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    This was originally posted by Troy. 


    April 23, 2003


    I found it! Please DO NOT use this as an ultimate reference! I am very serious about that. I have always reserved sharing this because I am not comfortable with the information, but I consider it a start.


    The only way I would consider this to be a completed map of Cadre One, is if I had the ability to cross-reference with several key channels, whom I personally respect as valid channels of Michael. Until then, this is a piece of the puzzle.


    If anyone has any information to add to this for the sake of cross-referencing and evolving, it would be greatly appreciated. The information below was channeled about 2 years ago, I think, so the numbers of Cycled Off and Incarnated, may be different now. TT




    Entity 1:

    1421 Fragments/328 Cycled off (at present date, 914 incarnated)

    490 Artisans/490 Warriors/49 Kings/98 Sages/98 Scholars/98 Artisans/98 Warriors/49 Servers/49 Priests

    (no wild cards)


    Entity 2:

    1275 Fragments/176 Cycled off (at present date, 815 incarnated)

    392 Sages/343 Artisans/7 Servers/49 Scholars/15 Warriors/21 Priests/98 Artisans/98 Kings/49 Sages/49 Artisans/98 Priests/56 Sages

    (6 Wild Card Priests)


    Entity 3:

    1072 Fragments/397 Cycled off (at present date, 421 incarnated)

    441 Artisans/17 Servers/343 Scholars/95 Sages/13 Priests/48 Scholars/119 Artisans

    (5 Wild Card Scholars, 3 Wild Card Priests, 1 Wild Card Artisan)


    Entity 4:

    980 Fragments/831 Cycled off (at present date, 112 incarnated)

    49 Kings/98 Servers/245 Artisans/245 Priests/98 Scholars/49 Sages/98 Priests/98 Artisans

    (no wild cards)


    Entity 5:

    1421 Fragments/557 Cycled off (at present date, 863 incarnated)

    343 Scholars/343 Artisans/98 Warriors/343 Priests/98 Kings/98 Servers/98 Sages

    (no wild cards)


    Entity 6:

    1074 Fragments/372 Cycled off (at present date, 433 incarnated)

    343 Kings/21 Priests/369 Scholars/196 Artisans/70 Sages/49 Servers/28 Warriors

    (no wild cards)


    Entity 7:

    1177 Fragments/742 Cycled off (at present date, 435 incarnated)

    343 Priests/49 Sages/343 Servers/98 Scholars/98 Servers/14 Kings/98 Artisans/21 Warriors/47 Sages/17 Artisans/49 Priests

    (2 Wild Card Artisans, 4 Wild Card Priests)

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