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  • Janet

    This was originally posted by Geraldine on 10/13/11


    Here's some channeling I collected back in 2007:


    Your Cadre is of the "Knowledge" position within the 12 Cadres of your Energy Ring. This lends a theme to each fragment from Cadre 2 to have a bent toward a search, experience, integration, and expression of KNOWING. We will define "knowing" here as completing experiences that bring with it comprehension. Most from Cadre 2 do not approach experiences "half-heartedly" or piecemeal, so to speak, but dive in for the full run. This brings to your Energy Ring the support of endurance and perseverance that is then shared physically, emotionally, energetically among the rest of the Cadres in various ways. Cadre 2 brings with it a great amount of presence to the paradigm of politics in your world at this time, offering Mature perspectives that help bring a holistic shift of perception to all Soul Ages extant.


    There is often a dichotomy involved with those from Cadre 2 in that there is a clear sense of personal truth, but often this conflicts with truths around that fragment, and many from the Cadre carry with them the process of resolving this Self-Karma. This process often leads one through phases of lying (to others and to the self) or upholding presentations of the self vs revealing the self, until there is comprehension of the safety in honesty and sincerity.


    Many from Cadre 2 elect themselves to positions as resources for others in the world, often finding great satisfaction from others taking up that invitation, but often forgetting to be a resource for themselves. This is also resolved over lifetimes, but we have seen this as a recurring theme that requires "remembering" even within each lifetime. [Nodding my head here, too......]


    In other words, many from Cadre 2 forget about maintaining the "infrastructure" of themselves and their relationship to themselves while in the process of providing themselves to others as resources.


    Most from this Cadre go through a revelation during a lifetime wherein facades are stripped away and truths accepted as a means to become stronger internally. Many from this Cadre keep the rewards of facades intact until the late Mature and Early Old stages of the soul.


    However, we do not wish to imply that these facades are a "bad thing," because these are often reliable tools for people in positions of politics and provision.


    We can continue with various facts about Cadre 2, but this can go on indefinitely. We remind you that we speak of generalities and we speak of processes that last over many lifetimes so that you, as personality within this lifetime, may or may not resonate completely with what we have described.


    We will add that it could be said that those from Cadre 2 are those who keep the questions flowing [hmm, what cadre is Xenobia in?? just kidding...] so that answers may be found, acting as facilitators of insight for other fragments, either by providing the insight, or igniting that insight from within the other fragment.



    Note from Geraldine: I also asked questions about Cadre 2 last Sunday [back in Nov 2007] during the two different chats -- the first is through Troy Tolley and the second through Shepherd Hoodwin:


    [Geraldine] : What is Cadre 2 known to specialize in?



    Cadre Two seems to have a theme of emphasis of specialty in Color and Light. We refer to this collective consciousness as Polymous.


    We remind all here that the "names" we share here are translations from a less-verbal means by which we actually refer to your Cadres. We also remind you that the themes we describe broad and are taking into account a grand collection of experience that can be reduced to a theme, but those themes are full of sub-themes, and not all lifetimes will recognize that grander theme.




    Hello, Shepherd and Michael. My full name is Geraldine B. Earlier today Troy channeled that Cadre 2 is known as the Polymous Cadre and specializes in color and light. It certainly resonated with me as color proved to be my artistic talent when I took up quilting and moved into modern free form "stained glass" type of work.


    My question is: Would utilizing light and/or color likely aid Cadre 2 members in developing skills for meditation, channeling, reaching higher self, etc? I'm thinking of those fiber optic lamps, or freeform painting, or even focusing on brightly colored mandalas.


    Michael: Yes, especially mandalas. Organized color, with clear form, is more effective in this regard. Chaotic color can be useful for stimulating imagination. It can also be ungrounding for you.


    Additional comments from Geraldine:


    I will add a comment to the above-posted comment. Part of the channeling was done for Laurel B, an EM of mine and then was posted on "Wisdom Wings," a Yahoo Group; so, it reads "oddly." At this point, I do NOT remember who channeled it. I had gathered it together and sent it off to a different EM in an email back in Nov 2007, which is why I even have it. This is one of those unfortunate things that have happened regularly over the years throughout the "Michael Community." Stuff gets channeled and passed along, frequently without proper notation or attributes. Back then I was a n00b and thought ALL Michael channeling was equal.


