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  • 3rd Level vs 4th Level Soul Age


    [Excerpt from a private session on January 14, 2016]

    Question: Could you double check my soul age? I was initially channeled as 3rd Old, but it seems like after I finished the 4th IM, my life started looking more like that of a 4th Old than 3rd Old.

    For teaching purposes, we will ask you this:

    3rd Level is about BEING your Soul Age, regardless of an conflicts between the outer paradigm and inner Soul Age. It is a process of learning to stay true to who you are even as the world around you is very different.

    The 3rd Level can be quite chameleon in the world because the emphasis is only on how processes occur internally.

    The 4th Level is about Expressing and/or Doing your Soul Age. It is no longer about building the infrastructure, but about being exposed and open and living as the Soul Age. It is no longer about upholding an inner Being while navigating around external challenges to that Being, but about bringing that Being into the world in a way that is unapologetic and whole.

    The 4th Level is a kind of "coming out" about who and how one is, rather than a process of discovery and refinement of who and how one is.

    Based on these descriptions, you may see where you are.

    We will hear your assessment and then respond

    Question: I would say 3rd level still sounds more like me. Although, in some ways my old-soulness has been expressed more over the last year.

    MEntity: The current Soul Age describes the Level in progress toward completion, but as that nears completion, the scenarios of the next Soul Age begin to show up so that you start the next life "officially" as the next Soul Age.

    Question: I don't have much conflict about stay true to who I am anymore.

    We agree with your assessment. You are closing out your 3rd Level and looking at the 4th.

    It is your last 3rd Level life.

    Question: Would this life be considered "mid-level"?

    MEntity: No


    ### end of excerpt

    You may discuss this content in the blog entry that contains the session transcript. See 3rd Level vs. 4th Level.

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