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  • The Infinite Soul and the Logos, Pathos and Ethos


    [Excerpted from Infinite and Transcendental Souls, the Logos, Pathos and Ethos, which is a transcript in the Fringe and Whackadoodle Studies Club.]



    [Geraldine] We'd like topic-length information on what the Infinite Soul/Transcendental Soul does and how the Logos operates. We've had 3 non-terrestrial IS and the remainder have been human. Have those all been from the human design? How does the Logos separate into Truth, Love, Energy. Why have some IS only been after disasters? Why are others apparently in the middle of prosperity?


    The non-terrestrial Infinite Souls were not of Human Design, but the manifestation of the Infinite Soul as it is represented by another species' Sentience (Design) is rather standard for any early Sentience of another Species.


    This is because there are no cycled-off Essence or Entities from that "new" Design capable of hosting the Infinite Soul. However, because the Infinite Soul only ever represents Universal Truths, it does not matter that it initially manifests through a different species' Design.


    Every species' eventually takes on the responsibility for providing its own Transcendental and Infinite Soul manifestations, for no other reason than that this is a natural evolutionary process of incarnation for Essences, as in Soul Ages, for cycled off Entities and Cadres.


    While there is great emphasis on the 5 Soul Ages, there are actually 7, and all of "you" will go through those in some way, in some when.


    As mentioned in another exchange with you, it is fairly standard that any new Sentience is accompanied by a stabilized Sentience already in cycle. In other words, no new Design in introduced without the guidance of fragments from at least one other Design.


    Depending on the evolutionary "speed," population, and geography/demographics of the new Sentience, the caretaker Sentience/Design would host between 1 and 12 Infinite Soul manifestations as necessary in the beginning.


    We have not seen more than 12. 3 appears to be average.


    As you may have noticed throughout the Design of Sentience, there are a multitude of ways through which Fragments, Entities, Cadres, and Energy Rings resonate mathematically as part of the initial dynamics, which are then expanded upon through Monads, Karma, and Configurations throughout the incarnational cycles, all contributing to the gravity that will eventually reunite all in the high planes.


    It could be said that Designs are originally organized mathematically, but then build from that the musical resonances that compel the reunion. Musical Resonance is Mathematical Resonance, exalted.


    In that same way, Designs are also linked, both mathematically and eventually musically, in a way that draws them together in the high planes. The Mathematical Resonance is built in as part of another level of organization of Sentience that supersedes the system familiar to you now, and includes "Pods," which we will explore at another time; part of the Musical Resonance is generated by the relationships generated by the Infinite Soul manifestations in those early incarnations.


    This Musical Resonance among Designs is generated by the interventions that tend to save the species from extinction. This is a rather profound experience for both parties, of course.


    In terms of how Logos is brought to bear:


    Because teaching of a high order tends to require a form that is relevant to a species, the Infinite Soul tends to emphasize the Higher Intellectual, or Logos, the Truth, Higher Expression because there has to be a relevant delivery system.


    Most manifestations would then include speech, writing, or other form of Expression that delivers the higher knowledge.


    This is why we tend to refer to these manifestations as bringing the Logos to bear, but in other species, the Ethos or Pathos may be the primary delivery system.


    In ALL instances, regardless of the emphasis for delivery, Logos, Ethos, and Pathos will be built in. Or the Truth, Beauty/Energy, and Love, respectively.


    Every Infinite Soul manifestation brings one of these three THROUGH Logos, much like Center/Part might be understood.


    Because your species is rather Expressive/Intellectual, the delivery system accommodates this by being Expressive, Intellectual, The Word.


    Transcendental Souls will tend to be more flexible in this, and act as pathways or preparations to the Infinite Soul manifestations.


    It could be said, then, even if crudely, that the Transcendental Souls, or high Causal bodies, emphasize Ethos, Logos, and/or Pathos, as potential paths to the Infinite Soul, or high Mental bodies, if that manifestation would be necessary.


    As if Transcendental acts as "parts" for the "centering" that is the emphasis for Infinite Soul.


    Again, this is a crude analogy, but can work in helping to understand the dynamic.


