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    This material was originally from a POF on April 6, 2011: 


    Maureen:  Would you please give me a description or theme for Cadre 1 Entity 5 ?


    MEntity:  Cadre 1, Entity 5 could be said to be the Pivotal/Facilitators of the Cadre, being "in the right place at the right time" as a means to help another to pivot in life in some way. Every Entity 5 is themed in Expansion vs Adventure, and in this case, this Entity is scattered across the planet, constantly moving, with not too many fragments from that entity getting too close together.


    This is because this particular Entity has chosen to be the fragments who will be even in the most remote places of the planet so that wherever another Cadre Mate might go, at least one "familiar" face would be near and accessible.


    If a fragment from this entity is rather stationary, then it might be that he or she acts as a base for many fragments who come and go from the life, and if stationary, then that fragment can tend toward fantastic imagination as a means to "travel."


    In some way these fragments are always moving, scattering, active, and highly alert/sensitive.


    Maureen:  So not exactly Teddy Bears then?


    Martha:  ha ha ha


    MEntity:  They can tend to "recognize" another long before that other recognizes them.


    The "teddy bear" nickname came from the fact that because these fragments act as a touchstone, or base, for so many in the Cadre, being with them can "feel like home," and this is quite comforting.


    Ironically, these fragments can sometimes "get sick of it" and be the most off-putting of all fragments in the Cadre.


    There is almost always an extreme in their effect on others, or the responses to them.

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