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  • Cadre 1, Entity 5


    [Excerpt from TT: 2004-07-26]


    5th entity


    [Troy] Kerrin, here is some more VERY general info about your Entity 5:


    Cadre 1, Entity 5 is a fairly large Entity of about 1400+ fragments (entity 4 is the one that has less than 1000 fragments), and nearly 600 of Entity 5 is cycled off and with about 800 being incarnated at present. Most of the entity is made up of Scholars, Artisans, and Priests who teach, act, entertain, or travel as part of their living.


    Michael has said that Entity 5 is scattered around the globe on 6 continents. North America has about 150 members of Cadre One, Entity Five, and Michael says that the North Eastern United States has about 25-30 of them. Entity 5 members do tend toward more metropolitan hubs, such as Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Buffalo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc., where other fragments may eventually pass through, or feel overwhelmed by population. An Entity 5 member may be that courteous someone with the exact directions or suggestion needed to make your day while visiting the big city!


    New York City area has about 15 members who would be considered residents as of last count, none of which are completely stationary, meaning they either move or travel a lot.


    Supposedly the point of all the traveling and being scattered is so every Entity member of that particular Cadre can go anywhere in the world and find at least one familiar Essence. Michael says that the 5th entity of any Cadre usually acts in this fashion. In fact, because of that, a lot of 5th Entity members tend to find physical plane companionship on a long-term basis with members of other 5th Entities from other Cadres.


    The telepathic bonding among 5th Entity members is not obvious, and it’s not more pronounced than any other Entity, but it does act as a navigational signal for the entire Cadre so that any fragment could find that 5th Entity member who is geographically closest, which could also be used BY a 5th Entity member to find another 5th Entity member.


    Let’s see if we can find a few, Kerrin!

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