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  • 5th Level of Any Soul Age


    This content was received in private sessions and is posted here with permission.


    [Excerpt from Private Live Chat on July 31, 2012:]

    Maureen:  interesting – XX was (maybe still is) very charismatic. Any comments on that?

    MEntity:  The 5th Level for a fragment can bring great charisma out of the Personality, or great repulsion, depending upon how the Overleaves are manifesting.

    MEntity:  The 5th Level helps one to push beyond limitations and boundaries, and this is done in either charming, provocative, and exciting ways, or in pushy, disruptive, and frustrating ways.

    [Excerpt from Private Live Chat on May 15, 2014:]

    Maureen:  My old friend xxx (a Heart Link) was channeled as being a Level 5 Old Priest-cast Sage from C1E2. As “pushing boundaries” is not an apt description for her – is she more correctly at Level 4?

    MEntity:  Soul Age and Level are often offered up as technical terms, but that does not mean one is behaving from that Age or Level. Soul Age and Level only describe the point of greatest evolution in perspective based on the previous life/lives. It does not always describe the current perspective and behavior. This fragment is Old, and has been for 4 Levels, so the "Old" part would likely be more apparent, but the incentive or motivation for pushing boundaries, stretching perspectives, etc. might either be missing in the current scenarios of this life, or they may not be obvious to you by your standards. The 5th Level can bring stretching and expansion that is entirely relative to the fragment, but subtle to others.

    MEntity:  A fragment who has never had a lifetime where the life is devoted to the raising of children can look quite tame in terms of expansion, but for that fragment, it is entirely new territory.


    ### end of excerpt

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