiences will be judged internally by the values of your particular Primary Needs. The more your Needs are fulfilled, the happier and smoother life seems to run. To the extent that they are ignored or challenged, there will also be a sense of lack and discontentment, frustration, and resentment. It is wise to remember that these Needs are SOLELY your responsibility to fulfill. In fact, they CANNOT be fulfilled by any other individual. To finally be able to name your Needs and see the effects of their fulfillment or lack thereof, will lend great freedom for the other areas of your life to unfold.

    In examining these Nine Needs, we would suggest creating three tiers, or categories, rating each as you read them as “Vital”, “Important”, and “Not Important”. Some of you will know right away, while others may have to spend some time to consider. In the end, it is the 3 Vital Needs that are to be regarded as most relevant to your daily behavior and sense of fulfillment.

    Sometimes it is necessary for Essence to forego a certain Need that is usually Primary (or Vital). For instance, a Primary Need of Adventure may be dampened if a person is jeopardizing their physical existence, or if that Need is seriously removing any input for the Need of Security. Even if Security is not normally a Primary Need, it is still a Need that requires attention to some degree. ALL Needs must be met, but they are met in order of importance to you as Personality. If you find a particular Need is drastically unfulfilled, evaluate what Need is being drastically highlighted in your life presently. Most likely an answer can be found in a Need you usually don’t find that important. As in the case with the dampening of Adventure, there may be a balance being sought through extra emphasis on Security for a while.

    It is helpful to know the Needs of your friends and loved ones since you may find what they have been striving for as experience is actually in direct opposition to your expectations of them and your own basic Needs. Being able to address these differences creatively can be immensely healing.

    We suggest each of person in a relationship list what kinds of events are personally fulfilling to each Primary Need and then inviting the other to participate. Those with obviously-opposing Needs will usually experience high intensity and lack of satisfaction, even resentment toward each other, if they unwittingly assume the other is to provide the fulfillment of those Needs. When you impose on another the requirement to fulfill your own Needs, difficulty and struggle will inevitably result.

    Notice each Need has 7 Degrees to fulfillment and a positive and negative pole. Your Needs will seek to be fulfilled even if it is sought destructively. Acknowledging where you usually rest in your sense of satisfaction can give you a reference for where you can consciously seek greater degrees realization.

    We remind you, there is nothing “wrong” in manifesting your Needs destructively, but to achieve the more expanded degrees seems to create the greatest ecstasy for Essence AND Personality.

    When you read about the Needs, you will notice that physical age and soul age will have a great deal of influence on the degree to which the individual accesses fulfillment for their Need. For instance, an Infant, whether physical or in soul age, will tend toward the 1st Degree of the Need for fulfillment. We will also add that the Infant through Mature Soul Ages tend to only reach the degree of their Need relative to the number, as in Baby Souls can usually only reach the 2nd Degree of fulfillment, while Mature Souls can reach the 4th Degree. Old Souls can usually reach any of the degrees, striving for any of the final three degrees (5-7). Physical age will still have a strong relevance to the degree, though, for any soul age.

    As we said before, evaluate your own Primary Needs, making a commitment to taking care of them, yourself, thus providing space for others in your life to fulfill their own.

    We will add here that any community, nation, or organization will find varying degrees of success to the extent that each Need has an avenue provided for the group to access for fulfillment. Seeing that all Nine Needs can be provided options for fulfillment for the group and easily accessed can strengthen any group of individuals or family, helping to create peace and empowerment.

    Here then are the Nine Needs:

    SECURITY: +Trust -Fear

    This person needs to KNOW they will be OK. They do not like to take risks; they love to be sure, and find fulfillment in planning, creating order, investigating options. For instance, they would not leave a job before having a steady and secure new position, maybe even overlapping the jobs briefly just to secure themselves.

    The Positive Pole results in a trust that your life in the hands of a higher part of you and that all will work out beneficially on some level. The Negative Pole would create an avoidance of all new experiences without total assurances, never acknowledging or exposing you to progressive, natural changes in the life.

    7 Degrees of Security: “security found in…”

    1. Blind Faith
    2. False Hope
    3. Tradition
    4. Theories
    5. Reliable Sources
    6. Experience and Intuition
    7. Tao (God, all-that-is)


    ADVENTURE: +Presence -Drama

    This is the Need for intense stimulation, adrenaline rushes, new experiences, risks. This person would be in a constant state of “Awake”.

    Positively, this would give a person a true sense of the Moment, being present in an experience completely. Negatively, this Need could be unhealthy creation of patterns just for intensity, drama only for the sake of stimulation, and drinking, driving, spending excessively.

