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  • Renewed C1E3 Design (January 2020, Part 2)


    Excerpt from material received in a private session on January 20, 2020.


    Please copy, add to, or correct the following:


    364 Artisans are making up the Truth Side of C1E3, no Wildcard there, Raw Numbers and Position Numbers are the same, no other Roles involved?


    Love Side, 77 Artisans, 17 Servers, 259 Scholars (4 of which are Wild Cards), in which Block/Row(s) are the 4 Wild Card Scholars, who are covering the Positions of Servers, which Position Numbers do they have and what are the Position Numbers of the empty spots?


    Energy/Beauty Side, 84 Scholars, 95 Sages, 13 Priests (3 of which are Wild Cards), 48 Scholars (1 of which is a Wild Card), 119 Artisans (1 of which is a Wild Card), in which Block/Row(s) are the 3 Priest WC, who cover Sage Positions, there Position Number and the Number of the empty Positions, the 1 Scholar covering a Priest Position, the Position [question was cut off here]



    364 Artisans on "Truth Side" with no Wild Cards. Raw Numbers and Positions remain the same. No other Roles involved.


    CORRECTION: 364 Positions on the "Love Side" (360 fragments) with 77 Artisans, 17 Servers with final 4 Casting Positions of Scholar, Sage, Priest, and King as Wild Card Positions filled by the first 4 Scholars of the next 259 Scholars, and then a single Cadence of Warriors. ...


    364 Positions on the "Energy Side" with 359 Fragments made up of 84 Scholars, 95 Sages (with the final Casting Positions of Sage, Priest, and King played by the first 3 Priests of the set of 13 Priests with the final King Casting covered by the first Scholar of the following set of 48 Scholars with the final King Casting Position covered by the first Artisan of the following set of 119 Artisans.


    ### end of excerpt


    This content may be discussed within Petra's original session post: C1E3 Part 2 Session

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