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  • C1E3 Design (January 2020, Part 1)


    Excerpt from private session posted on January 15, 2020


    Note: Content has been rearranged so that Michael's responses follow each question. 


    Petra: 1. How many fragments make up C1E3, which Roles, and the numbers of each of them?


    MEntity: Hello to you, Petra. We are here, now. We can begin. We see your questions and will respond in order.


    In response to ONE - 1072 Fragments, 560 Artisans, 17 Servers, 13 Priests, 391 Scholars, 95 Sages.


    2. How many are cycled off, discarnate, incarnate?


    MEntity: In response to TWO - 400 fragments currently Cycled Off and 503 incarnated at the moment.


    3. How many Positions are there per side (Truth, Love, Energy)?


    MEntity: In response to THREE - Though the concept of "sides" is not accurate, we honor this limited model as a starting point for understanding the dynamics of an Entity structure. With that being understood, we will say that the dynamic is 364, 357, and 364 making 1085 Positions.


    4. Per Row/Block, what are the Roles of each Side?


    MEntity: In response to FOUR - using the current model of the entity, we would say that the mapping is as follows: 364 Artisans, 77 Artisans, 17 Servers, 259 Scholars (4 of which are Wild Cards), 84 Scholars, 95 Sages, 13 Priests (3 of which are Wild Cards), 48 Scholars (1 of which is a Wild Card), and 119 Artisans.


    5. How many Wildcards and there Roles, where are the Wildcards, which Positions do they cover and which are empty?


    MEntity: In response to FIVE - There are 4 Wild Card Scholars who cover the Positions of Servers, 3 Priests who cover Sage Positions, 1 Scholar covering a Priest Position, 1 Artisan covering a Scholar Position.


    6. What is the youngest Soul Age/Level in C1E3, and how many are Old/Level 7?


    MEntity: In response to SIX - The youngest Soul Age in this Entity is 3rd Level Young. There are 198 7th Level Old Souls at the moment.


    7. What is the average number of Grand Cycles of the fragments that make up C1E3?


    MEntity: In response to SEVEN - The average number of Grand Cycles for this Entity stands at 9.


    8. Could you elaborate on how C1E3 is manifesting itself, and what is it teaching?


    MEntity: In response to EIGHT - More about Entity 3 is that members tend to take the ordinary and shift it into something extraordinary. Members of Entity 3 tend to either distance themselves from others as a way to focus on this exploration of the ordinary turned extraordinary, or they gravitate toward others as a way to help create space for them to experience the ordinary as extraordinary.


    Petra: Are you sure there are no Warriors in our Entity, Troy channeled harryh from TLE as a Warrior from our Entity?


    MEntity: Responding to the question of Warriors in Entity Three, the channeling either has the individual in question as part of a different Cadre, same Entity number or the Entity number is incorrect. If this fragment questions the Role, it may be that the Role is inaccurate. We would have to revisit the individual in question to refine our response to this question.


    Petra: Michael when I add up the Roles I get 1076 Fragments instead of 1072 mentioned?


    MEntity: Your math is correct.


    Petra: We are 1076 in C1E3, yes?


    MEntity: Correct.


    ### End of excerpt


    This content may be discussed in the original post of this session. See Renewed C1E3 Design Part 1

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