    7 Degrees of Adventure: “adventure found in…”

    1. Destructive Drama
    2. Glamour/Addictions
    3. Sensory excitement (sex/drugs/entertainment/travel)
    4. Stimulation of Mind/Learning
    5. Inner Revelations
    6. Essence Contact
    7. Enlightenment/Total Presence


    FREEDOM: +Independence -Noncommittal

    This is the Need for unrestrained experience, mobility, and spontaneity. This is very different from Adventure, since this Need does not require stimulation, just lack of confinement.

    Positively, this Need would be experienced as a person truly free of cultural and environmental constraints, self-directed, and fluid. Negatively, this Need would lend a person to be unreliable, irresponsible, and/or avoiding true intimacy.

    7 Degrees of Freedom: “freedom found in…”

    1. Destructive Irresponsibility
    2. Aimlessness
    3. Physical Liberation
    4. Mental Liberation
    5. Emotional Liberation
    6. Choosing freely
    7. Realization of True Unlimited Potential (Peace)


    EXPANSION: +Prosperity -Cancer

    This is the Need to make things grow on all levels. This Need is always building on, adding on, and seeing the bigger picture or plan. This expansion can be seen in the work, the home, the business, the property, the family, etc., of the person with this Need. The growth is mostly tangible and evident on a physical level for all of these things.

    Positively, we can see true prosperity when there is satisfaction with each stage of growth pursued. Negatively, we find greediness, impatience, insatiability for the next stage.

    7 Degrees of Expansion: “expansion manifested in…”

    1. Physical Tumors/Cancerous Growth
    2. Random Accumulation
    3. Sprawling
    4. Idea Stretching
    5. Emotional Growth
    6. Transformations/Transmutations
    7. True Prosperity/Total Appreciation

    POWER: +Authority -Authoritarian

    This is the Need to have influence, exude confidence, invite responsibilities, and have final decisions. This person would love most to be in control. They may find themselves drawn to those in power positions.

    Positively, this Need can create a great teacher or a person who leads with the best interest of all involved. Negatively, this person is a tyrant, a dictator, and even abusive.

    7 Degrees of Power: “power manifested in…”

    1. Crushing Opposition
    2. Oppressing self/Others
    3. Controlling Self/Others
    4. Guiding Self/Others
    5. Consciously Choosing
    6. Building Spirit/Morale
    7. Personal Spiritual Power

    EXPRESSION: +Creativity -Lies

    This person has a Need to be seen, heard, felt, and acknowledged for their creative contributions, whether in dress, communication, or arts. This is inspiring to others since it may help them se what possibilities there are for their own expression.

    In the Positive Pole this Need would draw from creativity for the healthy benefit of self and others. Negative Pole aspects would be in the demanding of attention, monopolizing, being tasteless, shocking people without reason or quality.

    7 Levels of Expression: “Expression through…”

    1. Total Destruction
    2. Acting Destructively
    3. Infamy
    4. Work Projects
    5. Entertaining
    6. Art
    7. Renaissance

    ACCEPTANCE: +Openness -Manipulation

    This is the Need to be loved, nurtured, cared for, included, and obviously well received. We all want to be loved, but this is a person who requires symbols and expressions to gauge their position in other’s lives.

    The positive pole can bring openness and invitation to others and to self, while the negative pole can bring on dishonesty, manipulation, and ingratiation as a means to avoid rejection.

    7 Degrees of Acceptance: “Acceptance found in…”

    1. Ingratiation
    2. Pleasing Others
    3. Tolerance
    4. Conditional Love
    5. Causal Love
    6. Unconditional Love
    7. True Agape

    COMMUNITY: +sharing -indiscrimination

    This is the Need to be with people for whatever reason. This might be seen by creating a family, being tribal, being highly social.

    The positive pole would lead you to share space, feelings, and interests. The negative would bring indiscriminate contact just to avoid being alone, leading to shallowness and superficial social behavior.

    7 Degrees of Community: “Community experienced through…”

    1. Desperate Contact
    2. Intense Neediness
    3. Fraternizing
    4. Socializing
    5. Mutual Closeness
    6. Intimacy/Communion
    7. Unity

    EXCHANGE: +Wisdom -Gossip

    This person has a Need to exchange information, energy, goods, something considered of value when with people. There is greater satisfaction when interacting only if there is valuable, mutual exchange, otherwise contact seems pointless.

    In the positive pole there is greater knowledge, teaching, learning being shared. In the negative pole there tends to be slander, pointless gossip, and distortion of information shared.

    7 Degrees of Exchange: “exchange satisfied through…”

    1. Slander/War
    2. Gossip
    3. Idle Chatter
    4. Trade/Barter
    5. Mutual Profit
    6. Understanding
    7. Teaching/Learning

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