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  • Pre-historical and early historical Infinite Souls


    [Excerpted from Human evolution, Overview of interventions, Kendre, Sirians vs. Non-Sirians, and Baby Soul Era, which are transcripts in the Fringe & Whackadoodle Studies Club. There are other transcripts in that Club that may be needed to understand some of the references.]


    Geraldine: I'd like some information about prehistorical TS & IS. For example, Ra is listed as an IS and was a long term "sun god" for Egypt — but what did he actually do that made him a legendary/mythological figure of renown?


    In terms of prehistorical Infinite Souls and Transcendental Souls, there are only mythologies from which to draw references, as those who actually acted as Manifestations were only "recorded" in tales and stories for thousands and thousands of years.


    The reference to "Ra" would be one of those, having actually manifested approximately 6000 BCE, about 3000 years previous to the culmination of the cults who began to implement formal worship and recording. The original manifestation was focused on the transformation of fear regarding nature and the sky, in particular the Sun, into a means of abundance and resource.


    Even this reference as a mythological god is one of many "incarnations" of how this Manifestation actually occurred. The stories and myths became embellished over history as a means to tell the story of those telling the story, not of the history, itself.


    Once that flexible template is in place, any Entity or Cadre can "play" the role for any group or individual as a means to teach, giving rise to a multitude of variations.


    Geraldine: Are you saying that these TS & IS manifestations aren't part of the Akashic Records?


    No, we are not. We are saying that it is complicated to give you a response with any tangible reference beyond what you have as a reference. For instance, we can tell you that in 4,000,000 BCE Ti'AT manifested the Infinite Soul as a means to bring the Logos regarding nomadal navigation, but the only reference to this in your perspective might be a few of the "alien" etchings of later cultures. ... And upon elaboration, possibly tie them to tangible references in your recorded history.


    The fragment known as Ti'AT was not a fictional example, by the way.


    Geraldine: I'm not familiar with Ti`AT


    MEntity: We know.


    Geraldine: LOL no one is, I suppose


    That was the first Manifestation. ...


    The list of human Infinite Soul Manifestations would be:


    With approximate time frames


    Ti'AT (female 4,000,000 BCE),
    Khro'Te (male child 2,000,000 BCE),
    Ker (female 1,000,000 BCE),
    Sonad, Kin, Serep (brothers 700,000 BCE),
    Tinet, TenTen, Tia (sisters 500,000 BCE),
    Shia (female 150,000 BCE),
    Kendre (female 75,000 BCE),
    "Ra" (male 6,000 BCE),
    "Krishna (6,000 BCE)
    "Lilith (female 4,000 BCE),
    "Buddha (male 500 BCE),
    Lao Tzu (male 4,000 BCE)
    "Christ (male 5 BCE).


    We think we have covered them. This was not an easy task for our channel.


    Many of the names are phonetic and rather insignificant in terms of references for you.


    Geraldine: So, Lilith was an IS, not a TS? Through Michael Toth, she was given as a TS at about 10,000 BCE.


    In regard to "Lilith," this would also be correct. A Transcendental Soul manifested in a way that then became a thread that the Infinite Soul used for Manifestation.


    The mythology of "Lilith" includes two past peaks, one in which a Transcendental Soul manifested, and one in which the Infinite Soul manifested.


    The more recent Manifestation is the more relevant of what has come to be the myth of "Lilith."


    Geraldine: Her name and lore was really trashed after that manifestation


    Most Manifestations do not take long to be "trashed." We refer to the Manifestation through Christ as a most-recent example.


    There is much truth in the cliche that the gods of the past religion becomes the devil of the new. That is often the case, particularly when it involves Baby Souls.




    There are usually 2 kinds of Intervention: "Alien" or caretaker intervention, and Infinite Soul intervention. Both tend to be stabilizing, pivotal, and redirectional forces for the entirety of the Sentience being supported.


    These occur in two ways: hidden or presented. The greater the population, the more hidden these interventions tend to be.


    Furthermore, each of these are often Insidious and/or Invitational. In other words, slow introductions of change, and usually seeded within relatively small groups.


    In the metaphysical scheme of things, so to speak, there are pods of fragments who work together in Agreement for these interventions throughout the Grand Cycle, and there are many within a Design who actually never have contact with these non-terrestrial, other-sentience species. So there are many who will have these Essence memories, and others who will find them completely foreign.


    After the initial transfer, a period of approximately 3 million years passed before a return from the caretakers.


