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    This is a collaborative project that allows contributions from all members and is continuously growing.


    • contribute transcripts, excerpts, or articles based on your work and study with Michael through Troy
    • to ensure consistency and to avoid copyright issues, please only contribute channeling from Troy
    • please do not submit an analysis, interpretative, or opinion articles; only direct communication with Michael
    • take time to clean up, format, and edited properly so that it is easily readable
    • please format any chat transcripts so that Michael's words are clearly separate from any questions or comments in the transcript
    • please search and scan to see if your submission is already covered or submitted. We wish to keep any redundancy to a minimum


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    • Troy
      By Troy
      NYC Michael Speaks is a monthly gathering among local students to speak with Michael on relevant topics, particularly those focused on the tools we might want to use for understanding, nurturing, and building our selves, relationships, and lives.
      NOTE: fast forward to 1h 09 minutes to reach starting point for actual channeling
      The WANTS and NEEDS of each ESSENCE ROLE
      DESCRIPTION: Local attendees will talk to Michael about the nature of the Roles in terms of their inherent WANTS and NEEDS, and how to differentiate and clarify these to bring greater understanding to our subconscious, unconscious, and conscious motivations that shape how we make choices. A great way to start off the year.
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