    The color was especially validating for me at the time, and still is. I took up quilting in 1991, and within a year, I had obsessed on it, veered away from traditional blocks and patterns, and had moved well off "mainstream quilting" into very modern work where the entire quilt-top was the design, rather than repeating blocks. I was heavily into color and it wasn't uncommon for many of my quilts to consist of not only 100 or more fabrics, but the entire color spectrum. Part of my work included using techniques such as "adjacent color effect," which creates colors in the recipient's eyes that aren't really there -- an effect of blending that happens in the mind. By 1997 I had won awards, been accepted into some of the most prestigious juried Fine Arts/Crafts fairs, and shown in Quilt Shows where I won ribbons -- and burned out. But for a brief shining moment, I was a color specialist in that world.

    Edited by Janet

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    • Janet
      By Janet
      February 17, 2000
      Troy Tolley, Channel (referred to as Otterly in the transcript)
      Open Floor
      Yes, we are here. One moment.
      Tonight, we have an “open floor” and you will take part in shaping the topic terrain. You may begin asking questions in the format set for this forum. We are ready.
      [Nemo999] If I was to materialize on your plane what would it look like to me?
      [Michael_Entity] This is a difficult scenario to translate. There are no needs for physical eyes in the Causal Plane, therefore, as a human this “place” may still remain “invisible”. The closest scenario we can come to transferring the experience of the Causal to you is more in terms of your Intellectual “a-ha’s!”… the space where everything suddenly makes sense and is connected clearly.
      [nemo999] To me dreams are unclear and very hazy–what I picture as your plane of existence.
      The Plane itself encompasses the Astral and the Physical, with the Astral and Physical simply being more condensed versions of the same energy. It would not be impossible then for you to experience Causality while Physical, but with a tremendous drop in frequency and in circles of realization.
      To describe it in Physical terms is not possible. It is intellectually based and therefore, as we said, those moments of clarity and insight become foundations and structures “here”.
      Take a moment one day and make a note of every person you pass; note that their life is filled, has its path and it crossed yours, briefly or deeply. Follow the thoughts that lead from each person and how they must move into spaces that you will never see, filling other lives as well, crossing other paths in brevity or depth. Continue this throughout your day in as solid a way as possible, retaining a count of each person and a brief inner comment on their reality. If you are able to do this for a full 24 hours and grasp the magnitude of your contact, crossings, connections, etc. You will have a moment where you have grasped a reflection of Causality.
      [nemo999] My picture is of dots of light, sort of a probability cloud of them.
      [Michael_Entity] A cloudy image will not suffice as a reflection; there would need to be comprehension. This is why it is a goal while Physical to BE Physical, not Causal. We note to you that you will have “plenty of time” to enjoy the Causal when you “get here”. We will still be “here” when you get here, in fact.
      [MaryBV] For the past couple of weeks, a small group of people have been working with Terri with Motherwave breathing exercises. It appears I have an energy block in my knees. Could Michael tell me what sorts of reasons energy can become bottled up in the body? What sorts of things might we do to keep our energy flowing unimpeded through the body?
      We would not be able to comment on reasons for energy “blockages” with any meaning unless specifically about a person; the reasons are highly subjective. We can, however, say that on a larger scale this symbolizes where your FOCUS or LACK of focus is.
      The body is symbolic on a larger scale too, and the location has meaning. You would first determine whether this “blockage” is sensed as having “edges” or if it seems “muffled” and heavy. If it seems sharp or edged, this is an indication of having a seriously distracting FOCUS in that particular area of the life. If the energy seems muffled or cloudy and heavy, this is a serious LACK of attention in that area of the life.
      The KNEES are an area of the body where an individual deals with the false personality and Chief Feature. In examining this combined symbology, you may find you are either RESISTING looking at an area of the life being run by CF or currently in battle with the area of life run by CF. There are, of course, many other ways of perceiving the meaning of energy when sensed from an inner place, but this is our basic response.
      Do you have a further question about this? We will respond.
      [MaryBV] Is it usually this life that causes the energy to become bottled up, or does past life play a part? How does one know?
      [Michael_Entity] That is a subtle difference. We suggest that if it is coming up, it is certainly relevant within the present life somehow, regardless of past life associations. Each life has its own set of tools and parameters, even if some of its impetus and motivation stem from the “past”. It is always most meaningful to search your present first. The “past” may make more sense of its intensity or history, broadening the contexts, but only THIS life will find its solution.
      [mamajo] A while back in public chat, you said that to connect with the energy of our entity, we should try to visualize a “Michael central” in a type of meeting house. When I did this, I connected directly with your channel Otterly (who is an entity mate of mine), could you re-define the process for me, perhaps I was doing it wrong.
