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  • Update on Manifestation of Infinite Soul (2000)


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: February 2000]


    [HectorO-C] I wanted to know if an update on the manifestation of the Infinite Soul was possible.



    Since the beginning of this year, we have seen a tremendous drop in activity around preparations for a manifestation. The Infinite Soul will only manifest in a parallel or time frame when the Sentience is lacking direction and seeks assistance. A “surprising” factor in the last Nexus is in the detailed filtering of reality options that were leading toward more disintegration. This has created a lull in assessment, a pause, to see what humans will create over this year. It appears your species seeks more integration “on your own” than you might have anticipated.


    The novelty of having a manifestation may be exciting, but the indication that your species and the planet are transiting in Soul Age with little incidence is equally exhilarating to the soul.


    This can be likened to a teenager whose “father” threatens to pull over to make a point, but then the teenager making its own efforts to grow and communicate.


    So our update as far as we can see is a holding pattern. We will comment as this unfolds.

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    • Evelin
      By Evelin
      I'm creating a new topic here as Michael suggested in October 2021 Energy Report and because I just had another dream that clearly said Infinite Soul Manifestation to me.
    • DanielaS
      By DanielaS
      Open Floor Q&As
      MAY 26, 2013
      Channel: Troy Tolley
      Ladislaus: Hello Michael. I would like to ask about the relationship of Greed Chief Feature to Self-destruction CF. How the first relates to the second, and what one can do if the energy turns pitch black and suicidal. That was my question.
      MEntity:  Greed and Self-Destructions are methods of protection against one's fears regarding "having." Greed is enlisted as a means for protection against the fear of lack, while Self-destruction can be developed as a protection against the fear that the life is actually being wasted, that one is not even worthy of the life force that animates the self.
      Greed will seek to compensate for the lack by obtaining more and more, and will tend to fixate upon something that represents the potential for satisfying that lack.
      Self-destruction will seek to compensate for the sense of waste by constantly striving to earn the worth of having anything at all.
      Greed says that I am worth more than this. Self-destruction says I am not worth this (or this is not worth it).
      Ladislaus: Slightly paradoxical.
      MEntity:  There are many degrees of manifestation of these Chief Features, and they range from the most literal and obvious to the most subtle and insidious, as with any Chief Feature.
      When one is consumed by the self-protection of Self-Destruction, there are two ways that can help to move through that "black and suicidal" state:
      One is to utilize the Positive Pole of the partner Chief Feature of Greed, which is to say that one would focus somewhere, somehow, on something for which one has an appetite. Anything. A great tasting food. A beautiful sky. A television show.
      Positive Poles of Chief Features are never "positive" in the sense that Overleaves have positive poles.
      This is because the Positive Poles of Overleaves describe a difference between an inclusive state versus an exclusive state. In Chief Features, the "positive" pole is relative because it is more inclusive, but it is still a state of division, defense, and separation.
      Using the positive pole of the partner Chief Feature of Greed, which is APPETITE, can bring one back into a state of participation.
      And this can help to serve the second suggestion we have, which is to WAIT.
      When one is in a "black and suicidal" state, the only option is to wait. It will pass. It WILL pass. It may return again and again, but it will pass. And it is not a conclusive state.
      Nothing is.
      This is a "heavy" topic that can be further explored, but we think these are insights and suggestions that can be helpful, especially if taken in while not consumed by the Chief Feature, and then called upon.
      If there is nothing more that one can do when in that state, repeat: WAIT, JUST WAIT. And do so.
      GreenLyon: Hello Michael. I am very interested in the Fragment in Siberia known as Vissarion ( and his following). I have a feeling that in this case " there is more than meets the eye". I'd like your brief take on his chosen path and philosophy. Is he a transcendental soul? thanks.
      MEntity:  The fragment in question appears to be a charismatic Early Mature Priest-Cast Sage with a means of packaging delusions so that they are fairly useful, attractive, and generally harmless.
      He is not a Transcendental Soul.
      We refer to his Idealism as "delusion" here, only in the sense of its claims and conclusions. The idealism, itself, is as most idealism: a perspective that seeks to improve upon that which can be improved upon.
      When Idealism cannot be fulfilled, it can turn into Naivete, and either bring about failings or even disastrous consequences, or be repackaged in delusions that can help to sell the ideals.
      GreenLyon: hmm alright. so his claims for being enlightened rebirth of jesus are part of the charismatic idealist package? hmm
      MEntity:  It plays upon the narrative of persecution, as well, for those who would refute his claims are clearly in denial, or not capable of recognizing the truth of this return.
      GreenLyon: haha this brings to focus my own naivete, as i almost/did believed him myself. this brings a lot for me to reflect on.
      MEntity:  Of the many who have made this claim, this fragment appears to be fairly harmless, with "good" intentions.
      We remind you that your capacity to choose, to believe, and discern is one that you must cultivate, yourself, and consider our input one of many, and not the definitive answer.
      We share with you our perspective, and this will always only ever be another version of the truth, even if seen from a higher, clearer, more informed position; it is still only a version.

