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  • Cadre 2 Entity 1 Role Count


    [Excerpt from a private session on 1/27/2020]


    Could I get the count of each role in C2E1, which roles are on each "side", and if there are any wildcards?


    This is the info we have so far: "Cadre 2, Entity 1 appears to have 1322 fragments, with 211 cycled off, and 811 incarnated at this time. This Entity is comprised of Kings, Artisans, and Sages."


    We know that there are quite a few Warriors and Scholars that have been channeled for C2E1 as well, so it's not limited to the above roles.


    Though the numbers set here may shift in future exchanges where clarity of channeling is improved and clarity of structure and understanding are improved, we can deliver this at the moment: 


    1323 Fragments with 441 fragments and positions on each "side," at 343 Kings/98 Scholars, 343 Sages/98 Artisans, 343 Warriors/98 Priests. No Wild Card.


    ### end of excerpt


    You may discuss this content in its original forum post. See C2E1 Role Count.


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