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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Soul Age Levels]


    The FIRST LEVEL is always about the spectrum between PURPOSE and SIMPLICITY. ...


    So a FIRST LEVEL OLD SOUL would tend to emphasize "the truth" of one's PURPOSE.


    This tends to be explored through SIMPLICITY, first, and then moves into a sense of direction.


    It is utterly horrifying to have come "this far" and then find that "we did this just for the fun of it?"


    That phrasing is in jest, but it is fair.


    Most fragments who arrive at this Level, or are manifesting at this Level, will succumb to a sense of exhaustion, of a daunting sense that one just wants to "go home," and is dreading the work of making sense of it all, and making sense of the self.


    Now, adding in the Internal Monads within the Level, one who is, say, at the 3rd Internal Monad within the 1st Level of the Old Soul Age will be a combination of challenges and experiences around Self-sufficiency, Purpose/Simplicity, and Truth. Or put another way: discovering one's Truth of Purpose through Self-Sufficiency.


    The 4th Internal Monad would be something like refining one's truth of purpose through self-definition.


    And so on.


    This gives you the gist of how the combination of terms and levels within levels can have more personal sense made of them. ...


    The 1st Level of any Soul Age is about the exploration of the new perceptions and context.

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