      Diane_HB: Michael, a lot of us in our 20s and 30s have had or are having trouble figuring out careers that are right for us. What suggestions do you have for how to go about choosing a satisfying career path?
      MEntity:  It is always advisable to explore career options from two different angles: that of experience, and that of experiments.
      Experience gives you information based on your hobbies, inclinations, interests, fascinations, and all that those bring to you.
      Experiments include the obvious exploration of the unknown, either intentionally or unintentionally, but also includes giving a chance to various positions of work or study that are available and accessible that may not have been given a chance.
      The "Do what you love and the money will follow" is not always true, as many will attest. There must be an audience, a market, a demographic, a need, even if these are created by you, yourself, as part of a launch or nurturing of a career.
      Along the way of working with Experience and Experimentation, regardless of one's age, it is important to keep in mind that there will most likely be pressure to draw an income or sustain independence in some way while figuring out what one wishes to do.
      Doing what one must do, is not the same thing as doing what one will do.
      Though there are many ways to dispute, delineate, or deny this, there will always tend to be only the 7 broad categories of pursuit for careers as described by the Roles:
      There are many combinations of these things, of course, and subcategories, but from this simplified breakdown, one can begin to help oneself discern a direction.
      Diane_HB: Leadership = Warrior and Law = King? or vice versa?
      MEntity: These may or may not correspond to one's Role (or Casting,) as there will always be imprinting, accessibility, need, etc.
      Artisan/Sage, Priest/Server, King/Warrior, Scholar
      Because the career of an individual, or source of income, is relative to Personality, using one's Overleaves as they fall on any dominant Axis or Axes can help more than one's Role.
      This is a good start for helping one with this process, though there can be more discussed on this subject, or more help on individual bases.

