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    [MW – posted 2011-01-06]


    By “rough time periods” I meant roughly what time period.  Troy thought I meant rough as in horrible.  Enjoy! 🙂


    [Question] What are the rough time periods I’ve spent in each soul age?


    [Michael_Entity] There are variations on the idea of “rough,” and to you, some of your other lifetimes truly suffered, but the Personalities in those lives may not have found that to be the case at all. So our response will be relative to what you would consider “rough,” but not necessarily what those Personalities experienced.

    Your first few lifetimes on Earth were “rough,” approximately 6 million years ago. Your Entity, in general, did not enjoy the transition from your original species. These would have been the roughest of your Infant soul Age.

    Your Baby Soul lifetimes found the roughest to be in your pursuit for leadership over a tribe. 11 lives were spent in that process of fulfilling the Goal of Dominance. Many of those lives were met with torture and death in the process.

    Your Young Soul lives appear to have a pocket of lives you may consider rough as the world plunged into dissolving civilizations and a return to fire as the highest technology, so to speak. This would have been approximately 1 million years ago.

    The rougher lives of the Mature Soul Age may have been in the loss of relationship to those you may have heard referred to as “Lemurian,” a sentient species who cycled off en masse. The effects of this were profound across your Cadre. This may seem a bit esoteric, but in our perception, these were “rough times” for your Personalities over those lives approximately 35,000 years ago.

    We do not know what is ahead in terms of your Old Soul age, but of the time spent from that perspective, we could say that your rougher pasts come during the days of religious inquisition and torture that forced many old souls through terrifying lives of being hunted, or hiding. It appears that your transition [to Old soul] came approximately 6000 years ago, before our Entity cycled off.

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