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  • Errors in Mapping of an Entity


    Excerpt from a private session posted on January 16, 2020.


    Note: Petra repeatedly asked Michael to clarify whether there were Warriors in C1E3. In one of her sessions in early 2020, Michael explained why there may be errors in Entity mapping:



    NOTE: We have delivered the details for this Entity for Troy long ago and because of the extensive use of energy for accessing, organizing, delivering and receiving of details of an Entity, we and the channel rely on the local cache of details that have already been delivered. This is usually not a problem and is quite effective. 


    The challenge of mapping an entity is that it is not a static and limited structure as is the current model being used. 


    To deliver the detailed mapping of an entity through a channel, we must first do the work of processing the data that details the population of an Entity. Though we have learned how to do this long ago, it is an ongoing learning process for every entity mapped. This process would be the equivalent of your standing in the middle of Grand Central in New York City to count and organize in your head everyone who passes through during rush hour. 


    The Entity and its dynamics are quite alive and moving and is not a matter of correlating fragments with a static seating chart. In addition, every fragment carries with it a multitude of Personalities and parallels that we must sort out as part of the process. In addition to that, we then have to translate this moving and living structure into the static seating chart that is the current model for an Entity.


    As the question of "missing Warriors" has been repeated, Troy has asked us about this process and we explained the above to him. When he learned of this reliance on cached details, he asked us to "clear his cache" and then asked us to again retrieve the details of this Entity. This allowed us to "find" the single Cadence of Warriors that have long been obscured by the previous channeling cache that left out this count.


    In most instances of a discrepancy, a quick questioning will help us to clarify, but in the case of cosmic structures that are being translated into understandable constructs, the process can be a bit more taxing and tedious on all involved. It is Good Work that apparent discrepancies such as the one noted in this endeavor are pursued, even as it may require several layers of new details to emerge to get to a single detail. 


    ### end of excerpt


    This content may be discussed in Petra's original post of her session. See Renewed C1E3 Design, Part 2.

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