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  • Students banding together and traveling as a group?


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: March 2000]


    [Barry] Would you comment on the seeming sudden urge for your students here to effect major changes in their lives? We have become excited recently at the thought of banning together and traveling as a group.


    This is the Instinctive Center being explored within your Cadres. These are more memories than they are plans, though there are clues contained within the impulses that are important to each of you individually.


    This playful exploration appears to be allowing each of you to seriously support and “see” just what it IS that you would draw from as a talent or skill for contribution to a life you deem full of freedom.


    This can be applied without having to “leave your life behind” and pulling wagons, though some of you will do just that.


    [Barry] Is there a particular instance you can tell us where many of us may have traveled together and the circumstances?


    There are three circles overlapping within the dialogue we have seen so far. Some of you traveled in Italy in support of what might be considered a Circus, but more a “freak show.” Some of you are remembering traveling in Medieval times from one place to another as a means to survive as pagans being oppressed by the new religion. Some of you are remembering being left behind, choosing not to travel in these instances, but determining to create “power spots” or anchor points.


    Though there are three distinct circles, it appears you all have had plenty more lives than these mentioned wherein there was a need for traveling for prosperity and support. In this exploration on your discussion list, explore it as it applies to your life currently, not as a means to “escape it.” From there, if the insight still leads to making a change, it will be full of clarity.


    [Barry] Do you think a “viable” commune could be created out of the students here? It seems that human emotion and CF’s keep communes from being successful usually.


    [Michael_Entity] We have always encouraged our Students from the beginning to do so, that we believe a community would be beneficial and viable. The Internet has become that community to a great degree. If the implementation of the commune/community can be done with intention and not as a means to escape, it is valid and part of our own agenda as well. We do not, however, believe any of you are free enough from Chief Feature to live turbulence free, but your skills in maneuvering through Chief Feature’s games would benefit you greatly.

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