    Though we use the term Logos to describe that delivery system, Logos can emphasize the Truth, Love, or Energy that are Universal and necessary for help of a species.


    For instance, Lao Tzu emphasized Truth, while Jesus emphasized Love, and Buddha emphasized Energy/Beauty. Logos, Pathos or Ethos are packaged and delivered almost always through the Logos as a primary delivery system.


    We would also clarify that though there are emphases on Truth, Love, or Energy as it varies among the Infinite Soul manifestations and as it comes through the Logos, there will also always be Truth, Love, and Energy combined in some way.


    The Infinite Soul tends to manifest in both extremes of disaster and danger, and in times of prosperity, much in the same way that any higher understanding finds a platform. Most species only tend to open to higher perspectives when faced with peril, or prosperity.


    Especially en masse.




    [Oscar] How long do ISs 'live' and how do they accomplish their goal in such a short time?


    The fragments who host the Infinite Soul live as long as they choose, but manifestation of the Infinite Soul is never more than approximately 30 days.


    The effects are long-term, and not always as intended; this is understood as part of the dynamic of Choice, of course. The intentions are rarely accomplished within the lifetime of the host, or during the time of manifestation, but act more like seeds.


    These "seeds" are then dismissed, hoarded, destroyed, nurtured, hidden, etc as relative to the choices of those exposed to them.


    However powerful a manifestation of Infinite Soul, it cannot "save" anyone; it can only offer the Logos.


    [Brian_W] Perhaps this is more of a question on human nature than the TS / IS, but it seems with each incarnation of a TS / IS, a new religion is formed and much of the original ideas taught by the TS / IS are lost (perfect example being Jesus and teaching love, not dogma / rituals). Has there been a case where the original ideas taught were not "lost" upon those who heard the message from the TS / IS, or where the original ideas were continued to be carried down through generations?


    Your perception is valid. When the teacher dies, so does the teaching, and turns into literature or interpretation, and as such is subject to the influences of those who convey that literature or interpretation. There tends to remain the original "seed," no matter what, but often clouded and distorted.


    Taoism remains the least-distorted of these seeds.


    [Bobby] Why did an IS manifest during Jesus' time? There wasn't any peril pending so was it because it was an especially prosperous period for mankind?


    The impending shift from Baby to Young on the planet at that time was heading for disastrous consequences. The manifestation through Jesus was an attempt to bring the Logos of Love and Agape to the planet, not only for the sake of helping transition retain some sense of compassion and empathy, but to help those who would naturally fall into the lower economic or social positions create and nurture meaning in ways other than material.


    Christianity is an example of how those "seeds" were lost overall against the prevailing patterns of choices, and the use of such seeds by a Young Soul population, but remained intact for those who chose otherwise.


    However painful the transition was from Baby to Young, the alternatives were far worse. By "worse," we mean that in those parallels where the Infinite Soul did not manifest, or where the Logos was rejected entirely, all sense of meaning and empathy were lost to those who did not have a material means of reflecting personal value.


    This is disastrous, even to the early Young Souls, as the system and symbols for those material reflections must be worked out, agreed upon, and explored before being utilized. If there is no patience, compassion, and empathy along the way, a halt to any interest in "being alive" comes in.


    Mass suicides and genocides, along with a sudden drop in birth rates, ended some parallels of exploration at that time.


    Much of the biblical accounts are the struggles between the use of patience, empathy, and compassion as applied through Order and Authority (Baby Soul) while forging ahead with competition, oppression, materialism, and exploitation, often tied up in fertility rites and roles for propagating populations that would comply (Young Soul). These distractions with fertility rites and population growth/control were partially in response to the known fear that the species might have been affected by this shift.


    [Geraldine] Once the IS has manifested, and I presume has undergone Review after the death of its host body, does it remain separate from its Cadre or remerge back in?


    The Infinite Soul requires no review, at least in the same way that we understand a review to entail. The Infinite Soul is Tao, manifested, but as such, is hosted first through the emphasis of the plane of Logos (truth, love, or energy), which can come from any three of the high planes, which is then hosted through the high Mental bodies (usually a Cadre) from the Mental Plane, which is then hosted through a 7th Level Old Essence in a body.


