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    This material was originally posted by Geraldine on 12/8/13.


    FROM GERALDINE:  This is for you C1E2ers. I have been considering writing this up in a bigger essay, but it's remaining formless with shooting stars creating tangents. So, here's some of the basic data, and YOU all decide whether you are interested or not.


    The topic is Zhuangzi, one of the two preeminent founders of Daoism (Taoism). The interesting this is "most C1E2s were present writing the documents." We know about Martha, Troy, and BrianW, but apparently, it was most of the incarnating Entity.


    I would recommend starting with this 45 min. lecture of Zhuangzi from a Harvard Professor of Chinese studies. He does a good job making the philosophical concepts alive. Additionally, he makes it very clear how Zen Buddhism is derivative of Zhuangzi thinking.


    The Michael Q&As:


    MARTHA:  What is my history with Troy?


    FROM MICHAEL:  Your history with the Essence now known as Troy consists of approximately 47 lifetimes, with all Classic Monads completed, leaving only the Love Monad, which is intended to be completed in lives beyond this one.


    The most-resonant past life relative to these Personalities appears to come from the last time you came together for study,which appears to have been approximately 350 BCE when many of your entity members gathered to contribute to the book now known as "Zhuangzi."


    Reading the scripts of this may find comical and familiar philosophical loops, questions, and paradox. In the same way the much playful, yet serious, joy is being brought to study in this life, so was it shared in the contributions left in the scripts of the Zhuangzi.


    FROM TROY:  I am so intrigued by this book thing that I asked Michael for another comment and they said that our contributions are in the "middle chapters" and that with some intuition we might be able to figure out which chapters are ours! They said we were "whooping it up" during the writing for this book, and that it could be likened to the circles that ran together during the more recent "beatnik" period. They said our chapters would have references to familiar Michael terminology because we tried to slip that in as part of our work with Michael. D'oh!


    LOL we were Chinese Beatnik Michael Channel Philosophers!?


    BrianW:  The period in China was with Zhuangzi In a previous exchange, it was mentioned that my Essence "loved" my lives in China. I am guessing based upon the timeline that you gave me with my interactions with you that I lived during the time of the fragment known as Zhaungzi. Could you elaborate on this and any other details of lives that I spent in China, as I seem to have more than a passing interesting in it lately?


    MEntity:  In response to your first question: it is true that your Essence incarnated along with many of our students, not only during the time of the fragment in question, Zhuangzi, but in later lifetimes, contributing to the protection, propagation, and contributions to a relevant book.


    These were lifetimes where the Attitude of Skepticism was in full force by most involved, and the results were quite profound in terms of exploring the spectrum of that philosophy, with much of it being from the Positive Poles.


    Several of our students, including your Essence, contributed to what are known as the "outer" and "mixed" chapters of the Magnetic Sage, Zhuangzi's, book and teaching of the same name.


    Your resonance is valid, in that your Pragmatism slides to Skepticism on a regular basis, but falls into Suspicion, which keeps Pragmatism as Dogma. Some recall from those lifetimes where Skepticism was an hilarious and playful exploration of life is now coming up.


    There were a few lifetimes unrelated to the work of the Magnetic Sage, but even those were more like "in the field" lifetimes that sought to apply the Sage's teaching.




    A good link for some Zhuangzi stories.


    It's not hard to see Michael shining through when it comes to relativism and perspective defining one's truth. If y'all want more, you know how to do web searching.



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