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    In 2012, Troy developed and shared the Overleaf Map below to go with Michael workshops that needed the reference.  (I think the specific workshop in which this map was introduced was OMW: The Circuitry of Overleaves.) The content is not exactly "introductory" but can be useful for tracking Overleaves as they are studied. 


    Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 12.33.07 PM.png

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    This is a collaborative project that allows contributions from all members and is continuously growing.


    • contribute transcripts, excerpts, or articles based on your work and study with Michael through Troy
    • to ensure consistency and to avoid copyright issues, please only contribute channeling from Troy
    • please do not submit an analysis, interpretative, or opinion articles; only direct communication with Michael
    • take time to clean up, format, and edited properly so that it is easily readable
    • please format any chat transcripts so that Michael's words are clearly separate from any questions or comments in the transcript
    • please search and scan to see if your submission is already covered or submitted. We wish to keep any redundancy to a minimum


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