      [Michael_Entity] Are you speaking of connecting with your own entity, or us?
      [mamajo] Well, the context I understood it to be was my own entity, which would allow sharing and learning to take place. I’m not referring to channeling per-se, just connecting to the energy stream to aid in learning. I think I understood it to be analogous to astral school to be.
      [Michael_Entity] In either case, you were not “doing it wrong”. In fact, what you have energetically and symbolically deemed Otterly IS a “type of meeting house”. You can be more specific in your design, changing this to a literal visual house, or allow your inner picture to be what is more easily recognizable as a resource. By connecting to “Otterly”, this symbol can act as a very meaningful conduit, in this case for your own Entity OR in connection with us (since Otterly is connected to both). If you are distracted by your symbol of the “meeting house”, it is up to you to simply change that symbol. Otherwise, it is valid.
      [mamajo] Ok, so I didn’t do it wrong then, I thought I had done a “bad thing” there impinging on a “person's energy place”.
      [Michael_Entity] That is not a possibility. When you “call” on someone, even if specifically, the aspect you call to you, the energy that makes that up, is but an extension of the energy, specifically for you. It has no bearing on the core source and its experience of itself. This is why it is possible to dream of someone intimately without that dream being “shared” or remembered together and how you can “meet” Astrally without both having to be asleep.
      [Peepo] Why is the period of history we are living in like that of Caesar Augustus?
      There are many parallels to that time frame, from the dynamics of Government to the culture, from the distribution of wealth, to the methods of taxes and welfare.
      That is a large topic and one with which we can delve into as a specific when the forum is focused entirely on the topic. We will say that the disruption of your leaders in the U.S. is the most important parallel having to be dealt with. The crux of this disruption has not come full circle yet.
      We will also note that this channel is not one of our best historians, therefore we are limited here.
      The parallels in culture are in the celebrations of art and creativity, freedom of expression, and an emphasis on peace. It is also in the development of care for all, not just the wealthy, including free basics in terms of shelter and food and clothing. These things are progressively becoming accessible in the U.S.
      We do have much more to say on the topic. We will continue at another time.
      [Deb] Will Michael explain the difference between want and need?
      We find the differences between WANT and NEED to be profound: WANT is anything you are choosing consciously to ADD to your life, while NEED is anything you seek to FILL or SUSTAIN your life. There are certain areas of your life that are defaulted “pockets” seeking to be filled; these are NEEDS (food, shelter,…) There are certain areas of your life where a foundation is built and additions are sought (such as more relationships, more money, more or anything…), and that seeking is a WANT.
      There are always NEEDS and WANTS in a life and both add to the sense of searching in a life. NEEDS will always seek to be fulfilled first, at any cost. If they are not met, WANTS then become “dreams” unfulfilled or desperation, longings.
      [HectorO-C] I wanted to know if an update on the manifestation of the Infinite Soul was possible.
      Since the beginning of this year, we have seen a tremendous drop in activity around preparations for a manifestation. The Infinite Soul will only manifest in a parallel or time frame when the Sentience is lacking direction and seeks assistance. A “surprising” factor in the last Nexus is in the detailed filtering of reality options that were leading toward more disintegration. This has created a lull in assessment, a pause, to see what humans will create over this year. It appears your species seeks more integration “on your own” than you might have anticipated.
      The novelty of having a manifestation may be exciting, but the indication that your species and the planet are transiting in Soul Age with little incidence is equally exhilarating to the soul.
      This can be likened to a teenager whose “father” threatens to pull over to make a point, but then the teenager making its own efforts to grow and communicate.
      So our update as far as we can see is a holding pattern. We will comment as this unfolds.
      [Barry] I am asking as proxy for another…. I am concerned with the future generations to come of our young. I believe that many are on the way to faster enlightenment, but still many are having a hard time. How could we as parents and adults help? I have a few ideas but perhaps you might validate or advise something?
      Each generation of youth, as they mature and reach adulthood, has the same reaction to seeing the following generations of youth. What we would suggest is trusting in their processes. Those before you feared for you and you “survived”. This will not change for the next generation after you. This is more about your maturing than anything else; it is natural and part of your own growth.
      There is no “faster enlightenment” available now than there was before. We are unclear as to what you refer. The most any parent or adult can do is BE adults and parents, not seek to be saviors or heroes. Realizing your knowing more about the world and your place in it has made you no more or less “safe” will free you to shine as examples of trust, rather than teaching fear and false needs for protection and guidance. By assuming the children are in some form of vague danger in the world, this will be what is taught in your actions, if reaching out with that in your hands.