      carolynbe: Hi Troy/Michaels, I would like to know more about Mary Magdalene. Any information that you would consider important that would pertain more to our current paradigm. I am particularly interested in her role/connection with Jesus, how they worked/supported each other. Thanks
      MEntity:  Though an individual will manifest the Infinite Soul, it is still a fragment, an individual fragment, who acts as the conduit for that manifestation. The life of the individual is not forced or formed by that Infinite Soul, but the choices, realizations, and actions of that fragment help to create the point necessary for the Manifestation. Those choices, realizations, and actions are certainly informed by a definite thread of awareness "direct" from Tao.
      However, the fragment incarnating is still Human, at least in this case.
      In most Manifestations of Infinite Soul, there is the necessity for the complete Support Circle of that fragment to be intact, active, and available, as well as (at least) one fragment who will act as "the savior" for that individual.
      The fragment known as "Mary" was the Anchor Position in the King's Support Circle, and was this individual Personality's "savior."
      There must be that one person who fully grasps and allows for the utter despair, fear, and confusion, as well as the profound bliss, wisdom, and enlightenment as it is experienced by that Human and individual Sentient hosting.
      Mary was that fragment for this King.
      The spectrum between "darkness and light" was allowed with her, and she presented to him the acts of permanent forgiveness, tranquility, redemption, and agape that was not found in any other relationship.
      For every Manifestation of the Infinite Soul, there is a "Mary."
      After the recovery from the Manifestation, these fragments went on to form a union and to live out a rather peaceful life in sanctuary, raising children.
      Maureen: Michael, I have the following question, and if it is quick (for you), was Mary Magdalene the Essence Twin of Jesus?
      MEntity:  Yes. That is correct.
      ViP: hello Michael, I'd like to ask, regarding making choices, how to distinguish between choosing from Essence, vs choosing the path of least resistance.
      MEntity:  That would be difficult, as they are often the same thing.
      However, it may be helpful to think more in terms of choosing AS Essence the path of most desirable flow. We say this because one never has to choose *between* Essence and a path of least resistance, and while one may choose the path of the most desirable flow, it will not necessarily be a path of no resistance.
      Choosing AS Essence simply means making the choices that appeal to you while grasping the greater impact of those choices to the best that one can grasp that. Choosing the path of greatest desire simply means creating a path by listening to one's quiet impulses, questioning the more demanding compulsions, and trusting yourself along the way.
      ViP: what if the lack of resistance itself is what causes the appeal
      MEntity:  These paths are not so definitive as "Essence" vs "path of least resistance," but we can say that as one begins to make choices AS Essence, the level of resistance in the life tends to reduce. By resistance here, we do not refer to the level of challenges, effort, or obstacles, but to one's resistance, one's experience of pain, suffering, etc.
      There is a difference between "path of least effort" and "path of least resistance." Water cannot be faulted for its flow. Essence and Personality cannot be, either. It is natural. It is gravity. The path of least resistance, however, is not always the path of choice, and the path of least resistance is not always the path of least effort.
      Mountains are divided by the natural flow of water and its meeting with resistance, even as it follows its path of least resistance.
      However, water is always flowing toward the larger body, and it will cut through mountains to do so, and this is also how Essence functions. With that in mind, it can be helpful to consider asking which is the path of least movement vs the path of fulfillment.
      Which path seems to be moving you toward something greater, and which path seems to distance you further from that.
      "Something greater" can be defined by you.
      If you do not know of something greater, or if you have no inclination to flow, move, make an effort, or act on desires, then it can be helpful to LET yourself simply sit there in that, be with it, until you are done with it.
      Letting yourself be with that can often be the very state one requires so that one can fill again to a point where the flow returns.
      To help one determine how well one is choosing AS Essence, one need only look to one's relationship with Choice.
      If you refuse the practice of choice, then you refuse Essence. If you embrace the responsibility, effort, and capacity for choice, you tend toward navigation as Essence.
      From there, the resistance or flow of the path is fairly moot.
      Maureen: Michael, following on Janet’s question about C2E6 being a Resource Beacon, how would you describe Cadre 1 Entity 5 as a Beacon or an “open invitation …that allows for specific benefit to others”?
      MEntity:  Cadre One, Entity Five tends to act as a Communication and a Guidance Beacon, but actively covers all Beacons to some degree.
      The others are covered to such a great degree that Communication and Guidance are only technically more pronounced <within C1E5>.
    • Hunter
      By Hunter
      As far as politics goes, as soon as I could rationalize, I've considered myself an Anarchist. Since middle school probably. Though I didn't really understand what it meant back then. I do now, and for the longest time I considered it just an ideal. Like yeah, in Utopia anarchy will just come natural... but only in Utopia. I'm not so sure about all that now.

      Just so I'm clear Anarchy literally means "no ruler." That's it. But there is more to it obviously. An Anarchist is as far left as you can get, but doesn't recognize leadership or hierarchy unless it proves itself absolutely necessary and useful. A good example would be a hospital or an architectural firm. The difference here is someone IS an authority rather than possessing authority. The architect needs to approve the final design.

      There's a lot of talk about the resource based economy it seems we may be leading towards... that sounds like an Anarchist workforce to me. Because by default Anarchism comes with it a certain degree of Socialism, and a socialized work force values the cost of labor based on the value it provides to people. For example, everyone has free access to food, water, housing, schooling and all the basic needs of life. Participation will be voluntary. Everyone lives if they want. But you want a new fancy hat? It'll cost ya. The new Playstation 17 when it comes out? That'll probably cost ya too. You follow me? There can be no capital in an Anarchist society. Our economy would be based on resources not commodities. Profit wouldn't exist.

