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    Task Companions Clarified


    This content from a private session in December 2014 was provided by Bobby.


    [Bobby] May I have the Role, Casting, Soul Age/Level, Cadre/Entity for R.L. please?


    [MEntity] This would appear to be the 7th Level Mature Scholar-Cast King from Cadre 2, Entity 4.


    [Bobby] Is this my King Task Companion? I wanted to ask specifically because over Thanksgiving last month, I had been re-reading the Messages From Michael books and it seems that more emphasis was placed upon Task Companions than I realized. It ranked right up there with one's Essence Twin. The difference being that the Task Companion was an outwardly reflecting relationship and the Essence Twin was an inwardly reflecting relationship. I know you've mentioned in recent channeling to others that there can be more than one Task Companion, and you've already given me King/Warrior/Scholar, but I'm basing this question upon whatever mathematical ties there may be to that one Essence, if it even exists as I understand it.


    The romanticized ideal of these specific relationships took some time to work through in our channels, so initial information came with some amount of that bias coloring these being "special." These unique relationships are unique in mathematical resonance, in being chosen by Essence as opposed to Personality, and in being secured across at least more than half of one's incarnation, if not 75% or more, but they do not trump any other relationship of significance. Once we were able to work through the biases of these biases, we were able to describe the Traveling Companions, for example, and to expand upon the concept of Traveling Companions.


    We would have been as comfortable with the use of Essence Twins for Traveling Companions if the channel who received this, first, had not come up with the phrase that now differentiates Traveling Companions from Essence Twins. One would simply have up to 6 Essence Twins.


    [Bobby] Do you have a more preferred terminology then to describe this sort of of relationship then?


    [MEntity] This is true of Task Companions, as well. There is only one in terms of the criteria for securing the Primary Task Companion, but a fragment can have up to 12. No phrase has been offered to differentiate the Primary from the rest, so the blurring between the Primary and the rest has remained persistent.


    [Bobby] Ok, so is this fragment then my Primary Task Companion or one of the up to 11 others?


    [MEntity] Those companions beyond the Task Companion could be referred to as World Companions, Project Companions, Touch-base Companions, Reality Check Companions, Awareness Companions. We could go on. If any of our channels asked us to begin sustaining a differentiation, we would choose a phrase. But because this would be "hair-splitting," we are not so concerned. A Task Companion is still a Task Companion.


    [Bobby] Then he is probably the Reality Check Companion then. lol


    [Bobby] So what role would my Primary Task Companion be then? And by Primary, I'm assuming that is the one that originates from the same Entity.


    [MEntity] Your Primary Task Companion is a Priest.


    [Bobby] Currently incarnate?


    No. We tend to relay to profiles those Task Companions of relevance to the current life. You have 11.


    Any Task Companion beyond the Primary may or may not be in one's own Entity. But the Primary will always be in the same Entity and ALL Task Companions will have a complementary Casting.


    [Bobby] Would you elaborate on the Task shared with this Primary then?


    [MEntity] There is no Task at the moment with the Primary. This is why the fragment is not involved in the life. Tasks are relative to any given life, and though there are themes that evolve, the Tasks are not necessarily intentional themes.


    [Bobby] So King-casting in my case?


    [MEntity] King-casting?


    [Bobby] My mistake, disregard that. I should have stated either Server, Artisan, or Warrior complementary casting for the Task Companions since my casting is Cardinal in Sage-casting. If that is not correct, feel free to correct it.


    Yes. We will clarify: Complementary in Polarities. So if one's Casting is Cardinal, the Task Companions will have Ordinal or Assimilative. Assimilative would have Cardinal or Ordinal. There are no same-Polarity Casting between Task Companions.


    You are correct.


    [Bobby] So then back to my original question then, R. L. is a secondary Task Companion then, correct?


    [MEntity] Oh. Yes.


    [Bobby] Ok, thank you.


    ### end of content

    You may comment on this session in Bobby's post. See Task Companions Clarified.


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