      Instead, seek the details of each child’s hopes, dreams, and levels of creativity and trust them, allow them to run with it. Provide as much childhood as possible, full of fun and activity and expression. Many of you interfere with a child’s natural development of confidence and competence by seeking to undermine them with good intentions. A child is as intelligent in its desires as you are.
      The greatest thing you can do collectively as adults is rally for changes in the educational systems. This is one of our own agendas and we are working with many in the system to change this. It is one of our intentions to redesign the contexts for education.
      This then is the only real tangible action that can be taken in terms of “generations”. If it is not your “calling”, then your only tangible action can be in creating a sanctuary for your children, creating lines of freedom for their expression, acting as examples of trust in life.
      In truth, each generation continues to “have it better” than the last. This has been the case for some time. We would not be here otherwise, ourselves. There must be an element of prosperity and peace in the environment for us to work with a channel and speak to masses. Otherwise, all are tending to Needs.
      [MaryBV] I am under the impression that a person’s aura fluctuates and changes quite a bit. Do the roles in essence have certain signature colors? Does your frequency have any determination in the color of the aura?
      Yes, you are correct. Each Role can be said to resonate with the colors commonly attributed to the Chakras. It takes some practice to specifically “see” that level, but it can be done. Frequency creates the “hue” of that color. We remind you that as you are Physical, it is impossible to “see” another’s Aura without the colors of your own being used as a filter. If you hold a red film up to yellow, you will get a completely different color than if you held up a blue filter to yellow. Keeping that in mind, you may have to calibrate or adjust your perceptions so they can be interpreted properly.
      We will conclude here.
    • Janet
      By Janet
      February 25, 1999
      Troy Tolley, Channel
      Note from Janet: This was a very early session and there is editing done by an unknown person to fill in gaps, which either occurred as part of the channeling or as part of transfer to a transcript.  
      Ok… Hello to all of you…
      What we'll do is start with the “weather forecast” as usual, reviewing a little on what might have happened for some of you over the past few weeks, then address the next few [weeks].
      Again, for purposes of our introduction to this electronic medium in this fashion through this channel, we will remain open for questions, personal or otherwise, at the end. No topics, necessarily.
      We spoke last about your own futures being examined in terms of how you and Essence would like to show up, express yourselves, in the coming year. This is due, in part, to the natural energies of this year, as well as the fact that each of you will be “spinning off” aspects of yourselves for various purposes.
      What we saw as most indicative for you in this examination period, in terms of how you might be handling this, is through the “reflections” of your EXTERNAL environment. This period of time in your environment's reflection has become almost harshly “realistic”; nothing spared. We also mentioned to be on the lookout for Animals and Specifically Categorized Individuals (mentally, physically challenged, or those apparently “rejected” on the outskirts of your societies) as being highlighted symbolically. Some of you may have seen clear indications, while others simply noted, then moved on. Depending on your involvement with the SYMBOLS, either in dreams or in a situation in which you have been drawn, you may or may not be having a “serious” fluctuation of future probabilities.
      Here are the indications that your symbols were meaningful:
      1. That it appeared, drawing your attention, surprisingly.
      2. That it “stayed” with you, even if only for the day, but at least an extended time.
      It is that simple.
      There is one more indication of what your INDIVIDUAL shifts will be focusing on in the weeks ahead:
      Some of you are in a specific crisis. A personal crisis [seeming] to be a [repetitive or all-too-familiar] pattern. This, we would say, is the third SYMBOL for this transition ahead.
      Each carries meaning.
      Those who have had animals show up: You are moving toward more EARTH and ACTION-ORIENTED service in the year ahead, being very drawn out into the world. The way you have interacted with the Animal, or how it called your attention, lends you insight into how you will interact in the world as you, yourselves, are “called out” into [the world].
      For those who saw or will see a preponderance of specifically categorized people, or challenged people: You will most likely be dealing with INNER CIRCLE service, taking care of interpersonal relationships, healing or tending to those closest to you.
      For those dealing with an extenuating circumstance, or Crisis, as a pattern: You are in the process of “upgrading” your beliefs. There will be “no room” in the months ahead for many of you to be distracted with “outdated” patterns. You are dealing with it either in one massive blow, or you will simply leave it for another lifetime.
      Now, beginning March 1, approximately, you all will enter this transitional phase, or NEXUS of Parallels.
      Each will enter at various points [in time], but the PAST few weeks, and actually most of the beginning of this year and the end of last year, you were doing the “research.”
