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  • Sages and Cording


    [Excerpt from Geraldine's Infant Soul Lifetimes]

    [GeraldineB] Since most of [a previous] Grand Cycle was spent without speech; how was being a Sage expressed?

    In response to your first question: we would not say "most of this grand cycle" was without speech, and we would also point out that organized and formulated speech in the modern context is not necessary for Expression.

    Before speech became formal or organized, there was Cording, which was a means of communication that was depended upon greatly by the species. Cording allows for entire concepts and feelings and images to be transferred between bodies.

    Cording is a kind of "elastic" thread of energy that attaches between bodies that interact.

    These are not magical, and can (eventually) be measured and quantified, but exist as literal frequencies that lock onto one another for various reasons.

    [GeraldineB] I've read the discussions and questions on Cording, but I'd never thought of it in terms of communication

    Because Sages tend toward more organized and formal communication, Sages tended to become ports for many to connect through.

    Sages could receive a muddled concept or idea or feeling, give it a clearer, cleaner form, and then transmit that to the receiver.

    [GeraldineB] Is this part of the purpose of 3 inputs -- especially early in the development of a sentient species?

    Sages were often the only reason a group survived when out gathering foods, as they could convey across a plain or hillside that danger was on the way.

    Yes, Geraldine, that would be valid.

    Artisans are more about giving personal form to expression, while Sages are more about translating expression into a form that can be received.

    So they became quite important "hubs" of communication for Cording.

    Yes, Cording is precisely for communication.

    Of course, being out of a body was not much different in terms of how this works as a form of communication, so acting as a Guide was just as meaningful.

    [GeraldineB] So, Guides can form a physical type of connection, similar to cording?

    We would call it a frequency, to keep from being too locked into an idea of "physical" as it is understood.

    It would be much like communicating to someone underwater, using a walkie talkie, if you will. There are many frequencies that can transcend the form taken by matter.

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