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  • 4th Level Old


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Soul Age Levels]


    The FOURTH LEVEL is always about the spectrum between CONSOLIDATION and ACHIEVEMENT. ...


    The 4th Level would be that of the Consolidation or Achievement of Truth. Consolidation here is meant as the full expression of the whole Truth, whereas Achievement is the accomplishment of reaching and expressing the next truth. ...


    The 4th Level is then about bringing [the Old Soul's perceptions and context] back out into the world in some way.


    For those who are 4th Level Old, there may be this understanding that one has progressed in the lifetime in definitive steps that lead to plateau, then more steps, another plateau, etc. The steps are achievements; the plateau are Enterprise. It is when one takes a break from learning and moves into applying.


    Neither is at the expense of the other, of course, but there is emphasis in cycles.

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