      This NEXUS is where you begin to condense and manifest EXACTLY what Essence and Personality are striving to experience in the year ahead. There will be many “versions” of you “out there.” There is no need to be concerned with “how” this is, unless you choose to study the Physics of your Universe. The “YOU” you are most concerned with is the “one” you appear to be at any given moment.
      Now, before more details, if any, we will take questions in regard to this. We will add, briefly, that if [more than one] symbol shows up for you, it is simply an indication of your being involved [in each of these levels].
      [IK] Can you suggest effective ways for moving through this nexus?
      [Michael_Entity] We just did.
      [IK] More specifically then?
      Yes, but this would require a questioning of the specific symbol and its relation to you, your reaction/response to it, and our interpretation of that.
      What each of you can do is sit down with your symbols, if any, and examine what they may mean symbolically to you, what your reaction indicates (fearful, excited, exasperated, etc.), and what this all might mean to you personally. For example:
      Assuming an animal has shown up in your dream, you may interpret the animal personally, or look it up in an animal totem book, then add your actions/interactions/reactions/responses to the picture and make a story. AFTER there is clarity (and even if no clarity sets in), the actual NEXUS phase will find your “new” environment beginning to truly feel more “REAL” and needing to be “reckoned” with. It would be best to allow all EXTERNAL calls to your attention be taken seriously in the weeks ahead, as this is where your Work is.
      There is really no more that we can say without a detailed exploration of each of you.
      [ha] Why would it become desirable to “spin off” aspects of self, i.e., I'm in process of re-integrating spin-offs, why would it be beneficial to spin off more?
      It would depend on your definitions of “Spin-offs”.
      Assuming [your definition is] the same, it will always be the case in any given lifetime that aspects of your Personality “spin off” into realities of their own. This is simply because Essence wants to not only experience EVERYTHING it intended (your TRUNK REALITY), but also all of the creative input from Personality. When you speak of integrating these Parallels [“spin-offs”], this may easily mean that other aspects of Personality [are moving] on, [being replaced].
      Let us clarify something:
      Each Personality is composed of what we refer to as SUB-PERSONALITIES, aspects of “you” that make up who you are in various situations.
      Parallel Selves are aspects of ESSENCE, virtual “sub-personalities” of the Essence.
      We realize this can be mind-boggling, but we assure you, you are not required to grasp this. That is what Essence does. You, as Personality, have only the life to contend with, not the creation of the Universal Schemes.
      Many of you will be bringing in aspects/parallels that have been off in their “own” realities for a while, and now are merging with “this one”, but we will discuss that at a later date.
      [ha] So when you mentioned at the beginning that we may be spinning off aspects of self, did this mean sub-personalities of self, or essence's sub-personalities? Also, if it is sub-personalities of self, where do those spin-offs go and what do they do?
      We were referring to Essence “sub-personalities”.
      Sub-personalities of Self stay with you, present, and are called to the “surface” for your various situations. Multiple Personalities and Schizophrenia are the results of breakdown and non-communication between these sub-personalities, by the way.
      When you ask, “where do they go?,” the same similar event occurs on an Essence level: YOU and ESSENCE exist within the SAME SPACE. ALL the parallels exist within the same space, but “you” are at a different “frequency” for Essence.
      An easy way to visualize this:
      Imagine Parallels as being a conglomeration of colors on a single surface. THIS is how Essence “sees” it all at once, but when this conglomeration of color is [seen] through, for example, a BLUE lens, different colors are highlighted and others diminished. The SAME palette is there, but the FOCUS creates a different “dimension.” Other “lenses” would create similar results. “YOU” are a specific focus within the conglomeration of all the Parallels.
      This is a grand topic.
      [fg] M said, “Parallel Selves are aspects of ESSENCE; virtual sub-personalities of the Essence.” What do you mean by virtual?
      That was a convenience of speech. We choose our words carefully in many ways and this, we felt, carried the best impact as these “selves” are not easily verifiable. But it is only from the perspective of one self that these [other selves] would appear “virtual”.
      Did this answer your question?
      [fg] Yes, thanks.
      [Michael_Entity] We will continue if there are questions.
      [M6] Last week here at this time we had an interesting energy connection and conversation, though we weren't able to have the planned Michael channeling. Could you explain the connections and processes we were experiencing together? There was some channeling going on.
      [Michael_Entity] Your “connections and process” were exactly that. There are some of you with whom we have Agreements as Students, some as Channels. We have one Channel [that was present] we are working with and those with whom she has Agreements will find this format rewarding and experientially fulfilling. It appears you were a part of that process. Certain [fragments] will need to be connected with our Channel as we work through. Familiarity breeds success. It may be validating to know we were essentially present.
      [ha] It seems that I have an instigating personality. Lately, wherever I go, I seem to stir up discussions and connections. Is this part of my life-task?
