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  • 7th Level Old


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Soul Age Levels]


    The SEVENTH LEVEL has as its spectrum the polarities of INCULCATION and ECLECTICISM. ...


    The 7th Level (Old) is about the Inculcation of Truth and the Eclecticism of Truth. ...


    [Maureen] Please elaborate on what is meant by the Inculcation of Truth and the Eclecticism of Truth at Level 7.


    This might be understood as the difference between living your truths as a means of teaching, healing, contributing, versus using them to differentiate yourself from, above, or below others.


    Inculcation comes from repetition of application and modeling of your truths.


    Eclecticism is deriving the truth from various sources, often then adjusting one's truths to adapt to others' truths.


    Eclecticism is also an inconsistency in one's truths so that some are traded for more convenient ones, or appealing ones, or comfortable ones, etc. Eclecticism is that fragmentation of one's truths so that one begins to wonder what the hell one actually really knows.


    Inculcation is the ownership of the responsibility one now has that comes with wisdom. It is not just something that makes one special, or unique and different.

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