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    This material was obtained by Nan in a private session with Troy on December 3, 2015.


    Nan: I seem to find this Entity (C2/E2) is comprised of multiple Essence Roles? Can you enumerate the Roles in Cadre 2, Entity 2, and the number of fragments of each of these roles?



    Your Entity is comprised of 1029 fragments. It is one of the "perfect" entities that complies to the default structure of an entity.


    There are Sages, Scholars, Priests, and Artisans comprising this entity.


    There are no "wild cards."


    There are 343 Sages, 343 Scholars, 196 Priests, and 147 Artisans. Currently 87 are Cycled off from your Entity, and 918 are incarnated.


    ### end of extract


    Please note there is conflicting info on the makeup of this Entity. A search for other content is suggested.


    You may discuss this content in the forum topic of the same name: Cadre 2 Entity 2.


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