      [Michael_Entity] You are this way in all of your lives in various forms. It is a favorite theme. You are not one to easily be appeased with pointlessness and dismissiveness. In this life, you have chosen Overleaves that keep that from happening, for the most part, and yes, it would have a part in your Life Task.
      [s5] When the libraries were burned at Alexandria, I am assuming much knowledge was destroyed. Can you tell us what some of that knowledge was? Have we as a culture rediscovered all, or is there something yet to reemerge?
      [Michael_Entity] To elaborate on what was lost would require a different forum, and we can address this in full, more elaborately, when more time is available. We will say, however, that most of that knowledge would be difficult to gather, except through channeling or other psychic endeavors. Even then, it is not guaranteed to be accurate. There are a few elements surfacing after the turn of the century that are material.
      [km] I am having much conflict with those I work with. I feel that it is positive, that I'm learning to “stand up for myself”. Then again, I may be acting from negative poles. Can you comment?
      [Michael_Entity] You are, indeed, reacting and expressing through the Negative Poles, but only as a path toward the Positive Poles. Your task in this situation is to RESPOND, rather than REACT. It is true that those involved are difficult in many ways, primarily due to abrasive Overleaves, but this is only highlighted as you explore your Self-Karma, centering around your own historic belief that you must “do the right thing.” It angers you to feel “pushed” past what you feel is “right.” This is merely a maturation process and indicates you are moving toward realization of internal security. There is much more to this, but this is start.
      [s0] It has been suggested that I write a book about my life, is this part of my life task?
      It would be one way to express it, yes.
      There is no SPECIFIC route with which a LIFE TASK must be manifested. In fact, what is mostly misunderstood about a Life Task is that you SEEK it, or PURSUE it. In reality, you already DO it. It comes naturally. Incidentally, you are, in fact, in Agreement with several thousand Essences for a book.
      [fg] Are sound (physical or not) and material form connected? I.e. “in the beginning was the Word…”
      Yes, Light, and indeed all of Physical Reality, is the result of Music and Math. All can be translated into these forms. This Universe is built on Music and Math, and your Physical Structures are based on Circles and Triangles. There are connections and cross references all through these terms.
      Another Grand Topic.
      [a5] How can one draw the wisdom, help, of cycled off (disincarnate) entity mates? I've heard they are around to assist. True?
      Yes, of course they are available. It is one of the easiest of all connections to call on. What makes it difficult is that most of the “wisdom” feels like “you.” Trusting your impulses, [inner] voices, magnetism; these are messages from Entity Mates who are in some way working with you.
      If you choose to give them a voice, as we have for ourselves through our channels, it would require a different approach, but the wisdom is available simply by asking.
      [km] What would be an important use of brainwave “EEG” technology?
      We have no investments on the paths chosen to use this tool and we see it simply as a picture tool, a map. It may be used in whatever capacity a fragment or group may choose. There are many ways this can be applied.
      We will now comment that many of you have topics right here that may be of interest to you. We are aware this format is limited in our ability to respond adequately. If you would like any of these elaborated upon for your next gathering, simply ask or suggest your interest. We will move more quickly into a Topic in the future.
      Good Night.
    • Janet
      By Janet
      This material was originally posted on December 29, 2012, as a private session transcript.
      Janet: I just received an Essence Report from Troy for my daughter Emma. In the report you indicate that she is first cast in cadre 2, entity 6. I have been told by another channel that this is also my entity, and recently we've been exploring how my position as last-cast on the first side of my entity is affected by interaction with wild cards from the first cadence on the second side.  I’m not sure how likely it is that the first and last cast on one side of entity 6 are both Artisans. Can you confirm that I am indeed in the same entity as my daughter? I’m rather sentimentally hoping this is true but I think it’s important to be set straight if it’s not the case. 
      Though we know this information may evolve and change over time because the understanding will grow and change, based on the current understanding of the entity models, this particular Entity has 373 fragments with 378 Positions and the first "side" is entire Artisan.
      The "second side" is Priests.
      The "third" is a mix of Scholars and Warriors.
      There are 12 Wild Cards.
      Those who are the first of the Entity would slide into the Positions at the "end" of the Entity (on the so-called "third, or Energy/Beauty side). 
      Janet:  Oh my. That is fascinating. Thank you. Is the second side also incomplete and involving wild cards from the third side? 
      MEntity: Each "side" has 4 Positions to fill.
      Note from Janet: Other sessions have identified more than 12 wild card positions in this entity, including some empty positions that are not at the end of a side. 
      Janet: So all the wild cards are to fill positions at the ends of the sides. Is this true of all wild cards or do some fill positions in the midst of a side?
