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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Soul Age Levels]


    The THIRD LEVEL is always about the spectrum between ENTERPRISE and VERSATILITY.


    The FOURTH LEVEL is always about the spectrum between CONSOLIDATION and ACHIEVEMENT.


    For many, there is a pivotal lifetime that we refer to as MID-CYCLE, which combines the elements of the Third and Fourth Levels. ...


    For those who are 4th Level Old, there may be this understanding that one has progressed in the lifetime in definitive steps that lead to plateau, then more steps, another plateau, etc. The steps are achievements; the plateau are Enterprise. It is when one takes a break from learning and moves into applying.


    Neither is at the expense of the other, of course, but there is emphasis in cycles.


    [DianeHB] Do you mean 3rd Level or 4th Level in that last metaphor?


    Correction: we were describing Mid-Cycle, the combination of 3rd and 4th. ...


    [brian_] Michael could you expand more upon details of the pivotal lifetime that you refer to as MID-CYCLE. What makes it pivotal, why is it important, what tends to occur during this lifetime, what effects does it have in Essence evolution?


    Our earlier response to Diane was for this question, in that the Mid-Cycle is a combination of both the 3rd and 4th Level Polarities because those Polarities are so similar. They are so similar because one is about the cohesion of the infrastructure, or the underlying foundation, upon which, and through which the expression will come.


    It is unique in that two Soul Levels overlap, if you will.


    This makes the lifetime and Personality a bit confusing as there is a dance between the introspection and the expression, often as extremes, or at least as contradictions and inconsistencies.


    It can be a pivotal lifetime because it "makes or breaks" the infrastructure that was secured during the 3rd Level, and there would tend to be a Review within the life, or after, that pulls it apart and rebuilds it.

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