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    There are many ways that an Essence is uniquely designed, but here are a couple of the basic elements that contribute to that uniqueness:

    FOCUSED/CREATIVE ENERGY RATIO [or male/female energy]:

    This is a specific way your Essence designed itself to approach life in general and is measured by a RATIO (such as 75/25, or 34/66, etc). This ratio never changes across your lifetimes, but we eventually learn to find the balance for our specific ratio, attracting people and events to help us with that task.

    FOCUSED ENERGY [a.k.a. male energy] is very definite, linear, plan-oriented, direct, forceful, aggressive, action-oriented, tangible, protective... etc.

    CREATIVE ENERGY [a.k.a. female energy] is very abstract, non-linear, spontaneous, omni-directional, inspiring, passive, emotional, intangible, nurturing... etc.

    Those who have much higher male or female energy (above 60 either way) can tend to have strong tendencies in one direction over another. This means they will "naturally" be more Creative or Focused, regardless of other factors. A "high female energy" Warrior has the potential to be as creative as an Artisan, for instance. As you study the Michael Teachings, you will learn about the various factors that might dampen or enhance a person's Male/Female Energy expression. The goal of a soul is to eventually find a balance in its ability to use its Energy.

    Male/Female energy has nothing to do with the gender of the body or with sexual preferences. It is part of the dynamic of the Essence which has no gender or sexuality.

    Male/Female Energy has nothing to do with mannerisms, jobs, social roles, etc. If a woman is working in construction, this does not mean she has higher male energy just because it is traditionally a "man's job." Likewise, if a man is a House Husband, this does not mean he has more female energy just because this is traditionally a "woman's job." Your Energy Ratio may influence your choices regarding the use and expression of your skills, but you are never restricted by that Ratio. Most people are more restricted by the stereotypical expectations of a society rather than their internal dynamics.

    Although we have been focusing on the Male/Female Energy ratio of the Essence, the Physical Body DOES have it's own properties. It could be said that a Physical Body without an Essence is 100% MALE or 100% FEMALE Energy. When an Essence "moves into" a body, the Energy of the body begins to accommodate the Focused/Creative Ratio of the soul. This adjustment usually takes about the first 7 years of life. A higher Creative Energy Boy Child may be very aggressive, direct, demanding, etc., for those first years until a more Creative energy begins to settle. A higher Male Energy Girl Child may be very quiet, spontaneous, explosive, until her soul's more Focused energy begins to settle.

    As your Essence begins its very first few lifetimes, it will usually approach life from the higher of the two ratios, choosing more "comfortable" bodies to match that higher ratio. This means that if your Essence has higher female energy, you may start out a long stretch of lifetimes literally as female. As your Essence gains experience from within its natural ratio, it will tend to choose experiences, relationships, and genders to help generate balance. After many, many lifetimes, a "higher male energy" person may actually choose a life with an emphasis on the Creative since he or she will want to work on learning balance.

    Those with ratios of around 50/50 tend to be more flexible and balanced in their approach to life, and do not necessarily have challenges with this design. This does not mean their ratios are better or worse, simply that they chose other areas of life for which to be challenged.

    NOTE: In sexual intimacy, people usually have more profound or satisfying sex/intimacy with those of proportionally-reversed Energy Ratios. For instance, a 35male/65female would "fit" more physically with a 65male/35female ratio. This isn't a "rule", but is a definite ingredient contributing to the experience of sexual intimacy, regardless of gender or sexual preference.


    "Frequency" is the exact point on a defined spectrum of energy that represents Human Sentience.

    Here is a highly simplistic way of understanding why Michael describes our Essence as having a "Frequency:"

    In the same way that there are Radio Waves and a specific radio is tuned to a specific "station" because of a specific point on its dial set to receive a specific Wave within the Frequencies of Radio Waves, so there is a specific "station" to which a Human is tuned within the Frequency of Human Sentience.

