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    From a private session posted by NickF on 12/16/14.


    Cadre 1, Entity 6 is comprised of 1071 fragments. At the current date there are 696 still in cycle, and 451 of these are currently extant.

    This entity is comprised of 343 Kings, 21 Priests, 371 Scholars, 189 Artisans, 70 Sages, 49 Servers, and 28 Warriors.

    There are no Wild Cards in this Entity.

    This Entity is often referred to as "The Integrator" Entity, as members from this Entity tend to be in positions of pivoting and facilitating others, being the common denominator among those with differences, and often drawing various people together for any number of reasons.

    The themes among this entity's members tend to be either in terms of being an anchor for others, being a touchstone for others, a kind of comforting source in the life that remains in effect, even if distance comes to be involved.

    Or, these members "avoid" people to a high degree in those lifetimes where this theme is not of interest. 


    Members cannot constantly be available in this way without touching base with themselves, as well.

    Eleanor Roosevelt is a well-known member of this Entity, as well as Ralph Nader and Leonard Nimoy.


    The medium known as John Edward, is as well.


    There are more, of course, but these are "samples."


    ### end of excerpt


    This content may be discussed in Nick's blog entry about this session. See Synopsis of C1E6.

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