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    From material available on this site the following structure is currently being used:


    C2 E6 

    1119 fragments / 209 cycled off (708 incarnated and 202 between lives)

    378 positions on each side


    This entity has all Artisans on side 1, all Priests on side 2, and a combination of Scholars and Warriors on side 3:

    Side 1: 373 Artisans, with 5 empty positions managed by Priest Wild Cards  

    Side 2: 373 Priests, with 5 empty positions managed by Scholar Wild Cards

    Side 3: 373 Scholars + Warriors, with 2 empty Scholar positions managed by Warrior Wild Cards, and 3 empty Warrior positions managed by Artisan Wild Cards


    (3 Wild Card Artisans, 5 Wild Card Priests, 2 Wild Card Warriors, 5 Wild Card Scholars = 15 Wild Cards total, with all but the Warrior Wild Cards managing empty positions at the end of the sides )


    The first three Artisans on side 1 are Wild Cards for the Warrior positions at the end of C2E6. 


    Scholars and Warriors alternate on side 3, with Scholar positions 874 and 875 empty.


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