    "Higher" or "Lower" Frequency has nothing to do with being better or worse. Your Frequency is how your Essence relates to and processes experiences in relation to how all other Humans do so. Your Frequency defines how you experience the energy of physical and non-physical environments; from the way you experience a city or a room, to how you experience the demands of a relationship. Knowing your Frequency helps you understand how your Essence "digests" your life experiences. When you know your Frequency, this gives you a better picture as to how your Essence tends to take in life, how it tends to relate to your journey of experiences.

    An Essence with a HIGH Frequency (65+) tends to take in life at a faster pace, processing events swiftly. The benefit of this is that these Souls can move through experiences, gather what they want, and move on. The challenge is that one can tend to skim through an event, missing all the important parts, then continue to repeat that experience over and over in different forms until the important parts are finally digested. Those with a High Frequency can literally store unprocessed events and experiences as a kind of vibrational pattern within the cells of the Body or as Emotional patterns. Then, when an occasion arises or they get stressed, they can then "recreate" the same situations through their reactions and interpretations, simply pulling in new players and settings, until they finally finish with that particular process of growth. Only the individual person can determine when he or she is "done" with a pattern. These recurring experiences, reactions, and interpretations are not imposed on them.

    An Essence with a LOW Frequency (-35) tends to take in life very slowly and tediously, processing it with great attention to detail. The benefit of this is that they can indulge completely in an experience, take as long as they need, wringing it for all it's worth, never needing to go repeat it again. The challenge can be when one resists an experience he or she has begun. This person will find it excruciatingly difficult to leave a situation, while at the same time resisting all growth within it. Since this Frequency is more "solid", the resisted events and experiences begin to settle into the body as ailments, illnesses, accidents, or they can become emotional apathy. If an experience is resisted to the point where it becomes Physical, then Essence will begin processing the basic energy of the denied event by dealing with its physical elements. While this is not a "bad" way to process experiences, it is not any fun for the Personality.


    You will tend to feel more comfortable with people within about 20 points of your own Frequency point. For instance, if you have a Frequency of 62, you will relate to, communicate easily with, and find general resonance with those who have a Frequency up to 82 and as low as 42. Being with someone outside of that range can tend to have challenges.

    This 20 point range of flexibility isn't as limiting as it may seem, considering that another Essence can also move within his or her own 20 point range. An example: Let's say one person has a Frequency of 35 and another has a Frequency of 70. The person with the Frequency of 35 would need to "tune" to a higher Frequency, stretching as far as 55, while the other person would need to lower his Frequency as low as 50. This gives the two people about 5 points of common Frequency with which to relate. These two people may tend to have trouble maintaining constant contact or sustained intimacy, but the "stretching" of the Frequency can lead to some very exciting experiences!

    What if a person's Frequency is 19 and can only go as high as 39, while another person's Frequency is 72, only able to go as low as 52? This leaves a "gap" of about 13 points! Anytime there is a "gap," there is usually a need for a bridging factor of some sort, such as a third person with a Frequency that accommodates both, acting as a conduit or mediator. These so-called gaps in Frequency are what help bring more people together! It should be noted that an event or situation can also act as a common point between two distant Frequency points, such as a spiritual pursuit, games, common goals, etc.

    An interesting note: In a room full of people the Frequencies of all people will gravitate toward the most common denominator. If the common denominator Frequency is a stretch for someone, he or she will most likely feel proportionally uncomfortable. During adolescence, particularly in a school setting, we tend to go through a "locking" of our Frequency and refuse any fluctuation. It is at this age we are most inflexible and tend to remain within only a few points of our own Frequency point. This is what leads to "cliques" and can contribute to strong divisions among groups in school.


    M/F Energy and Frequency are two ingredients of our Essence that make it unique in its strengths and challenges. We choose these factors as Souls and these factors have much to do with what our Essence generally sought to experience throughout our Grand Cycle of lives.

