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  • C1E3 Oversoul Name


    This was originally posted by MikeClev on 10/21/15.


    Could you please find and describe the Oversoul name for C1E3. Could you describe where the name comes from, what it means to the entity. 



    The Oversoul of this Entity has come to be FINGAL, or FINN, and refers to a recent Scholar's lifetime from a fairly recent 18th Century in which many fragments from the Entity helped that Scholar to bring to publication many of their stories from across lifetimes.


    These are known as Ossian, and if members of Entity 3 read the works, there may be memories there.


    This was an experimental lifetime that was quite exciting to consider for an Entity to collaborate in its stories carried forward through word of mouth and eventually collected in one place.


    It is considered one of the more magical and fun experiences that this Entity has had as a cohesive consciousness before any necessity for that cohesion.

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