      Positions are filled relative to those who follow in the count behind them. Think of the Positions as abhorring a vacuum, pulling in those who start the next count.
      The "empty" Positions can often be peppered throughout an Entity.
      Janet: I have that. For 6th entity, wild cards fill empty positions at end of the side. Is this true of all entities where wild cards exist?
      MEntity: No, this is specific to this particular Entity and its arrangement of fragments and Positions.
      Janet: Thank you. Is there anything else you would like to say about this entity that would be useful to those of us who belong to it?
      We have nothing urgent to add, but we can say that one consideration for the life of those who come from this entity is that they will always be eclectic meeting grounds for a number of people from surprisingly disparate paths. It would be helpful to consider that there is no way to really make the life of one from this entity homogenous.
      The fragments from this entity are magnets for pivoting and facilitating others.
      They are often the "revolving doors" of the Cadre.
      Many are in positions to be touchstones against which others judge themselves, or are judged against by the entity member.
      We do not intend for our words to sound ominous, but to help alleviate taking it personally when a fragment might come and go from the life in a way that is confusing or painful. Sometimes members from this entity will be an unwitting resource or respite or directional beacon, and then a person needing that simply moves on.
      Janet:  I think I have experienced that. 
      We think you have, as well, but your current life tends toward the touchstone aspect so that there tends to always be a dance of self-measurement, self-monitoring, and watching and assessment of others, that helps to define and redefine standards that are useful, not harmful.
      Fragments from this entity tend to be Resource Beacons, Pivotal (redirections) Beacons, or Touchstone Beacons, but almost always attracting those who are trying to "get somewhere."
      This tends to draw members from the entity together in small pockets so that there is a kind of comfort and stability of familiarity.
      Whereas other entity members may incarnate in a way that they might seek to find one another at some point, entity 6 members tend to aim for blood lines that automatically keep them close, because entity 6 members tend to be more stationary.
      They are scattered about, but in pockets.
      Janet:  So it would not be uncommon to find multiple entity members within a family?
      We would not say that it is uncommon, but as the soul grows older, the necessity for bloodlines tends to fall away, because the older soul tends to "remember" Essence fairly early in the life, and thus finds their Agreements and friends on their own.
      However, when the theme of an entity is more stationary, and acting as posts for other moving fragments, it can be helpful to lock into bloodlines that help keep at least a few familiar faces nearby, so to speak.
    • Janet
      By Janet
      This material was originally posted by Geraldine on Ning TLE on August 15, 2009. 
      Note from TLE Admin on October 26, 2017: This material is the reproduction of a post by Troy that first appeared in 2003 in the TLE Yahoo Group [now defunct]. Here is Troy's disclaimer prior to posting this: "My disclaimer is that I was channeling this AS I was trying to learn about [Michael], so that can throw off some of the accuracy in details, but they are a start."
      Posted 4/23/03 On TLE Groups
      Here are some old Q & A to Michael about the Cadres & Entities:
      Here are the responses from Michael in regard to the questions posted. I hope you all find them interesting at the least. Thanks for participating!
      ********************** QUESTIONS & ANSWERS
      QUESTION: I would really like to know more about what happens after we die in regard to entities. I know we join back up with our entity before we incarnate again. But I guess I would like to know specifics. What do we do with our entities while we're there?
      It is not necessarily true that you “join back up” with your Entity between lives. In fact, you are never separated from your Entity at any point, except in perspective from that of the Personality. Depending on Soul Age, there will be more or less contact with Entity Members incarnate, discarnate, or otherwise. Early in your Cycle, little is regarded between lives except how to get born again as soon as possible. As your Cycle continues and consciousness grows in Essence, your Essence will seek more meaningful contact with other Essences as you are between lives.
      You will seek “aspects” of those who are still incarnated at the same time (they do not have to be dead to communicate with them) for review or planning, and you will seek contact with those who will play parts in the next life who are not incarnate. This is not limited to any members of any Entity.
      Depending on the lifetime just lived, you will either integrate the lifetime and Personality as part of the dynamic of your Essence, or that lifetime remains “alive” and functioning within its own timeline. That lifetime, along with any other lifetime that is relevant to a theme, acts as a long-sounding tone, so to speak, and a new lifetime being created must integrate that tone into its plans. Lifetimes then “cluster” in terms of “chords”, usually in groups of 5 tones around a theme; the theme acting as a “chord”. Until that theme is complete, each lifetime and Personality is literally “alive” and full of various potentials within that theme.
      When the Grand Cycle is complete, the span of lifetimes is literally “heard” as a song.
      QUESTION: And what exactly happens when everyone in the entity is cycled off? Do we merge into one nebulous mass? What's the purpose of this?