      Really, just given the state of the environment and global politics it's hard for me to not believe we need very radical change on a worldwide scale. Something so radical as banishing the idea of rulers and hierarchies. It seems like a total necessity. There will always be oppression as long as one or few are at the top... and there shouldn't even be a top to begin with. Capitalism is killing us. It is killing the world, not so slowly anymore. But what can we do? And I dont know the answer to that.

      Capitalism has this "play or die" rule we dont talk about. If you dont or cant participate you become marginalized at the least and killed at the worst. And lord forbid you try and make a Non-capitalist society, they just get crushed on purpose. What are we to do? So many, even many on the left of politics, believe in Capitalism, a hierarchy. Like it's the only path to true freedom or some shit... it's just the opposite! How do we break the game that's designed to break us? How do we bust the cycle that's intended to perpetuate and consume indefinitely?

      Part of me wonders if the IS will bring any of these ideas to the mainstream. Anarchy seems perfectly aligned to the Michael Teachings and one could argue the MTs are an Anarchist Teaching. It's obvious change is needed, but what will it look like? A consensus based democracy with a horizontal citizen led power structure would be a start. Who knows? I personally feel like a successful resource based economy would have to be Anarchic in nature and practice. What are your thoughts? And what could an individual do to bring change?

    • AnnaD
      By AnnaD
      Courtesy of @Janet H, channelled by @Troy.
      Emma Gonzalez, confirmed host for infinite soul, Old 7, C12E7 Priest cast King. 
      EMMA = 7th Level Old Priest-Cast King from Cadre 12, Entity 7 and is a confirmed candidate for Infinite Soul Manifestation. Keep in mind that this is an individual existing almost entirely from the Positive Poles of all Overleaves with very mild Chief Feature interference and Manifesting Essence fully. The typical experiences with the "energies" of Priest and King will feel quite different here if our students have only known "pushy" Priests and "cold" Kings. This fragment is a powerhouse of compassion and leadership on her own, let alone as host for Infinite Soul".
    • DanielaS
      By DanielaS
      12:31 PM 7/22/2012
      Consumerism vs Citizenry
      Channel: Troy Tolley
      Hello to each of you. We are here, now. Barely, but here. We will continue to move more into focus as we deliver on the topic of choice.
      We understand the topic of interest to be that of the shift between what might be referred to as a paradigm of Consumerism to a paradigm of Citizenship, or Citizenry.
      This is, basically, the shift between a Young Soul Paradigm and a Mature Soul Paradigm, except in specific terms of how one's interactions in the world contribute to that paradigm, and not just how one experiences it.
      The levels of paradigm we describe by Consumerism vs Citizenry are levels most applicable to the environment of economy and resources.
      While any group is sharing a paradigm of Consumerism, the aim is primarily toward COLLECTING.
      While any group is sharing a paradigm of Citizenry, the aim is primarily toward CONTRIBUTION.
      A paradigm, here, is the larger context in which everyone is expected to participate, and is taught as being a meaningful or appealing value, both in the positive and negative poles of that paradigm.
      In the paradigm of Consumerism with its aim for Collecting, this value is regarded as meaningful and appealing, when the Collecting is done through hard work, exploitation, entitlement, investment.
      Any way to Collect. To take one's part.
      This paradigm is not good or bad, but simply another way of sharing the experiences of the world.
      However, when there is a paradigm for Collecting, the dynamic inherently implies a constant imbalance as each tries to take as much as possible.
      This paradigm, then, inherently brings with it poverty, extremes of Class, Racism, Slavery, Theft, and even violence, as the means for Collecting.
      This paradigm supports the entire spectrum between earning and taking, as long as there is an aim for Collecting.
      We will define "Collecting" here as an aim geared toward personal gain, meaning, motivation, fulfillment, satisfaction, craving, longing.
      Everything that is shared in terms of an economy and resource is subject to this spectrum.
      Those who do not wish to participate in that paradigm will be pushed to the edges of it, so to speak, and will "play by their own rules," but as quietly as possible so as not to bring attention to the breaking of rules set for that paradigm.
      As Consumerism is quite in line with the Young Soul, the Young Soul does quite well within this paradigm, and enjoys the spectrum in many ways. It is exciting, competitive, and, forgiving the pun, consuming.