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      Similar to other non-physical teachers, such as Seth, Emmanuel, Lazaris, Orin & DaBen, Michael shares the knowledge and experience they gained while living physical lives, except, of course, now they have a broader/higher perspective.
      Michael helps us to understand the dynamics of who we are, both as Personality and as a Soul (Essence), including how to better use the unlimited tools available for understanding, nurturing, and building our selves, relationships, and universe.
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      [ksh] Could Michael tell me if big sugar and simple starch intakes affects my body?
      [Michael_Entity] Yes, of course this affects your body.
      [ksh] In what way. Am I more sensitive than others are?
      It is sometimes an examination method through food that allows the body to accommodate more of your energy fluctuations as they arise. In some instances the body is INFLUENCED by external stimuli that then affects the more subtle emotional and energetic qualities of the Personality; in other cases, the body SEEKS stimulants that allow the body expression of the internal energetic fluctuations.
      For instance, those with higher Frequencies tend to crave more caffeine as a means to bypass the societal imprinting that suppresses their naturally “high” Frequency. Caffeine allows the imprinting that inhibits Frequency to be bypassed. It is the same with extremes in sugar cravings, starch addictions, and other food-related swings.
      In your case, you seek these foods as a way to process some emotional elements as they come up. Most of your cravings are linked to socializing issues and lack of fulfillment of the Community and Exchange need.
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      ? Musings over Frequency and M/F Energy Ratio part 2 (moved from Ning; couldn't find part 1)
      How do Frequency and M/F Energy show up in our daily life?
      Let's first look at how Michael defines them:
      We will define FREQUENCY as that range within the spectrum of Human Consciousness/Sentience that describes how a fragment processes experiences.
      M/F Energy:
      If FREQUENCY is how one PROCESSES the experiences of life, then Male/Female Energy is how one CREATES the experiences that will be processed.
      Male/Focused Energy is that energy that is naturally linear, planning, strategic, forceful, with momentum, direct, and action-oriented. 
      Female/Creative Energy is naturally non-lineary, spontaneous, intuitive, chaotic, spiraling, indirect, and inspiration-oriented.
      Frequency is what we might think is directly expressed in our behavior, but Michael says:
      Behavior is not linked to Frequency. There is a tendency to associate flighty, speedy, or chaotic behaviors with higher Frequencies, and solid, sedentary, or steady behaviors with lower Frequencies, and while this CAN be the case, and often is, it is not consistent enough to be a correlation.
      This is not to say that one cannot "feel" the Frequency of another, especially if one is intuitive, but it is not always reflected in behavior; it is reflected in life patterns and that person's processing of experiences.
      So Frequency isn't directly expressed, but what about M/F Energy?
      More often than not, the higher Male or Female Energies are far more reflected in behavior, so that the Higher Female Energy displays the more chaotic, creative, and non-linear; the Higher Male Energy displaying the more direct, strategic, and linear.
      Okay, so where do Frequency and M/F Energy show up?
      The reason Frequency is often associated with Behavior is because Frequency most obviously shows up in how one uses his Primary Centering, which is the Body's means of processing experiences.
      In other words, if someone is Emotionally-Centered and of High Frequency, then it could be said that he or she is Emotionally Fast. If someone is Moving-Centered and of Low Frequency, he might be of Slow Motion.
      Aha! Frequency is linked to Centering! I have a feeling where the M/F Energy is going to show up:
      The Energy Ratio is then reflected in the Part of the Centering.
      If someone is Emotionally-Centered, Intellectual Part, and with a Higher Female Energy, then that Personality's expression into the world about what is emotionally experienced may be scattered, unorganized, non-linear, etc.
      So to recap:
      Centering is how the body or Personality processes experiences, and the Part is how the body or Personality puts what was processed back out into the world.
      Centering is how one finds his or her way around, and Part is how one determines where one is.
      So, it could be said that Frequency is the "speed" at which one Thinks, Feels, or Moves as a means of navigating life, and Energy Ratio is the manner in which that is expressed, inspired, or acted out in the world.
      Now we know more about how to 'translate' Frequency and M/F Energy into our behavior, but there is a caveat:
      Keep in mind that no single trait of Essence or Personality can be discerned in such an isolated way, as they are all parts that add up to a whole that is greater than those parts.
      In any case, when looking at others, we can rely on:
      Frequency and Energy Ratios are those elements of Essence that one accesses before anything else.
      Even the most rejecting of fragments tend to allow their Essence's Frequency and Energy Ratio through to some extent.
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