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    (From a private session, 2022)


    Q. Can you please provide some new information on C1E1?  For example, I understand that C1E1ers tend to show up with a sense of "purpose," for starters...


    M.E.:  CADRE ONE members are heavily influenced by Artisan/Warrior energies as they dominate the population of that entity. This tends to give Cadre One a perpetual state of creativity and persuasion, which can translate into high motivation, high purpose, high movement, and high energy. This can also translate into strident, combative, pushy, out of touch, distanced, and impatient.

    CORRECTION: Entity One


    A hallmark quality of nearly every fragment in Entity One in every life is a "get with it or get out of the way" tone that can be compassionately or combatively implemented in the life.


    This is because Entity One members, particularly of a Cadre One, are the ones responsible for clearing paths, laying groundwork, moving into territories of exploration and experience that are not often chosen. This adds a sense of focus and even urgency to the pattern of the life as there is likely some area that is simply and utterly their own to sort out and clear.

    "If it is worth doing, it is worth doing, yourself" might be a general concept that could describe Entity One members.


    These are general and overall themes and not all members in this life will relate to these themes because variety and choice are still relevant, but these general and more obvious themes may still be meaningful for validation purposes.

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