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    [Excerpt from Membership Gratitude Event -- June 2016]


    [Question] What Is the Task of Entity 2 in Cadre 2?


    This particular Entity is themed with Tasks that tend to fulfill a collective Task of "Chameleonism." This is an art that is all about learning through reflecting other people, by mirroring them, behaving similarly to them, "fitting in" and then allowing that to reveal strengths, weaknesses, and surprises, both shared and different between you. 


    Many from this Entity will find Personalities who are very different "inside" than the polished version that the world sees. 


    This Chameleonism can be challenging and is not without its confusions because sometimes the chameleonism can become so immersive that the individual may "forget" who she is or where she ends and another begins. 


    It could be said that all of Cadre 2 tends to struggle with this challenge, regardless of Entity, but Entity 2 does the work of collecting resources and healing for the rest of the Cadre when a fragment does get so lost. 


    Many from Cadre Two are subconsciously "experts" at adapting and immersing themselves into the mirroring of others, but there comes a day for every Cadre 2 member when he or she is "done" with this and it can be quite traumatizing to suddenly ONLY be "yourself." 


    Entity 2 is who the other Entity members turn to for when that happens. 


    To see this happening on a more elaborate and public scale, the Warrior known as Hillary Clinton is now in that shift from mirroring to now using what has been learned from that mirroring. 


    Many of her issues that plague her are from that mirroring process, this process of being more like others as a means to learn better how to be yourself, and this is painfully familiar to Entity 2. 


    So the Task is the Chameleonism, and then this not only helps others to learn how to adapt and function in contexts that are well outside of their natural comfort zone, but it helps those who are suddenly left with only themselves and their singular context. 

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