      Regardless of Soul Age, a paradigm will be an insidious part of any fragment's life.
      Regardless of how conscious a Personality is, and how Manifested the True Personality and Essence, there will, inherently, be some level of the self that willingly or unwittingly "plays the game."
      Essence and Personality are not victims of a paradigm, but simply agree that if being born into a paradigm, there would naturally be some sense of it.
      It is already difficult, if not impossible, to escape the imprinting from a culture and society, even if the imprinting from caretakers is lifted. Therefore, it is more often than not embraced to some extent, even if the Personality is resentful of it.
      In this case, in order to "ride the rides" of this paradigm, then at least "some of the tickets" must be bought, if you will.
      It is rare, and certainly of no significant nobility, for an Old/er Soul to opt out of a paradigm that does not cater to an Old Soul.
      In fact, it is often just the opposite: the Older Soul relishes in the opportunity to call upon the "younger" perspective for new experiences from a broader perspective.
      Old Souls do not flock to the pastures for retirement and tree-hugging, though many do, but often [more] for the satisfaction of False Personality, than anything, in those cases.
      If Old Souls wanted to avoid the struggles of a paradigm, they know full well by now that all one has to do is wait for the cycles to turn, and a more comfortable paradigm will emerge.
      Instead, Old Souls tend to flock to the most challenging of paradigms for the sake of a more complete experience. It is of no coincidence that many can say, "If I knew then what I know now." A return to High School with your adult awareness would change everything about how your choices would be made.
      Essence gets to do that.
      The Old Soul in a Consumer paradigm is like going back to High School, and making choices from a more adult perspective. And it is never quite what was anticipated.
      Many Old Souls get through the entire incarnational cycle of lives without an Old Soul paradigm in place.
      No specific paradigm is necessary for any Soul Age to evolve. Your evolution is your own, and dependent only on your choices, and what you do with them, both as Personality and Essence.
      The shift in paradigm is moving, though, and living during a shift is always enticing to every Soul Age.
      Every global shift tends to attract nearly all fragments still incarnating.
      One of the reasons a shift takes "so long" is because there are usually not enough bodies to go around for everyone to be involved at once, so it is a gradual process that each gets to experience in unique ways that either passively or actively engages with it.
      [GeraldineB] that's interesting -- similar to when ISs manifest
      [MEntity] Geraldine, the Infinite Soul tends to Manifests directly in relation to a shift in paradigm. So the shift and/or the Infinite Soul is attractive.
      [GeraldineB] Oh, that's right, JC came in during the last shift
      Not all shifts must be accompanied by the Infinite Soul and the Logos.
      Only those that may be sensed as going terribly awry.
      [GeraldineB] I will have to ask you deeper questions on that during my Project
      Though it may seem as if there is a lot of leeway, there is an awareness on the scale of the Infinite Soul that can calculate the probabilities of devastation with either little, or no, recovery for the species.
      All fragments eventually get to participate in a Manifestation of the Infinite Soul (as it is part of the Soul Ages), as there will always be at least one parallel version of existence that is headed for devastation.
      In other parallels, a Manifestation has already taken place in the wake of devastating nuclear war, which was averted "here."
      [GeraldineB] yes . . .back in the 80s
      The Manifestation would have been around the millennium mark.
      Though the war was earlier, yes.
      For now, "this" parallel (and a great many of its parallels) appear to be doing well in terms of evolving the shift in paradigm.
      In the parallels that did not do so well, there were fewer Old Souls in bodies. It should never be presumed that one's mere presence does not make a difference.
      When we say "did not do so well," we do not mean this on the scale of Essence, as all of it is meaningful and valuable, but for the Personalities, "better" can mean the difference between painful suffering and comfortable growth.
      The shift now into Citizenry is one that is a move away from Consumerism, but not excluding it. No shift in paradigm leaves one behind, but finds a way to build it into the new one.
      Citizenry will not eliminate competitiveness and Collecting, but would move it to the side as an emphasis, and bring into focus a new aim of meaningfulness and value.
      Citizenry here would be defined by us as Conscious Participation.
      As we said, Citizenry aims for Contribution as the predominant value and meaning instilled for that society, but would include a wide spectrum for how this plays out.