    This process is a means by which Tao can manifest into denser forms that can then be utilized by the densest of those forms.


    Though Tao is "everywhere," to manifest the Logos in such a way requires a kind of stepping down of the energy in a way that can accommodate the final host.


    As such, there is no real "remerging" necessary, but there is a kind of conversion or dispersion of the energy that was used in the process, and this becomes the "seeds" of which we spoke earlier.


    The host of any Infinite Soul would go through the usual processes of Review and reunion with Entity, etc.


    The period of time used for Manifestation is not a part of the Review.


    [Oscar] Does the host always die after the manifestation of the IS, or are there also cases where the IS leaves and the host continues?


    In response to OSCAR: the host does not always die after manifestation, but this depends upon many factors. Often the manifestation is intentionally timed for the ending of the life, so as not to interfere with the choices of the fragment hosting, and sometimes the manifestation, itself, is rejected so profoundly that the host is killed.


    Often, there is no physical death involved, such as is the case with Jesus, but the rejection takes on symbolic form and becomes a kind of legend or myth, to support the rejection. It is true that there was an attempt to kill this fragment, but he did not die, and continued on with a "normal" life of study, teaching, and development of a family for many years beyond "the crucifixion."


    This is acceptable, as it frees the host from continued linkage to the Manifestation.


    [Bobby] In India?


    MEntity: In response to Bobby: the accounts of Jesus post-crucifixion survival are almost all valid in some way, and reflect the merging of parallels that have since come to be since then.


    [Brian_W] It has been said that in the IS known as "Jesus," the "Sermon on the Mount" represents the pure Logos from the IS. What were the equivalent teachings for Lao Tzu and the Buddha (Siddhattha Gotama)


    MEntity: In response to Brian: Tao te Ching in general is rather "pure" overall in its capacity for adapting to the intelligence of any individual for use as an oracle for guidance. In terms of Buddha, all parts of the teachings regarding the consistency of Energy, Change, and Cause and Effect tend to be "pure."


    [Maureen] So the actual Logos - as a Teaching - is aimed at the People and Time Period in which the IS appears?


    MEntity: In response to Maureen: that would be valid to some extent. The Logos, as a delivery system, always accommodates the overall capacity of intelligence and means of access for those incarnating at the time, but is always Intellectual/Expressive, and will always be True, regardless of time or population.


    [Geraldine] Since both Ra and Krishna appeared at about 6,000 BCE -- were they a) actually simultaneous manifestations of the IS; and b) what was the common core message that they were trying to teach?


    In response to Geraldine: Ra and Krishna, each, were manifestations that emphasized partnerships and understanding of human origins as being from off planet, though from different angles. Ra emphasizing this almost literally, but through Energy/Beauty emphasis in the Logos, and Krishna through Ethos and Truth.


    Krishna is one of only a few examples of a Transcendental Soul manifesting Infinite.


    [AnnH] If Earth is transitioning again from Young to Mature, and we've had two TS manifestations since the last IS, and the Earth is in some peril regarding population and its health, why is no IS showing up now? Or soon, anyway.


    In response to ANN: so far, in parallels of which "you" are aware, there has always been a precarious balance kept in place that has neither removed the possibility or necessity for an Infinite Soul manifestation, nor required one. This thin line continues to be walked.


    There are several candidates who continue to remain potential hosts for the Infinite Soul if it were to manifest, and at this time, this continues to be the state. In other words, so far, the species appears to continue toward using its own capacity for pulling up from peril, and does not require intervention.


    This does not mean that there is no need for some social transformations, and so the planet may see more and more Transcendental manifestations over the next 50 years or so.


    [Oscar] At which moment did the Infinite Soul manifest in Buddha?


    MEntity: In response to Oscar: the manifestation appears to have happened halfway through his intentions to be "enlightened" through persistent meditation, and then about 2 weeks beyond that, giving rise to the "four noble truths," which were then built upon.

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