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  • Transiting a Soul Age


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: December 2008]


    [luluaussi] If I am understanding correctly, the Unites States has shifted into the Mature Soul paradigm. My question relates to Soul Age shifts….how does one best navigate into a new Soul Age….I have been told that, like the US, I am evolving from one age to the next (Mature to Old in this case) and would like to understand how we can transition in the most effective manner ….and not hide in a cave til we get our land legs….


    [Michael Entity]
    We know of only one way to navigate from one Soul Age to the next and “get your land legs,” so to speak, and that is through experience, and the collection of experience AT YOUR OWN PACE. There is no hurry. The “cave” becomes less and less necessary as experience is accumulated, but there are no short cuts.


    “The cave” of which you speak is a valid sanctuary for review and processing of experiences so that when one “peeks out” again, there is confidence.


    [luluaussi] what I feel is a precipice…to fall or soar and that is creating a sense of vertigo….. both inner world and outer as this country transitions too


    [Michael Entity]
    If one feels that one is hiding, then one would want to explore the self-karmic story that might be related to the pressure one feels in that space between “land legs” and “cave.”


    Transiting a Soul AGE, let alone a Level, is inherently an “unknown,” or “precipice.”


    [luluaussi] is it like womb to walking? how would one explore “self-karmic” stories …Sagely speaking


    [Michael Entity] In using an evolutionary theme as an analogy, the Womb is more like the Infant Soul Age; Potty Training is Baby Soul Age; Walking is Young; Driving is Mature; Flying is Old.


    [luluaussi] so am learning to fly?….told myself that isn’t dream once….


    [Michael Entity]
    Exploring Self-karmic stories is best done through examining the push/pull of the experience; the polarities, which are usually quite obvious. Often these are found in the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” of an issue.


    “Should/But Don’t” or “Shouldn’t/But Do”


    The resolution is often then found in the BUT part of the equation.


    The BUT is often yours; the SHOULDS are someone else’s.


    The resolution comes when you embrace your BUT, which then allows clearer room for your SHOULD/N’T, which can then be acted upon, or released as necessary to your choice.


    We have been lacking in puns for a while, and believe this will help in bring some levity to this equation.


    [luluaussi] guess I really need to examine my response to those SHOULDS and stop letting myself get hogtied with BUT?


    [Michael Entity] Your statement would be one we agree with, Toni.

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