      When all fragments from an Entity are complete in the explorations of the Physical Plane, integration does begin. This is done in the Emotional Plane, or Astral Plane. Using the analogy of each Entity being a “busload” of fragments, then the “ride home” through the Astral Plane is the “telling of stories” of all lifetimes to each other.
      All Essences at this point have learned to relate to each other as separate and Physical and all of the ramifications of this, but the Emotional Realm of Essence is only remotely touched while Physical. Some dreams allude to the experience, but what is experienced as Emotion while Astrally-based and integrating your Entity is profound to a degree that a Physical Body could never truly process it.
      Each group of Roles within the Entity shares within itself, then as a collective Role will share with the other Roles making up that Entity.
      When this is complete, movement to the Causal begins.
      QUESTION: And, within our entities, I know we become close with a handful of other souls. But does this closeness carry over when the entity merges after everyone cycles off? Is that even possible?
      “Closeness” with other fragments, whether within your Entity or not, remains, even when completely returned to the Tao. There will always be a “signature” that is identifying of all Sparks that are cast “from” the Tao.
      That basic signature, which is not the same thing as Essence or Role, will never change. There is a higher order that organizes the Sparks within the Tao, regardless of their undertaking a new Grand Cycle with a new Role, Entity, Cadre, etc. This higher order is how the Tao “breathes in and out” entire Universes. We, ourselves, still have an affinity toward many who are now our Students, but lived many lives with us while we were Physical. You do not lose this, though the way you may “feel” it now will certainly change.
      QUESTION: I was also wondering what kind of agreements the entities have. Are some entities slated to become teaching entities? What other kinds of "jobs" are there for entities to do once they've cycled off?
      MICHAEL: ALL Entities will teach. It is part of the process. The size of the population of the Students depends entirely on the choice of the Entity. How each Entity will teach is entirely dependent on the dynamic of the Entity and its placement within the Cadre. Each Entity will select a Parallel to teach in various forms, with at least one Parallel chosen for another incarnation as a Transcendental Soul.
      QUESTION: I would like to know what the names of the entities and make-up of the various entities are for cadre 2.
      There are no “nicknames” for these Entities with any consistency to comment on at this point. The primary makeup for each Entity is following, but bear in mind that there may be more than these Roles involved in each Entity:
      Cadre 2
      Entity One: Warriors/Scholars
      Entity Two: Sages/Servers
      Entity Three: Priests/Scholars
      Entity Four: Kings/Scholars
      Entity Five: Artisans/Kings
      Entity Six: Servers/Warriors
      Entity Seven: Priests/Servers
      [Note from TLE Admin: Please see articles about Cadre 2 entities currently on this site. Information has been altered/updated since 2003.]
      This is an Artisan-Cast, Cardinal Cadre bringing great amounts of creativity and innovation to the planet over time for the rest of the Energy Ring. Much of its contribution over time has been played out in Politics and Music. This is Knowledge Position in the Energy Ring granting the Energy Ring some of its greatest advisors across time, whether through example, questioning, facilitating, etc. This is not always in a “flattering” light as some of your recent Politicians in the more dramatic spotlight have come from Cadre 2.
      QUESTION: Also, since most of the folks on the list are cadre 1, I find that I often feel drawn to people of entity 3. I know there is a certain bleed-through between the same entities of different cadres and I wonder how that works, why that happens.
      MICHAEL: Links between fragments and some Entities are created simply by sheer experience, while other links are mathematical. Your link to Entity Three is due to your personal study of alternative perceptions of reality. Entity Three from Cadre One is held as the specialists in “seeing” the world through innocent eyes or at the very least, quirky enough to be considered independent from the impositions of environment. You adore this as Essence and this lifetime’s Personality agrees.
      Mathematical/Musical links between Entities are formed previous to any incarnation and stand as links between fragments who are Essence Twins.
      QUESTION: How long have the two cadres been incarnating on this planet?
      MICHAEL: Nearly 6,000,000 years; measured by Earth’s rotation around your Star.
      QUESTION: I'm really curious about the history of our entities (Cadre One).
      MICHAEL: To delve into the histories of each Entity would be a grand topic that this channel will have to pass at this time by his choice. We can suggest the topic continue into your next month with this as an exploration, but eventually you will have access to the information, regardless.
      QUESTION: What are the reasons behind the choice that the Entity we know as Michael would form teaching agreements with our Entities and Cadres?
      MICHAEL: It is the nature of all Entities within Cadre 11 of an Energy Ring to form teaching agreements with the following Energy Ring.
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      By Maxim [memorial profile]
      This is a vase covered with colored shards of glass made during an art retreat.  It was a group project and because I was one of the contributors my name came up when they had a drawing for it.  The candle inside illuminates it.
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