      This can play out in the forms ranging among philanthropy, charity, mutual benefit, sharing, homogenization, global government, "one world."
      Citizenry corresponds to a Mature Soul perspective, which can be understood as the Baby Soul perspective, Exalted.
      The pressure to conform can be very similar to the Baby Soul paradigms, but with the aim for the benefit of each other, and not a central authority.
      The precarious key here is in deciding what is beneficial for all in a way that does not harm.
      It is a Mature Soul concept couched in Young Soul terms (or vice versa, for some).
      Citizenry cannot function well with the part of the phrase "do what thou will."
      [GeraldineB] LOL -- no, we're finding that out
      Unless that "will" is conscious in its awareness of impact on others.
      That level of consciousness awareness is one that does not evolve "overnight," though the concept and paradigm of Citizenry will have been in place long before that development.
      So that phrase is a helpful bridge, and has been in place for many for some time, in some form.
      As Citizenry gathers up a momentum of conscious awareness, the shift, ironically, moves away from "so long as it harm none," to "so long as it benefit any."
      This would mean that anyone who would be impacted by the choices and actions within that paradigm were somehow AT LEAST capable of being benefited.
      It is not presumed that everyone will share the same will, of course, but that the aim would be for Contribution, at the very least.
      When the aim is only for avoiding harm, choices can become clouded by fears, frustrations, guilt, defensiveness, etc., but when there is a realization that a choice may benefit more than just the self, the aim can tend to be light, fueled by enthusiasm, and creativity.
      [GeraldineB] Would GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) fall in the Contribution category as they purport to give larger crops due to being less susceptible to insect damage -- yet they cause corollary damage and some allergies
      Geraldine, such things would fall into the category of "benefit any," so long as there is actual benefit, and benefit that can be opted into or out of without the cost of another benefit.
      For instance, if this is the only choice for food, or if that foodstuff is not labeled for the sake of choice, then this is not considered a "benefit to any."
      [Martha] but Monsanto is trying to own the market and take away farmer's choices, does that outweigh the benefit?
      However, if without that option there is no other choice, then it would fall into a category of "benefit" for that group.
      Martha, your point supports our clarification that Citizenry, Contribution and Conscious Participation, always involves an expansion of choice, not a narrowing of it.
      This may be contextual, in that a starving group may find GMO to be its saving grace of benefit and expanded choice, while an abundant society with GMO imposed may not.
      However, the entire concept of GMO would have begun to fall by the wayside in a truly embraced paradigm of Citizenry, since this economy would lean toward a Resource-based economy, and would not require such extensive measures to create or sustain food sources.
      Issues of starvation begin to fall away, as well, since the sharing of resources for the benefit of more than Collecting becomes emphasized.
      Resources begin being looked at in terms of how they can help others, not in how they can protect, defend, and be withheld.
      Even the motivation for career and income move toward how one can Contribute, not just Consume.
      [brian] Michael, you said that the Young Soul aim might be described as COLLECTING and the Mature Soul aim might be described as CONTRIBUTION. For the sake of completeness, what themes might you use to describe the Baby Soul and Old Soul paradigms?
      Brian, that might be for Infant an aim for SECURING, and for Baby, an aim for CIVILIZING, and for Old, an aim for EXPERIENCING.
      To make it easy to understand, one could add "use money for.... _____" and fill in the aim.
      Old Souls tend to use money for Experiencing.
      Mature Souls tend to use money for Contributing.
      Young Souls tend to use money for Collecting.
      Baby Souls tend to use money for Civilizing.
      Infant Souls tend to use money for Securing.
      Of course, "money" might not be what is used, but whatever is the exchange of that economy.
      No matter what the dominant paradigm, a Soul Age will tend to "use money" for whatever the aim is for that Soul Age, even as they play by the rules of the dominant paradigm.
      For example, even in the paradigm of Consuming, the Old Soul will tend to gladly gather money, forgo money, spend money when it brings Experiences.
      We will open the floor now to more questions such as these, as we know Troy must comply to a time limit in his current environment.