    We refer to these species as "caretakers" because it is a valid term. Every Sentient Species is a Caretaker, at some point, for the introduction and stabilizing of another Sentient Species. At this point, Human Sentience would probably care for the fellow primate Sentience of Gorillas as this continues to grow.


    3 Million Years Ago: The return visit found the species in dire shape, in terms of breeding and mental stability, but with great packs of fragments having formed into working tribes that were thriving, otherwise. ... 


    The first Infinite Soul was then introduced through the species, not through Human Sentience, but through one of the integrated caretakers of the time; an Old Priest. ... In fact, the first three were not technically Human, but were of caretakers' species. The second manifestation was King. ...


    The first of Human Sentience hosting the Infinite Soul were through three brothers in approximately 700,000 BCE. [Sonad, Kin, Serep (brothers - 700,000 BCE]


    Using this approximate 3 million year point as the first of Interventions, we can say that roughly, each following Intervention/Interaction has followed a pattern: 1.5 million years ago; 750,000 years ago, 325,000 years ago, 150,000 years ago, 75,000 years ago, 30,000 years ago, 15,000 years ago, 7500 years ago, 3000 years ago, 1500 years ago, 700 years ago, 300 years ago, 150 years ago, 60 years ago.


    These are approximate, as it is difficult to pinpoint across timelines exactly when is "your" when, but these are fair approximations.


    Not all of these Interventions included collapses, or genetic stabilization, but usually include some form of Hidden or Presented Insidious or Invitational contact. Either from Infinite Soul or from caretakers.


    The reason for this pattern is because of the maturing species as well as the growing population and spreading of that population. ...


    In fact, the manifestations of the Infinite Souls through the brothers and the sisters in 700,000 and 500,000 BCE became part of the mythology of the Muses.


    The means through which these manifestations "taught" were through the capacity to sing, create, and compose music, but more, they were able to help those who listened, to be able to share with others a similar copy of that experience.


    The joy that this brought to the species is something we cannot convey in words.


    All survival issues fell by the wayside, and development began to center around these ideals brought about by music and song.




    [Geraldine] I feel that one of the most critical times for human evolution happened during the timeframe of the 7th manifestation of the Infinite Soul, Kendre, about 77,000 years ago, which seems to match up to an Alien Contact Event at about 75,000 years ago. I'd like to know more about this time period, in terms of any major events, what Kendre accomplished, and if I had any lifetimes present.


    The time period about which you ask was a time period where our Sentience nearly lost all stability of our species, with a mass exodus in several ways, including nomadically, but also physically, as we neared extinction.


    "Kendre" was a voice that helped direct a large group of peoples of that time away from further dangers, and into lands that would allow for population to stabilize. ...


    We probably would not have survived if "Kendre" had not pointed out pathways for travel, and revealed to the variations of humans a common language for partnering up.


    This Infinite Soul brought an Energy/Beauty Logos.




    [Geraldine] The answers that have been given so far for two different manifestations of the Infinite Soul (4th and 5th) have crossover information or a discrepancy. We have both showing as "taught through the capacity to sing, create, and compose music." I'm showing Sonad, Kin, and Serep, brothers, human beings at about 700,000 years, and Tinet, TenTen, Tia, sisters, human beings at about 500,000 years ago, doing exactly the same thing. Please clarify and elaborate. Also, please give approximate locale for each.


    The information is valid, as far as we can see. Infinite Soul manifestations can show up a multitude of times, close together, and use the same media for influence in conveying the same message, if that is what is necessary.


    The geographical locations that were involved with these manifestations were first in the areas known as England and the effects moved through Northern Europe and then carried further into the areas of what is known as Greece by the following manifestation.


    In both instances, each sibling of each set of manifestation specialized in 3 rather specific areas of arts that would eventually come to be the "9 muses" of mythology.


    Each set brought all three of the universal logos, with one sibling manifesting truth, another love, and another energy.




    Once [cross-breeding among species, creating "monstrosities"] became rampant, this is when such civilizations as Lemuria and Atlantis began forming, primarily as a means to protect from the more dangerous of these. ...


    [This] development of the excelling enclosed civilizations came at approximately 2 million years ago, around the time of Khro'Te manifesting the Infinite Soul, setting the stage for the shifts that would come on a larger scale outside of those walls regarding diet.




    MEntity: The first major nomadic movements were around 4,000,000 BCE after the first Manifestation of the Infinite Soul. These may have been local, relatively speaking, but were nomadic, nonetheless. It was an exploration out of "Eden," so to speak. That was the first.


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