      [Bobby] my question was based on right now I feel like money to me is more about security. I suppose that really depends on what is going on in one's life at the moment as well as the major paradigm they find themselves in, correct?
      Bobby, as money is currently used within a paradigm of Consuming, with an aim for Collecting, then when one is not able to consume what one is used to consuming, or expects to consume, it can cause great stress.
      When there is no paradigm in place for Citizenry with an aim for Contribution, there is little to consider as a network of support for fluctuations in what one can Contribute.
      As long as there is a paradigm of Consuming in place, there will be a paradigm of lack, and the subsequent prompts for what is necessary to remedy that.
      If that might require help, there may be shame attached to it. If that might require enduring a great shift in what was expected or familiar for Consuming, there can be a great deal of fear provoked.
      The only remedy for the Older Soul is to INCLUDE its own paradigm as valid.
      In other words, regardless of income, finances, comfort, there is EXPERIENCE here.
      This does not mean that the Old Soul would embrace starvation because it is a glorious Experience, but more that the embrace of something such as that as simply being a rich resource of Experience, solutions can tend to come much easier.
      Embracing whatever paradigm is useful within the grasp of your Soul Age is helpful. This might mean embracing the paradigm of Citizenry, and allowing yourself to ask for help, and to do what you can to help, so as to create that circuit in the life.
      It will not negate the dominant paradigm, but can, at least, expand paradigms.
      Thus, expanding solutions, feelings, perspectives, resources.
      Another way to look at the situation would be in terms of drawing from your rich resources of Experience as a means for helping bring you back into a sense of security. It is not so much that you need to see the current situation as rich with experience, but that you have a bank of experience that is already useful.
      On the other hand, Security is one of the 9 Needs, and this can tend to be a theme of exploration, regardless of what economy or paradigm is in place.
      [Maureen] I know this is far off future, but ...Will the Resource Economy start with a Mature Soul world and move into a more "progressed" form in an Old Soul world? What will be the biggest "change" to experience from Mature to Old - especially for Older souls?
      The shift of economy for most Mature to Old is toward bartering. A resource-economy would have already been in place for this, as well as a sense of support for any individual's sense of Contribution.
      Contribution then feeds into Experiences. Foods and goods are not as valuable as experiences.
      Food and goods would tend to have become so freely shared that lack is a foreign concept, except in terms of experiences, and this is what would then be bartered, specifically in terms of how one might be instrumental in helping to aim for experiences.
      [Maureen] Do you have an example for us?
      There are many examples of this via what is called the Internet.
      A great amount of resources for expanding upon one's experiences is available there.
      And often in terms of barter, which is not always specifically negotiated, but implicit.
       Simple participation in the web site generated by each of you as "TLE" is an example.
      There are few, if any, conditions on what is exchanged, with benefit freely offered and received, with Experience as a great part of the aim.
      That is a working example of something similar that might play out on a large scale.
      [EricM] Bit of an overarching question, but Is this the first time humanity has ever experienced Mature as a predominant paradigm, or has it happened in the past (or alternatively, might it return to a predominantly young paradigm in the future)? I ask, as I'm trying to clarify how these shifts have happened (i.e. are they more linear or have they had cycles/starts and stops).
      [MEntity] It is not the first time, and it will not be the last, and while there tends to be a fairly linear cycling on a global scale, they are built from sub-cycles with those that may or may not be linear or obviously connected.
      [EricM] oh, and examples are appreciate as well 🙂
      Dominance of paradigm and Soul Age is entirely dependent upon those incarnated and participating in the world.
      Every cycle of "recorded history" tends to be a set of sub-cycles that lead up to a global manifestation of the average Soul Age of the entire Design.
      Most of what is currently understood as recorded history only maps the return to an emphasis on Infant and Baby, and then a shift into Young.
      We must conclude here for today, as Troy's time has come to a close in his environment.
      Good day to each of you.
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